Themeum Black Friday Deals And Coupon Codes 2023 : 50% OFF Deal Activated

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Prepare to take advantage of the Latest Themeum Black Friday Deals during the November 2023 Themeum Black Friday Sale.

We’ve got huge savings on this Themeum Black Friday Sale, and we’ve got all the updated Deals on Themeum Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes, so bookmark this page to receive the most up-to-date discounts and deals on this Themeum Black Friday Sale 2023.

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Receive 20% Off Regular Price Purchases

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Receive 50% Off When You Buy Now

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FAQ's | Themeum Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes

👉What exactly is Themeum?

Themeum is a cutting-edge WordPress theme and plugin development business to enhance your WordPress experience via the use of high-quality themes and plugins. Themeum is a WordPress-based product development business with a dedicated team of experienced experts focused on providing high- quality themes and plugins.

✏️Is the Themeum Black Friday Sale real?

Yes, the Themeum Black Friday Sale is real. This sale is organized by Themeum itself so you don’t have to worry about anything. Also, every year, a lot of users wait for this time of the year to get massive discounts.

👍What if I miss the Themeum Black Friday Sale?

Even in case, you miss the Themeum Black Friday Sale, you do not have to worry about anything, there will be a Themeum Cyber Monday Sale as well. However, we won't let you miss the Themeum Black Friday Sale either. All you have to do is stay updated with us on this page.

📕Shall I wait for the Themeum Cyber Monday Sale or take benefit of the Themeum Black Friday Sale?

In the past years, we have observed that the Themeum Black Friday Sale has always been better than the Themeum Cyber Monday Sale. Hence, we would highly recommend that you must not wait for the Themeum cyber Monday Sale and instead take the maximum benefit of the Themeum Black Friday Sale.

Here are the biggest Themeum Black Friday Deals, where you can save up to 50% on your first order. This offer is currently active and will expire soon…

Themeum is a  WordPress theme and plugin development firm on the goal to improve your WordPress experience by providing high-quality themes and plugins.

Themeum is a WordPress-based product firm with a dedicated team of experts who strive to provide high-quality themes and plugins.

How to Claim Themeum Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes?

Here we have mentioned the step-by-step process that will guide you through the process of how to
claim Themeum Balck Friday Deals and Coupon Codes –

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Themeum.

Step – 2: Scroll down and click on ‘Join the Club’.

Step – 3: Again scroll down and click on ‘Join the Club’.

Themeum 1

Step – 4: There you will see an option saying ‘Have a coupon?’. Click it.

Step – 5: Fill up the Themeum Black Friday Coupon Code in the ‘Coupon Code’ section.

Themeum 2

Step – 6: Click on ‘Apply’. By doing this, you will see getting massive discounts on your order.

Step – 7: Fill up all the details asked for, check the agreement boxes, and click on ‘Place Order’. On
completion of the payment, you are good to go.

Congrats, you have successfully made use of the Themeum Black Friday Coupon Codes. Enjoy their


Prepare to take advantage of the Latest Themeum Black Friday Deals during the November 2023 Themeum Black Friday Sale.

We’ve got huge savings on this Themeum Black Friday Sale, and we’ve got all the updated Deals on Themeum Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes, so bookmark this page to receive the most up-to-date discounts and deals on this Themeum Black Friday Sale 2023.

Themeums Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are not yet available. The following information pertains to the trade of Themeums Black Friday Sale 2023 this year, Black Friday is scheduled for November 26th, 2023.

Themeum Black Intro - Themeum Black

What You Will Get With Themeum?

You’re probably wondering what else comes with Themeum. Whatever money you spend on plugins and themes should be fully justified. Thus, let us ascertain what Themeum offers.

The first thing you’ll notice is the vast array of themes and plugins available. They now have five plugins and over twenty themes, with more on the way! Naturally, you get priority support and unlimited updates at an incredibly cheap price!

If you purchase the club membership plan, you will get all of the above services as well as all new releases for the duration of your license’s validity.

1. Tutor LMS:

Tutor LMS is a comprehensive learning management system that meets all of the requirements for developing online courses.

Tutor LMS makes it simple to publish, administer, and sell courses. This online course plugin enables you to connect with students from all around the globe.

Tutors intelligent course builder enables you to develop courses in one location. Add lessons, a course description, a list of benefits, teachers, and videos, among other things!

With Tutor’s sophisticated quiz generator, you can create the most engaging and difficult quizzes possible. There are over ten different kinds of questions that you may include in your online quizzes.

From multiple choice to picture responses to open-ended essays, there is a question pattern for every situation.

Tutors’ connection with WooCommerce and EDD enables you to profitably monetize your courses. Students may simply add courses to their carts and pay through a variety of payment channels.

Students may earn attractive certificates after each session. Tutors’ powerful reports and statistics assist you in optimizing your course success.

This enables you to evaluate which of your courses are doing well on the market, as well as identify pain spots and other factors that contribute to the creation of a completely marketable course.

Additionally, you may monitor reviews directly from the reports to see how students feel about your courses.

Additionally, Tutor has some fantastic features such as Tutor Email, which enables you to communicate with students and other instructors directly from the plugin.

Additionally, you may personalize your emails if you want. Create a complete course by uploading files, course previews, and more.

Tutor simplifies both learning and teaching! Therefore, check out the free version in the WordPress directory before the premium version becomes available on the Themeum website.

Tutor LMS - Themeum Black

2. Qubely Blocks:

Qubely is a full-featured blocks toolkit that will ensure you get the most out of the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Qubely has so many helpful blocks that you can create whole pages using just these blocks. Although the pro version has not yet been released, Qubely’s free version is currently accessible in the WordPress directory.

Their row columns are extremely configurable, with the ability to resize them freely through drag and drop. Additionally, customize your site’s look with built-in animation, blend mode, row video, and gradient background color.

You may enable/disable blocks using device-specific responsive controls for tabs, mobile devices, and so forth. With Qubely blocks, you may create whatever arrangement you want.

Qubely Blocks - Themeum Black

3. Rhino:

Rhino is a responsive multipurpose portfolio WordPress theme that properly reflects a person, agency, or company.

Utilize the pro version of WP Page Builder included with this theme to personalize and change your site.WP Page Builder has sophisticated capabilities that are very simple to use. You receive a good deal when you purchase this theme.

Rhino has six house variants, giving you a plethora of layout options. Additionally, it has three portfolio variants, allowing you to display your talents and projects in a visually appealing portfolio.

Additionally, there is the custom portfolio post type to assist with this. Utilize the one-click demo import to rapidly and effectively set up your site.

With menus driven by WP Mega Menu, you can create a strong navigation system for your site. Rhino is fully responsive and SEO-friendly, ensuring that you get high rankings across all search engines.

4. Backer Theme:

Backer is one of the most successful crowdfunding themes available. It’s a fully functioning theme that ideal for any crowdfunding or fundraising website.

This theme includes WP Crowdfunding ($79), which means you’re getting a fantastic deal.

You may simply build crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter. Similarly, if you want to create a non-profit contribution site, Backer makes it simple.

Backer is built on the WooCommerce platform, which streamlines all of your transactions. Additionally, the theme is RTL and translation-ready, allowing campaigners from all over the globe to contribute toyour site.

The page builder included guarantees that webpages may be simply customized and edited on the frontend. There are over twenty custom shortcodes included, allowing you to extend the functionality of our site even further.

Backer is not just a crowdfunding theme; it's a fully-featured crowdfunding management system that ready to go.

5. WordPress Page Builder:

WP Page Builder is a drag-and-drop page builder that enables you to quickly create professional-looking pages. The plugin is so simple to use that users of any skill level may create a website without writing a single line of code.

The plugin is very feature-rich, with over 30 extensions, 60 preset blocks, and 25 layouts.

There are extensions for almost everything in WP Page Builder, including Tables, Google Maps, FeatureBox, and Accordion. Additionally, there are preset blocks that you can simply drag and drop to reposition.

There are industry-specific layouts available to help you pick the one that is most suited to your website’s specialty.

WP Page Builder has sophisticated row-column configurations. Columns may be adjusted freely. Additionally, this plugin has a plethora of customization possibilities.

All of your works will be stored in the WP Page Builder library. You may reuse and change them in the future.

With a fronted editing, unlimited redo/undo, export/import option, nested rows, and one-click duplicate option this amazing page builder plugin will make building your site a breeze.

WP Page Builder

6. WordPress Crowdfunding:

If you’ve ever considered starting a fundraising campaign or creating a backer site, this plugin will convince you to do it!WP Crowdfunding is the most well-structured and feature-rich crowdfunding plugin available.

Despite its extensive feature set, the plugin is lightweight. Include frontend registration forms to make it simple for participants and campaign owners to register for your site.

Additionally, you may give incentives to your campaign’s supporters. You are no longer need to limit your campaigns to a single project fundraising target.

Create a campaign around a certain target, a specific date, or both. Include perpetual fundraisers as well. To ensure that all transactions go well, this WooCommerce-based plugin includes an easy-to-use money management system.

Additionally, there is the native wallet system, which enables you to provide all of the options to those who support your campaigns.

Analyze the performance of each of your campaigns using the reports produced by the WPCrowdfunding plugin. These reports provide sophisticated filters that are based on the specific dates you enter.

Maintain contact with your backers through email. WP Crowdfunding users may share campaigns through the social sharing option.

However, that is not all!

Additionally, there is a free theme included with the pro edition of WP Crowdfunding. With this plugin, you have everything you need to launch your crowdfunding site.

WP Crowdfunding- Themeum Black

7. Themeum Mega Menu:

Themeum’s WP Mega Menu is one of the most popular plugins. If you’re searching for an amazing navigation system for your website, this is a must-try.

The greatest feature of WordPress Mega Menu is that it is ever-evolving. As a result, you’re always able to include contemporary menus on your website.

Menus serve as the compass for navigating your site. A well-organized menu is an excellent first step in increasing the accessibility of your site. WordPress Mega Menu can assist you in doing this!

One of the advantages of utilizing WordPress Mega Menu is how easy it is to use. The drag-and-drop menu builder includes a slew of helpful widgets for use in your menus.

Additionally, it is a known fact that by including your goods on the menu, you may increase sales by up to double. WP Mega Menu integrates with WooCommerce.

You may list goods, write product reviews, and rate products, among other things!

The WordPress Mega Menu options simplify each stage of the menu creation procedure. Customize your menu by altering the background and text colors, as well as by adding badges, a search bar, social network profiles, and even animation.

It has comprehensive icon support, allowing you to artistically arrange icons across the menu.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even include vertical menus on your site. Additionally, you may
make your menus sticky. Incorporate a CTA button directly into your menu.

As you may have guessed, WordPress Mega Menu takes care of all your menu creation requirements!

Themeum's WP Mega- Themeum Black

Themeum Pricing

WP Page Builder does provide a free version that is very capable in its own right. However, it does include the aforementioned features.

While it is more than capable of assisting you in creating an afunctional website or blog, if you want access to the full range of capabilities, you will need to upgrade to pro.

The entry-level plan is $39 and includes a license to use the plugin on a single domain, as well as one year of updates and priority support.

Their $59 package increases the license maximum number of websites to five. Additionally, their top-tier Infinite subscription is $99 and allows you to utilize the plugin on an unlimited number of domains.

For some users, the pricing of Themeum is a little high. That is why from time to time they offer various discounts and deals.

The biggest deal of the year, Themeum Black Friday Deal is coming soon, and you can make use of it to get massive discounts on your orders with Themeum.

Themeum Pros and Cons


  • Great customer service
  • A lot of products available
  • A lot of incredible themes available
  • Easy to use even for newbies
  • Regular updates


  •  None

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Conclusion | Themeum Black Friday Deals 2023

As you can see, the Themeum WP Page Builder has a slew of sophisticated tools and capabilities that will assist you in creating a stunning website. Additionally, it comes in a free edition that is more than enough for most WordPress users.

In this respect, we encourage customers to download Themeum WP Page Builder for free and determine if it can assist them in creating the kind of website they want.

If not, you always have the option of upgrading to the pro version, which is fairly priced and includes a slew of additional features.

In this article we have mentioned everything you should know regarding Themeum, that will help you make an informed decision whether to pay for it or not.

We have also mentioned how you can claim the Themeum Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes. We highly recommend you make the best use of this sale.

50% Save

50% Discount on Themeum Word Press Plugins

50% Discount on Themeum Word Press Plugins. Hurry up!!!

Verdict: As you can see, the Themeum WP Page Builder has a slew of sophisticated tools and capabilities that will assist you in creating a stunning website. Additionally, it comes in a free edition that is more than enough for most WordPress users.

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    WordPress has always had a ton of themes available but there was never any way to find the best ones without spending hours sifting through all of them yourself, or just getting lucky when browsing one day. That led us (the team behind Qubely) to think about if there was some way for non-technical users like youself could create beautiful pages in WordPress themselves? There had to be!å

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    Maintaining a course is easy too-themeum will create automatic text that introduces lectures, lessons, etc with just a few clicks of your mouse with no need for technical experience! This program has confidence in its ability to shatter our notions on teaching online by giving us creativity back in how we share information. Whether it be through personal blogging or blog posts like this one “more than blog wisdom” where I write more.

  17. Imagine how annoyed you are by all those screenshot screenshot screenshots, every little thing you want to build, at the end of one screen. Yea, it’s not fun having to go through that.

    Now imagine how happy you could be if I told you about TUTOR LMS? Ahh yes! For free!, You can create videos or put up slides for your course work. It also offers exams and certificates -although this is a premium feature- worth looking into. Let me tell ya’, there are other similar products out there that offer expensive solutions! Themeum solves all your problems too without any hiccups.

  18. Themeum is a supplement that offers perks like better mental health, increased circulation, reduced inflammation and improved nutrient absorption.

    Reduced inflammation (in your joints) means you can work out more without feeling worn down after. Improved digestion helps in delivering the nutrients in the supplements to your muscles so they remain strong and free from injury. It’s no secret how much productivity is hindered by low mental health – Themeum addresses this concern head-on with its mood-enhancer blend of ingredients increasing serotonin levels which in turn boosts happiness hormones such as adrenalin and dopamine!

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  41. Themeum is a great theme and plugin development company. I was looking for a great theme to start my blog with, but couldn’t find the right one that fit my needs. Luckily, Themeum had a wide range of colors and functions in their themes that allowed me to find the perfect one! They were also very willing to help when I wanted something to function differently from what they provided in the demo example. My blog has been up for over 4 months now thanks to them all it took was an easy transaction on WordPress marketplace between us! Thanks again.

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  43. Themeum is a brand that’s been around for a while. I’ve never had any problems with their themes or plugins, and they’re all ridiculously easy to set up! A few of my favorite things about Themeum are how the developer team always takes the time to listen to customer input and feedback before adding new features, making sure quality will stay high even when development speeds up.

  44. I am very happy to trademark my company Themeum with Template Monster. No matter how many times I change my WordPress theme, they are always willing to provide assistance and guidance when I get stuck or need help. They work around the clock to make sure that our clients are receiving nothing but the best customer service experience! Thanks for providing Themeum Black Friday Deals

  45. I tried Themeum’s plugin and the theme, everything was so good. The responsiveness is perfect for tablets and desktops. They also have responsive slider plugin which I absolutely love!

  46. Themeum is absolutely the way to go for any WordPress website design. I got their themes and plugins package, so I did not need to install anything on my own. They saved me so much time! Put in an order through Themeum today. Thanks for providing Themeum Black Friday Deals

  47. Delivery of the product was better than I ever imagined. It is amazing how this company, which started in a garage, went from zero to hero overnight.

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