Jungle Scout Black Friday Sale 2024: Up to 55% Off Yearly Plans

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Get ready to claim the Latest Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on Jungle Scout Black Friday June 2024. I’ve got massive discounts on this Black Friday. I have all the updated Deals on Jungle Scout Black Friday, so bookmark this page for the latest discounts and deals on this Jungle Scout Black Friday 2024.

I have highlighted Jungle Scout Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2024 in this post.

50% OFF

Get 50% OFF On Jungle Scout Extension

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Get 30% OFF On Jungle Scout Web App + Extension

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Get 20% OFF On Jungle Scout Web Application

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15% Off JungleScout Extension Deal

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20% Off Jungle Scout + Extension Three Months

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Up to 85% Off Jungle Scout Black Friday Deal

For many Americans, Black Friday is one of the most precious days throughout the year, even if it’s not an official holiday anywhere in the world.

During these Jungle Scout Black Friday sales, Jungle Scout wholeheartedly waits for everyone with amazing offers and discount codes. It sometimes even results in almost no cost on the plans.

Jungle Scout Black Friday

The prices during the Black Friday sales make its plans affordable for everyone, even for those who are on a marketing budget.

Ongoing Offers On Jungle Scout Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 2024

Plans Monthly Annually (save up to 55%) Black Friday deal (approx.)
Basic $39/ month $228 (save $240) $159 (3 months)
Suite (most popular) $69/ month $589 (save $240) $59 (1 month)
Professional $129/ month $999 (save $549) $399 (1 year)

Many e-commerce, online, and real-time stores offer this mad sale and shut at ridiculous hours, some even after midnight, to welcome out-of-control and over-hyped-up customers and shoppers.

The price offered by Jungle Scout can be expensive for some on regular days. So, during the Jungle Scout Black Friday deals, they offer their plans at the minimal price possible.

How to Grab the Jungle Scout Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal?

To enjoy the astonishing Jungle Scout Black Friday deal, you only have to follow the following steps.

1. Copy the discount code, available on Jungle Scout’s official website, or if you already have one, directly jump onto the second step.

2. Copy the code from the website.

3. Paste that code at the checkout (discount code box) and click the apply button.

4. Utilize the offer and save your money during the discount period.

junglescout black friday deal

This way, you can enjoy up to 55% off on their plans. In short, it makes the plan budget-friendly to those on a marketing budget.

Pricing Plans of the Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout makes it much more tranquil for the sellers to examine the Amazon commodities that suit their budget. There are three plans that Jungle Scout provides to its sellers. These are as follows:

junglescout black friday pricing plans

1. Basic ($19/ month)

It includes Chrome extension and opportunity scores, provides its academies exclusive training sessions, supports almost 10 Marketplaces of Amazon, requests reviews collectively, and 24/7 multilingual adherence.

2. Suite ($49/ month)

This is their most popular plan, provided with the industry’s leading features to maintain Amazon’s business accurately/ orderly.

It Manages the business with advanced features for the sellers and tracks around 150 products with the details of three months, along with its other features like attracting more users.

3. Professional ($84/ month)

This is the jack of all trades with its best collection/ package for your Amazon business, more data, and more users at once.

It includes all the features of Suite along with characteristics like Priority onboarding, six months of historical data in Product Tracker, and two years of data of historical keywords.

It helps manage your business with its blooming seller feature and Tracks around 1,000 products with six months of complete data.

Introduction of Jungle Scout

In the year 2015, Greg Mercer introduced everyone to Jungle Scout.

His idea behind this invention was to mentor the sellers through the modifying nature of Amazon. Impressive enough, nowadays, Jungle Scout is the most popular and foremost space for the sellers of Amazon.

junglescout black friday- product tracker

According to the reports, its team represents approximately 125 Amazon experts worldwide. 

They believe that Jungle Scout’s foundation is based on its diverse background choices regarding its team members.

It invites everyone from former archaeologists to comedians to mathematicians in its group. Their motive is to give all the companies and fortune-hunters the resources they need to build a prosperous business on Amazon.

Jungle Scout endorses more than 400,000 entrepreneurs, monitors more than 500 million products on Amazon, and if we talk annually, it assists more than $3 billion in Amazon sales.


Characteristics and Features of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has modernized their characteristics to allow the sellers to work efficiently in this world of modifying technologies that make it difficult for few to cope. The following are the characteristics/ features of Jungle Scout:

1. Jungle Scout eliminates the products irrelevant to you from your result page.

2. With just one click, you can view all the historical trends in the product’s prices. This is an exciting and helpful feature as you can compare and contrast the market price and Historical price trends with the current price in just one go. This way, you can see considerable fluctuations in some seasonal products.

3. It even views the best sellers’ historical trends and rankings. This is how easily anyone can dig into the rankings costs and utilize it to get some perception into trends and marketplaces.

4. Jungle Scout aids gather all the Google trends about the products, various platforms, and many others. Before directly jumping on to another site, you can open Jungle Scout to check and verify the current trends.

Summary of Jungle Scout Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

When I compare regular-day deals and Black Friday deals, I can see how much difference a sale can make and how much you can save on these plans during the sale season.

It is more beneficial and worth our purchase. In broader terms, the Black Friday deal provides us with all the benefits a plan offers during regular days at a much more economical and cost-effective price.

amazon selling tool

This platform lets you connect to the buyers benefiting from your time and commodity. It permits you to get positive reviews and feedback on your products that play a principal role in selling a particular product.

The sole purpose of Jungle Scout is to deliver maximum benefits at a minimal price to its customers. They have these benefits for all the sellers, be they new or existing sellers.

It has all the perks and munches for all the Amazon sellers. Jungle Scout will soon release its Black Friday sale, so stay tuned to enjoy all the benefits at minimalistic costs. Grab yours as soon as the deal goes live. 

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When will the Black Friday sale at Jungle Scout begin?

Jungle Scout's Black Friday sale is planned to begin in the third week of November 2023. Because Black Friday comes on November 24th, it is more possible that all deals will be available before Thanksgiving week.

How much can I save on Jungle Scout during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales?

During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you may save up to 55% on Jungle Scout's yearly plans. Users may save up to 20% on the platform's quarterly plans.

Is the Jungle Scout Black Friday deal only available for a short time?

Jungle Scout's Black Friday deals are only available for a limited period. As a result, customers should take advantage of the Black Friday bargains, which extend two to three weeks in November.

Is Jungle Scout planning a Black Friday sale?

As of yet, Jungle Scout has not announced any Black Friday deals. The Black Friday Jungle Scout bargains will be available by the third week of November 2023.

When will the Jungle Scout Black Friday discount end?

The Black Friday sale will end in November 2023. Some special deals, however, will be active until midnight on November 25th or midnight on November 28th.

Conclusion | Jungle Scout Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2024

The Jungle Scout, Black Friday deal is the eminent deal that brings Diwali to the Amazon community in November every year. This deal is worth the wait for those Amazon sellers who plan to benefit from it and wait for it.

Jungle Scout aids sellers in various ways; it allows them to know where they stand and helps them through this process, and it improves their sales and increases their reach amongst their competitors and the target audience. In a way, it provides profit to the sellers with all the characteristics according to their chosen plans.

Jungle Scout has improved their technology and features with modification in this highly technical and developing world, making the benefit of it uncomplicated for its customers.

Jungle Scout helps raise your business class by supporting you to appear on the top rank amongst your contenders.

This smooth process, in a way, does everything from helping you target your audience to bringing positive responses to your products by bulk reviewing features to ranking your work by ranking you as a business person.

Verdict: Jungle Scout helps in raising the class of your business by supporting you to appear on the top rank amongst your contenders. This smooth process, in a way, does all the job from helping you target your audience to bringing positive responses on your products by bulk reviewing features to ranking your work by ranking you as a business person.

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