EasyWebinar Black Friday Deals 2023– Get 50% All Plans- How To Redeem Coupons?

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Get ready to claim the Latest Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on EasyWebinar Black Friday March 2023. We’ve got massive discounts on this Black Friday, And we have all the updated Deals on EasyWebinar Black Friday, so make sure to bookmark this page to get the latest discount & Deals on this EasyWebinar Black Friday 2023.

In this post, we have covered the best discounts offered on EasyWebinar Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023.

For all the shopaholics out there, the term Sale has been proved as a blessing in disguise during this lockdown which can help them de-stress and escape the sheer boredom.

So to keep the excitement high especially of the young generation, here are the annual Easy Webinar Black Friday deals which are described as the biggest shopping event of the year.

Let’s dive in to have a closer look at all the interesting offers and benefits this biggest holiday event unfolds for you.

15% off

Up to 15% off EasyWebinar

25% off

Up to 25% off Pricing EasyWebinar

3 mon

3 months free with an annual plan

50% off

50% off + a FREE BONUS


Standard Plan from $78 /mo


Pro Plan from $129 /mo


Enterprise Plan from $499 /mo


Standard Plan Billed Annually @ $708


Pro Plan Billed annually @ $1080


Enterprise Plan Billed annually @ $4188

FAQs | Easywebinar Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

👍 Is there any free version available for Easywebinar?

NO. The easy webinar has no free or lite version available. It has three plans Standard, Pro, and Enterprise for $78, $129 and $499 respectively. Features in each purchase vary according to the plan chosen.

😲 Is there any limit to the number of attendees attending the meeting?

Yes. There is a limit to how many members can attend the conference. Maximum 2000 lives can be present in the meeting which is an exclusive feature of the Enterprise plan.

👍 How is EasyWebinar better than Webinar Ninja?

Easywebinar is software providing live conferencing, automated streaming and multitude of E-mail integration that the latter simply does not provide thus making Easy Webinar the first choice of people.

🤓 How can we avail the discount for the products/utilities which do not have a promo code?

For such utilities either there is no requirement for promo code as you can click on the link being displayed to avail the offer. You will be redirected to the page with discounted price. Similar is the case with Easy Webinar Black Friday deal offers.

🧐 Are Black Friday deals really worth it?

Black Friday deals provide you with an opportunity to grab the best and the cheapest deal for your desired product, but there have been reports that prices for few of the products are often highly inflated despite being the biggest sale of the year.

🤨 How long does Black Friday sale last?

Black Friday is the sale occurring on the Friday just after Thanksgiving but since it has become a trend and businessmen earn huge profits it is now extended for a few days to a week.

Ongoing EasyWebinar Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

How to Activate the EasyWebinar Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals?

The link usually provided on the page is direct links (mapped) and thus bring in front of you the discounted price. No promo code or coupon is required to get the discount. The following steps should be undertaken- 

  • Click on the link here. You will reach the Easy Webinar Discount page.
  • Choose the plan you like. It will show the 3 months free feature on the annual plan.
  • Proceed towards sign up and complete the payment. 
  • The plan has been purchased.

Few of the coupon codes and discounts for the year 2020 have been hereby accommodated. This page will be updated with all the latest information and news as soon as they are revealed in the upcoming days.

easywebinar black friday deals

Introduction to Easy Webinar

Since time immemorial the tech-savvy generation has utilized every single opportunity given to them to show their talents and come up with unique ideas for connecting the world and to prosper the small business by sitting in our comfort zone.

One such incredible platform is Easy Webinar.

It is a versatile and powerful tool to conduct webinars providing the feature of live video conferencing as well as automated streaming.

No such tool is yet available in the market that provides avid features to establish a dynamic rapport with the audience.

It provides top-notch quality features, making it the emerging name amongst its competitors globally.

Features of EasyWebinar

easywebinar black friday deals- automated webinar

Since its launch in the virtual market, Easy Webinar has wonderstruck almost all its users and has gained a lot of popularity.  It has emerged as the avidly used platform for webinars.

The secret behind its popularity is the array of features it comes inbuilt with almost no scope of glitches.

The conferences can be conducted and presented smoothly, making it a cakewalk for all the people who are new to the world of video conferencing. Listed below are features that helped in achieving this tool various milestones to its name-

  • Multiple presenters (supports up to 4 members) can procure the stage at the same time for presentations, and even the invited attendees can be called upon to present.
  • Quality– the most powerful experience that people acknowledged while working with it is the audio and video quality with no latency providing a strong shield to its reputation. There is no lag between the audio and video, even if multiple people are presenting.
  • It pumps up the dynamicity and prevents the webinar from being monotonous and engages the people and thus manages to keep the interest levels high.
  • Automated webinars– The live webinars being conducted can be recorded, and in the case of emergencies or for presenting the same routine to the new batch, this video can be run saving time and effort.
  • The video being presented uses the HD interface and TrueVoice Technology.
  • The support system of EasyWebinar has awestruck many users because the complaints are being heard, and improvements and new formulations are being added consistently.

Pricing of Easy Webinar

easywebinar pricing


Unlike the other options available in the market, this software claims to be an exclusive platform inbuilt with abilities of both webinar and marketing.

This software is available in 3 tiers providing better and advanced features but that all depends on the need of the hour and what is the complexity of the business.

If you don’t have the budget and some high technical tasks to perform, you can get the one with limited features.

Each plan before its purchase provides a free demo session to check the compatibility of the features with your usage and clarify all the possible problems you may face while working with it.

The following are the plans:

  • Standard


  • All features included
  • 100 live attendees
  • Unlimited automated webinars
  • Chat support
  • Pro

$129/month (has all standard features with few modifications such as increasing the attendee list to 500, Facebook live streaming, and phone support is the main).

  • Enterprise (most popular)

$499/month (has all Pro features. Additionally  includes 2000 live attendees)

The only drawback that it has is that it doesn’t have a free or a cost-free lite version.

easywebinar black friday deals- easywebinar software


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Conclusion for EasyWebinar Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Easy Webinar is the globally used webinar streaming platform that has become extremely renowned in a short time span.

Do not think twice about purchasing the EasyWebinar Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals from Easy Webinar. In no way you will get such a justified 50% discount on the annual packages.

When buying software, we usually encounter double thoughts as to how it might turn out. Still, the only reason why I have been so sure while promoting it is that I have personally seen my friends and colleagues use it numerous times and without any complaints.

Honestly, I have used multiple webinar platforms to host seminars and meetings, and by far Easy Webinar is the best I could get as the characteristics, and functionality is irreplaceable.

Black Friday Sale brings you near to the certainty of hosting a perfect meeting with the least virtual glitches, and this software serves the best purpose.

50% off

50% off + a FREE BONUS

Verdict: Easy Webinar is the globally used webinar streaming platform that has become extremely renowned in a short time span.

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