ITproTv Black Friday Deals 2024– 40% Off All Plans Now

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Get ready to claim the Latest Black Friday Deals on ITproTv Black Friday July 2024. We’ve got massive discounts on this Black Friday, And we have all the updated Deals on ITproTv Black Friday, so make sure to bookmark this page to get the latest discount & Deals on this ITproTv Black Friday 2024.

The ITproTv Black Friday Sale is not yet announced, and the down mentioned data shown is the statistics of Black Friday of the previous year.

This year Black Friday 2024 is between 27th November 2024 and for the coming days, and thus the respective information will be updated on the website itself shortly.

Ongoing Offers On ITproTv Black Friday 2024


  • Monthly Plans

The Monthly Plans are as following:

Name of the course Features Price at ITproTv  Price at ITproTv Black Friday
IT Starter Pack (Free) 
  • 65+ hours of ITproTv training sessions
  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals+
  • MTA Windows and Security fundamentals
USD 0 per Month  USD 0 per Month
Standard- Full Video Library
  • 5800+ hours of IT Training
  • CompTIA Official Training
  • Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, AWS, Linux, and more
  • Virtualization, Cloud, Security and more
USD 29 per Month USD 17.4 per Month Only (40% Discount) 
Premium- Add Labs and Tests Everything is included in Standard added with-

  • Practice tests
  • Virtual Labs feature
  • Learning coach services
USD 49 per Month USD 29.4 per month only. (40% Discount) 
  • Annual Plans

The annual plan is as under:

Name of the course Features Price at ITproTv  Price at ITproTv Black Friday 
IT Starter Pack (Free) 
  • 65+ hours of ITproTv training sessions
  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals+
  • MTA Windows and Security fundamentals
  • Plus more courses and daily lifestream
USD 0 per year USD 0 per year
Standard- Full Video Library
  • 5800+ hours of IT Training
  • Official CompTIA Video Training
  • Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, AWS, Linux, and more
  • Virtualization, Security, Cloud, and many more
USD 299 per year USD 179.4 per Year (40% Discount)
Premium- Add Labs and Tests
  • Everything in Standard plus
  • Virtual Labs feature
  • Practice Tests
  • Learning Coach Services
USD 499 per Year USD 299.4 per Year (40% Discount) 

Why Claim ITproTv Black Friday Deals?


ITproTv Black Friday Deals are presented to opt after self noticing the needs of the IT Learners at a distinctive payment of money, hence caring and safeguarding the financial kinds of stuff that offer business in the thoughts.


As per learning about several IT Professionals remarks about their events of the costs at which ITproTv Black Friday Deals are presented every year bows out every professional staggered, and this Black Friday sale is personally professionals’ favorite as it makes them get more and lose their money less, of their hard-earned money.


Of course, let us wait and think for a moment like what can be more beneficial than getting stuff 50-60% less than its original price?

ITproTv Black Friday Deals

Introduction to ITproTv

Starting with the punchline itself- ITproTv is just not like any other online learning platform, but rather knowledge embedded and amalgam with fun and exciting experience.

What makes ITproTv different from other learning platform is ITproTv’s unique way of making its learners learn new kinds of stuff, let that be a technical new language learning new courses, new chapters, new anything, that new knowledge is already amalgaming with fun in crazy practical experiments which can make the learning more fun for a newcomer in ITproTv

The vision of ITproTv is to deliver a classroom-like rich knowledgeable environment in online learning courses and sessions. ITproTv is making online IT courses on demand much playful and fun.

ITproTv is a global community comprising of Information Technology (IT) learners with more than 5,800+ hours of IT skills and experience and training courses, and converse with each other and particular subject experts to better themselves respective firms and organizations, and their future careers.

ITproTv was established because the Information Technology trained courses world needs to have for themselves-by engaging, vocabularies, economic by money, and appropriate.

The learners of ITproTv can even go through their virtual simulated studies in no time.

ITProTv black friday- online IT training

Features and Achievements of ITproTv


Sharing the valuable and growing statistics in this article about ITproTv is what makes more sense. So here are the trends and achievements ITproTv boasts on its own:


ITproTv Year 2013: 

  • ITproTv is being launched.
  • Started with 100 hours of IT Training.
  • ITproTv had only one studio back then.


ITproTv Year 2014:

  • Enrolled 7000 members
  • Successfully achieved 1000 hours of IT Training.


ITproTv Year 2015:

  • ITproTv successfully tripled it’s members to 25,000 members.
  • Achieved 1500 hours of IT Training.
  • Prepared 2 studios of its own.


ITproTv Year 2016:

  • Astonishingly approximately doubled the members from 25,000 to 45,000.
  • Achieved another milestone in creating 2000 hours of IT Training.
  • Went from 2 to 5 studios of their own.
  • Launched its B2B feature.


ITproTv Year 2017:

  • Member count is now 90,000.
  • Recorded 3000 hours of IT Training.
  • Established it’s a regional office in the United Kingdom.


ITproTv Year 2018:

  • Member count now breaks to mark of 1,20,000.
  • 4000 hours of Online IT Training.
  • Now owns 7 studios of its own.
  • Included in 500 lists.


ITproTv Year 2019:

  • ITproTv currently has 1,60,000 members.
  • ITproTv is valued as the #18th top company in Florida.
  • ITproTv started re-engineering mobile apps on its own.
  • ITproTv currently owns 8 studios of their own.


Words are not the only ones ITproTv boasts on. It is the continuous production of laurels through Innovation, creativity, powered imagination, and shingles.

ITProTv- get a trial for your team

Two Distinct Courses of ITproTv

ITproTv Personal One-

IT Training will boost your career and progress with your personal goals in new innovative learning with the proper certificate to acquire valuable jobs.

ITproTv Business One-

This IT Training ITproTv course is for a customer’s team use, not for single use. This Online Training will no doubt entitle your team from the starting day itself.

Also, there is a total of 375 collaborated certifications currently held under ITproTv.

Pricing of ITproTv Deals and ITproTv Black Friday Deals

ITproTv presents ITproTv Black Friday frenzy that begins 28th November 0000H two 30th November 2359 H. 

ITproTv says- “In direct partnership with organization ITproTv, we are proud to bring you this exclusive ITproTv Black Friday Offer.

The prices of the respective ITproTv courses can be made clear from below mentioned scales and discounts on why a customer must choose this annual Thanksgiving ITproTv Black Friday Deal.

ITProTv black friday- pricing plans

Quick Links

FAQs | ITproTv Black Friday Deals

👍 Why would someone choose ITproTv for the first time?

ITproTv is one of the world’s leading Information and Technology videos manufacturer tech companies, whose both the products- Personal and Business course, both of which are designed for amplified precision that makes sure constant fun and learning between the tutor and the learner who is enrolled under ITproTv.

🤙 Is ITproTv worth the price it’s paid for?

After taking note and contrasting all the courses and custom features that ITproTv offers to its priceless IT Learners including the announcement of The Black Friday Deals, ITproTv with no uncertainty are making its name in the inbound Information Technology industrial courses market, nullifying all the haste and hustle-bustle when a geeky tech guy has to go through for their inbound to learn further and increase the earning potential by mastering new arts. ITproTv has almost evaporated the haste by taking all the management just onto its firm’s shoulders. It’s also for this true reason, ITproTv is undoubtedly worth a try.

👉 Does ITproTv provide any supplementary discounts on courses?

Yes, ITproTv does provide the ITproTv Black Friday Deals to it’s priceless IT customers to get all the varieties of the number of courses and exclusive video content they offer at affordable rates. It also allows its learners to choose any course in their own unique selected way, which allows them to cut the further extra price, which was to be paid for the features the learners are not looking for. Hence cutting high costs and saving the learners’ budget for other causes.

🤭 What is exactly ITproTv Black Friday Deals all about?

ITproTv Black Friday Deals are not anymore new to IT learners but the supplementary discounts and given Thanksgiving that the organization ITproTv provides to its IT Learners keeping their monetary limits in their mind. This fantastic collection of a wide range of deals comes back every simultaneous year with its amazing offers that are too hard to let go of if an Information Technology Geeky guy knows it’s value.

Conclusion | ITproTv Black Friday Deals 2024

It’s a clear call to all the IT Learning students, enthusiasts, and valuable customers not to even contemplate carelessly hoping this 2024 ITproTv Black Friday Deal.

This can just be upheld by understanding that any online IT course deals at any moment of the annual year, which can go up to 45-50% off on its indigenous price tag.

Even if an IT learner skips the ITproTv Black Friday Deal by any likelihood, the learner will assuredly receive a recess holiday offer deal from ITproTv as assured by ITproTv.

But speaking frankly, it will devour a hell amount of time and opportunity cost, which economists will surely understand.

The correct and the prominent element an IT Field learning customer will suggest is that he’s using it for Information Technology and Technical learnings. It is bewildering, and it’s a full year-Golden opportunity for every ITproTv learner out there.

So let’s grab this offer without contemplating any second thought in our intellect. Customers are engrossed by this ITproTv Black Friday 2024 offer.

Talking by the individual experience, this article’s columnist is personally making use of the ITproTv expertise for 3 years and expertly is very much positive by it. The firm’s contribution, and he suggests get ITproTv and the cheapest way to grab this.

The writer has been an experienced IT Professional by using varieties of IT learning software, but the salient features and characteristics ITproTv presents, especially in ITproTv Black Friday Deals, are just distinctive from all others out there.

Even for instance, if someone is a new customer for the ITproTv, he would frankly be liking the existing courses.


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