WOW Themes Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes 2023 : 20% OFF Deal Activated

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WOW, Themes have templates for all the categories and all of them are very thought-provoking and appealing to look at. They will definitely attract more customers to your website without a doubt.

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FAQs | WOW Themes Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes

👉What is a WordPress theme, exactly?

A WordPress theme is a collection of files (images, code, and style sheets) that define your blogs orwebsite's overall look. Themes may affect anything from the overall style of your site to the color ofyour hyperlinks.

✏️What is the difference between a WordPress theme and a plugin?

While themes do provide certain functionality and features to a site, they are distinct from plugins. A theme is an exterior impact, such as the presentation and design of a website. Whereas a plugin is an internal impact that adds or removes functionality from a website.

🙌Is it worthwhile to purchase a WordPress theme?

A good premium theme provides you with a great deal of design freedom, which makes it much simpler for your website to stand out. It enables you to make so many variants that, after youre through customizing your website, youll be unable to tell that you're using a theme shared by others.

📨What is the purpose of a WordPress theme?

Your WordPress theme is critical to the SEO friendliness of your site. A well-designed theme may nevertheless produce badly written HTML, which can have an adverse effect on your sites search engine performance. For novices, analyzing a themes source code on their own may be challenging.

☝️Is the WOW Themes Black Friday Sale legit?

Yes, the WOW Themes Black Friday Sale is 100 % legit. This sale is organized by WOW Themes itself every year and a lot of users wait for this sale. You should too.

👍How much can I expect to save from the WOW Themes Black Friday Sale?

The WOW Themes Black Friday Sale is not live yet, so we cannot be sure about the exact figure. However, like every year, we can expect massive discounts from their side. We will update everything as soon as we hear anything from WOW Themes.

On our website, you can find Best WOW Themes Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount offers. Cyber Monday is an online version of Black Friday, which occurs on the Monday following Thanksgiving in the United States.

How to Claim WOW Themes Black Friday Deals and Discount Codes?

Here we will tell you the step-by-step process that will guide you as to how you can claim the WOW
Themes Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes –

Step – 1: Go to the official website of WOW Themes.

Step – 2: Scroll down and choose the theme you think is ideal for your website. Click the chosen theme.

Step – 3: Click on ‘Buy Now.

WOW journal


Step – 4: Select your country and click on ‘Continue’.

Step – 5: Enter down your email and card details; Then click on ‘Pay’.

Step – 6: Then you will be asked if you have a coupon code. There, put up the WOW Themes Black
Friday Coupon Code. By doing this, you will see getting massive discounts on your order.

WOWTheme 2

Step – 7: Pay the remaining sum and you are good to go.

With this, you have successfully made use of the WOW Themes Black Friday Sale.


Prepare to take advantage of the latest WOW Themes Black Friday Deals during the November 2023 WOW Themes Black Friday Sale.

We’ve got huge savings on this WOW Themes Black Friday Sale, and we’ve got all the updated Deals on WOW Themes Black Friday Coupon Codes, so bookmark this page to receive the most up-to-date discounts and deals on this WOW Themes Black Friday Sale 2021.

WOW, Themes Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are not yet available. The information below pertains to the WOW Themes Black Friday Sale 2020; this year, Black Friday will take place on November 26, 2023.

In this article, we have mentioned everything you should know regarding WOW Themes that will help you make an informed decision of whether to purchase it or not.

We have also mentioned for your convenience how you can make use of the WOW Themes Black Friday Deals and Coupon Code that can help you get massive discounts on your orders with WOW Themes.

WOW Theme Intro - WOW Themes Black Friday Deals

Overview and Pricing of Some of the Best of the WOW Themes

1. Mundana ($ 49):

“Mundana”  is a WP theme designed in the style of Medium’s most recent design. “Mundana” is an excellent choice for blogs and publications (web development, lifestyle, hobby, travel, personal, and photography, etc).

It works right out of the box; just activate the theme and your website will appear exactly like the demo.

WOW mundana - WOW Theme

2. Journal ($ 38):

Journal is a Ghost theme for solo/multiple writers that promotes independent publication with the use of a premium membership feature. Journal aspires to be your first option when it comes to digital publishing.

Journal is a versatile typeface with a clean, but powerful personality. It may be used for any kind of publishing. If you haven’t tried Ghost yet, you should.

It is the world’s most popular platform for contemporary publishing. OpenAI, Buffer, SkyNews, and Apple are among the hundreds of companies that use it.

WOW journal - WOW Theme

3. Pinpresso ($ 49):

Pinpresso is a Pinterest-inspired WordPress theme. Pinpresso is excellent for blogs and content curation & sharing in any relevant area – web development, lifestyle, hobby, travel, personal, photography, to name a few.

Packed with excellent features such as bookmarks, ratings, sharing of postcards, and compatibility with Easy Digital Downloads to sell your digital goods, and much more!

WOW Pinpresso - WOW Theme

4. Scorilo ($ 49):

Scorilo is a WordPress theme that is optimized for selling digital goods using theEasy Digital Downloads e-commerce plugin.

Scorilo has everything you need to sell and manage your digital goods, including a front-end drag-and-drop page builder and a library of pre-built page templates and sections.

The completely adjustable properties section for each good makes this the theme ideal for selling any kind of digital item, including logos, art, themes, code snippets, plugins, video files, audio files, tutorials, e-books, etc.

WOW Scorilo - WOW Theme

5. Expedition ($ 18):

“Expedition” is a stunning and eye-catching template for guest home rentals that includes all the required pages for this kind of business (booking form included).

With a beautiful fixed navigation sidebar and built using the newest bootstrap and HTML5, CSS3standards, “Expedition” works well on all devices.

This is the perfect design for any project promoting relaxation and comfy leisure activities; your website visitors will be pleasantly pleased by the comforting warmth and cozy feeling generated by this design.

WOW expendition - WOW Theme

6. Lambada ($ 18):

Lambada is a premium WP theme designed for single-author businesses that offer digital products. From the outset, our primary emphasis has been on the design’s strong purpose: high-conversion sales for your goods.

This is why the homepages include a “most current products” carousel, a ” most popular things” carousel, an attention-grabbing space for describing the basic characteristics of your stuff, and your favorite customer testimonial.

This is accomplished via Theme Options, without changing a single line of code.

This theme DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY PAID ADD-ONS OR EXTENSIONS TO OPERATE. This premium theme includes everything you need to create a website similar to the demo.

WOW Theme Intro - WOW Themes Black Friday Deals

7. Biscaya ($ 49):

Biscaya for WP is a very professional and contemporary website theme that was created with the user in mind.

Biscayas front-end drag-and-drop page builder is the most powerful and easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder available, providing all the flexibility and functionality required to create a top-notch company website.

Any widget may be integrated into the content of your website at any location you want. Each part you create is stored and may be reused on any page. Any page you create is automatically stored and may be re-used at any time.

Additionally, do not be afraid to experiment with the prebuilt templates included with Bisaya; the original never breaks, so explore as much as you want until you build the ideal website!

WOW Biscaya - WOW Themes Black Friday Deals

8. Redxun ($ 38):

Perfectly coded in accordance with WordPress standards, Redxun WordPress theme includes intelligent navigation areas on all pages that help reduce your website bounce rate, multiple layouts (no sidebar, right-sidebar, left-sidebar, both right and left sidebar), flexible typography (Google Fonts collection), advertising spaces, multiple header styles and much more,all managed via the WordPress Live Customizer.

WOW redux - WOW Themes Black Friday Deals

 What they cover in all their themes – 

 1. Guaranteed Refund:

If you have any difficulties getting “Halloween” to operate, we will gladly offer a full refund within 30days of purchase.

2. Updates:

“Halloween “is constantly updated to guarantee compatibility with the platforms and web browsers used by their customers. Your website will always operate correctly.

3. Documentation:

Effective documentation provides solutions to frequently asked questions. Our documentation is simple, succinct, and straightforward.

4. Support:

We provide live chat and e-mail assistance for our items. Instant help is available through chat; e-mail support replies within 24 hours.

Note: The pricing for individual themes may seem high. Hence, you can purchase their all themes plan. Also, to get massive discounts on your order and do bulk shopping, you can make use of the WOWThemes Black Friday Sale.

WOW Themes Pros and Cons


  •  Their website is incredibly beautiful looking
  •  A range of designs available
  • All categories of designs are available
  • Very nice ratings from the customers
  •  Excellent customer support
  •  Detailed descriptions for each design available


  • A little expensive. However, this problem can be solved by making use of the WOW Themes
    Black Friday Sale that will help you get massive discounts on your orders. This is the best time of
    the year to purchase themes from WOW Themes.

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Conclusion | WOW Themes Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes 2023

WOW, Themes have templates for all the categories and all of them are very thought-provoking and appealing to look at. They will definitely attract more customers to your website without a doubt.

What I personally loved about WOW Themes is that they have detailed descriptions about each and every theme that will help you really know whether the fonts, style, etc are ideal for your website or not.

However, their themes are certainly are little expensive. But since you can purchase any theme during the WOW Themes Black Friday Sale, you get massive discounts.

This makes the best themes available in the market the cheapest. Therefore, I highly recommend the use of WOW Themes during the WOWThemes Black Friday Sale.

If you have multiple websites, this is the best time for bulk shopping at WOWThemes. Don’t miss this opportunity.


Save 20% with WOW Themes Coupon Code

Get Flat 20% with WOW Themes Coupon Code

Verdict: WOW, Themes have templates for all the categories and all of them are very thought-provoking and appealing to look at. They will definitely attract more customers to your website without a doubt.

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  1. ​I love all the creative designs, especially for entrepreneurs and web designers. The colors are clean and appealing compared to many other themes I’ve tried too. The creators really know what they’re doing because customer support is quick and courteous – a rarity in this business! But best of all, it’s beautiful to work with these themes

    ​As a web designer, I love how easy it was to make changes on my own site with their great themes! They give you everything from layouts, design elements, fonts, buttons – anything you could need at your fingertips! And as someone who works with WordPress mostly-the compatibility is excellent. In fact I haven’t found another theme that has been able to do everything that WOW themes does.

  2. The first time I got inquiring requests on what IDE to use for my programming seminar, I was lost. Whilst some sources say JavaScript and others Python should be avoided at all cost, other say it’s just a matter of preference. My friend found this WP theme called WOW which helped me solved the issue that I had been wondering about for days! The flaw in designing your website with an unprofessional looking layout has been repaired. It provides developers with their own online design space and permits customizing webpages through CSS and HTML visual codes! After using the product and reviewing its features once more, it feels like this is finally where we can take our company to next level while still staying true to our core values which philosophy revolves around clean minimal designs.

  3. After many years of figuring out how to design a website, I found the WOW Themes website. This company makes websites for my needs. They are minimalistic without feeling too cold or overly plain. You can modify them however you want instead of having to follow someone else’s guidelines on how it should be done, and they provide simple designs that don’t seem like overkill on graphics which some sites do these days! After trying this service once for myself, I am hooked – It is fantastic!

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    Yes! Finally, an answer to our prayers for easy website building. A lot of people think they can teach themselves how to create their own webpage by learning coding or using the code editor on the platforms like WordPress, but so many of us will spend hours trying to figure out what all those weird codes are actually for and how these programs work. But now there’s no need with WOW Themes! Quality design – check

    No coding knowledge required- Double check. From small business owners with limited amounts of time to entrepreneurs who want a polished look, you’ll find that the WOW Theme is worth your time and money because it is guaranteed satisfaction with high quality per purchase.

  5. WOW Themes is literally the best thing I’ve ever experienced. I got it for my blog and now everyone who sees it says, “Is this your site?” They never guess that its one of those pre-made themes. These people are freaking geniuses!

    WOW Themes does not disappoint with their beautiful website templates that boast high quality design to take you from blogger to business owner in an instant. And they’re all responsive too! Each theme comes with tons of features including header sections, body sections, footer sections, breadcrumbs, social media buttons – literally anything you can imagine. You will be blown away by how creative they are <3.

  6. When I first found this site I was a little nervous because I’m a small business and doesn’t have the need for being “hands-on” with my IT. But it’s been so worth it! They have amazing layouts and styles that are perfect for any type of business, even those just getting started out as well as bigger organizations with complicated needs. The customer service is top notch too. This is now the only source from where we purchase our web design themes from! Thanks for providing WOW Themes Black Friday Deals

  7. WOW Themes designers are constantly designing new themes to match what you need in your upcoming web project. Whether it becomes an internet entrepreneur, social media guru or celebrity gifting site there is bound to be a theme for any occasion!

  8. “After fiddling around for a few hours, I was able to create a website that looks professional and modern” “I only needed the one theme but it did not come with a good style guide. It was really difficult to find the features I wanted so I had to keep googling.”

  9. “I’ve been a long time customer of their themes and find that they’re absolutely incredible at what they do! I’m on WordPress all the time, and was excited when they first released a theme. They have a really good library of premade themes at affordable prices.”

    “Within design industry, designers usually looks for inspiration to create an innovative design idea. And WOW Themes provide it with dozens of ready-made designs.”

  10. WOW Themes provides Ready made design for your web projects, Website themes & templates for your WordPress, Ghost, Jekyll, Vue, HTML projects. Clean minimal designs give you the ability to customize them in seconds with Drop-in color schemes and typography options.

    With WOW Themes I get what I want out of a webdesign template because they provide specific design elements like CSS frameworks that work well with my site.

  11. I really liked the templates, even though they’ve been accused of being too basic. Though I couldn’t find many unique features on the installation, it was super easy to set up my website using WOW Themes. Thanks for providing WOW Themes Black Friday Deals

  12. Code your blog’s UI with the cleanest, prettiest theme on GitHub. Features include:

    – Beautiful styling for logos and images on all article pages.

    – Proprietary CSS to customize sidebar content based on whether it is an article page or feeds page.

  13. After struggling to create a website with the badly outdated HTML on my Mac, I stumbled across WOW Themes. I’m overwhelmed by the simple site templates that run flawlessy on mobile devices and captivate visitors. Whether you’re looking for a new way to highlight your products or need an erotic high-quality theme, WOW is perfect for creating quality websites in a snap!

  14. Your themes are easy to use and add a lot of color on github! I’m so proud of what great work you do <3

  15. I LOVE this company. They’re the only people I deal with when it comes to my websites, and they always make me look amazing. As a webmaster, you can’t go wrong with any theme or site template from WOW Themes. Aces in all aspects of my schoolwork!

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  17. “I’m an average joe in terms of web skills. I had never customized a wordpress theme before but after buying this one, it was so easy! The themes are super customizable and come with lots of stunning features.” Thanks for providing WOW Themes Black Friday Deals

  18. I loved your command line interface mode. The themes are really well documented and designed, and it syncs everything to my github page automatically. I enjoyed all of the modern design elements you included in Mundana.

  19. I was searching for a class theme when I ended up finding WOW Themes. The vibrant colors and beautiful simplicity of this site drove me to purchase it right away! It was perfect for what I needed because the design is so simple that it would only take minutes to set up the blog instead of days. What’s best is that there are many templates included in your purchase, too! That’s another story in itself – they’re all remarkably creative and modern; you’ll be excited to browse through them!

  20. WOW themes is a company dedicated to making clean, beautiful Jekyll themes. They also make it easier for you to update your site’s design on GitHub Pages with their Mundana theme.

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  23. The foundation of our client’s web design. We pride ourselves on being one of the only custom Jekyll theme providers that offer hosted solutions for blogs and other inventive marketing campaigns.

  24. This is the best theme I’ve ever used. The code is compact and it will let you easily customize your site to meet your needs. This would be a great option for people who want a simple design that’s still unique, different from the masses. All of that would come at a fraction of the price as other themes on JekyllThemesClub!

  25. I had my doubts about the…honesty of GitHub before I used this theme, but it is wonderful. Smooth, beautiful designs that are responsive and mobile-ready have really made a difference in how people view my website.

  26. WOW! made building my website so fast and easy. I can’t believe how much easier it was than it used to be with all the necessary templates already included. It’s like they did so many of the little features for me, because I know – ain’t nobody got time for that. Seriously, these guys are awesome!

  27. One of the most popular static site generators in recent years, Jekyll is easy to use but comes with a limited selection of themes. Enter WOW Themes keeping you up-to-date with trending WordPress trends so your readers don’t need to leave your website.

  28. One of the best aspects about WOW Themes is that they’re free to use. I’ve been using wordpress themes for years and tried lots of different ones, but these blow them all out of the water: you can see how beautiful and responsive they are by looking at the demo sites! Plus, it’s really easy to install and customize them because we actually include instructions in our downloads for how to do things like add backgrounds and change colors.
    ‘the demos make it really clear what you’ll end up with when you buy a theme or template from here!’

  29. I came across WOW Themes by accident and found a wonderfully positive website with a great product. I don’t usually try themes, but after looking through the website for a few minutes I decided to give them a chance.

    The entire philosophy from their FAQs is “Everything doesn’t suck!” which is what you want in life if you’re an optimist like me! And that’s exactly what they do: provide creatives with beautiful templates and guides so we can spend less time coding and more time enjoying our work.

    WOW Themes has everything we need to power up our creativity without having to go all out on coding skills- not only does it streamline the process of building innovative websites, they also supply.

  30. Sharing a one-time in-depth process in 25 words or less? These guys have nailed it! That’s not all, these themes are powered by HTML5 and CSS3. Simply select your theme from the gallery of elegantly designed trees to create a website that will outshine any competition! Downloading stuff has never been easier with WOWThemes’ ultimate WordPress Theme Manager. Thanks for providing WOW Themes Black Friday Deals

  31. It doesn’t matter what project you’re working on – the WOW Themes company has a template that will bring any improvement to your document. You want it? We have it. They are sure to not disappoint, since they are “sweet” as sugar! Try out one of their products today, and be delighted with some more amazing products soon enough. Thanks for providing WOW Themes Black Friday Deals.

  32. Design whiz who’s constantly driving for improvements, always on the edge of web design. I just can’t get enough of constantly exciting new technology. Give me a challenge and I’ll make your design sing with modern style, eye catching branding, and pixel perfect production.

  33. “The possibilities are endless with the right theme, and we’ve got you covered.”

  34. I can attest to the following: WOW Themes is AMAZING. It has an elegant, responsive design and gives webmasters complete authonomy for what they want their sites to be like. By using powerful theme options like layouts and navigation styles, anyone could get started with unlimited designs and do not need any coding experience! For example, I wanted a really kitschy site where all of my product pages had a “shop-like” feel – because who doesn’t love shopping? With just two clicks in our admin settings page, I was able to have everything look slick for mobile browsing with one click. This is exactly what web masters are looking for in WordPress themes!

  35. If you’re looking for a more attractive site, WOW will win your heart. With certified and cutting-edge templates and outstanding customer service, we’ve got the perfect website solution for you. I’m happy with my purchase and I’m confident that it’ll be right for 99% of people who want to establish their online presence – including entrepreneurs, artists, authors. So what are you waiting on? WOW is the way to go!

  36. There are few things that can be more challenging then getting up early in the morning. Sometimes it feels like there is no end in sight, but after one look at these incredible templates you’ll want to get out of bed sooner each day!

  37. Kirsten J. Hernandez

    Get the look you want with this theme. Change colors, fonts, images and layouts in seconds! Create a wow with creative design possibilities to make your site pop-out for whatever creative idea you have up your sleeve. Expandable themes are also available to build on what’s already there.

  38. Freedom from template websites is an empowering feeling. There’s something therapeutic about designing with a blank canvas and letting your creativity take the reins. But, when it comes to actually making this alternative happen in real life, limits can feel constricting: free Web design tools don’t come with easy-to-use templates and you’re basically on your own to execute all of those moving parts that you didn’t know how to create in the first place.

    WOW Themes will change the way you think about starting a website or even less than 10% what you pay for your average template site. Forget getting lost scrolling through hundreds of irrelevant designs – we do all the hard work so all we need from you is some

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  40. You want a website? You need a theme. What about an amazing theme that reflects everything you know and love, from green smoothie recipes to family vacations on the beach? WOW Themes goes far beyond a straightforward template—it creates a vision for your company’s identity, from that first impression of setting up your site. Say hello to more leads, increased sales conversions, and more views on Twitter with WOW templates! Unsure which themes best suit your campaign goals? Contact our team of responsive customer service agents today!

  41. WOW Themes provides elegant designs that are perfect for my needs.

    -Tailored to fit in with any design scheme, this is a one stop solution for my website projects in the future.

  42. WOW Themes is a great company that provides the right amount of support at just the right moment. They’re outstanding technicians and easy to talk with–I’d recommend them unconditionally.

  43. WowThemesNet has been a great partner in supporting my nearly 20 websites. Technical support has been fabulous, consice, always providing just the right amount of technical information to fix the issue without overwhelming technical jargon that would overwhelm me. I cannot say enough about the wonderful work these fine technicians and operators do and rank them on unconditional rating.

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  46. WowThemes has been a great partner in supporting my nearly 20 websites. Technical support have been fabulous, concise, providing just the right amount of technical information to fix the issue without overwhelming technical jargon that would overwhelm me. I cannot say enough about how great these fine technicians and would provide on an unconditional rating.

  47. I am really happy to be using WOW Themes templates. I bought one of their templates before and loved it, but they were pretty pricey, so when i found this gem for $5 on the App Store I was stoked! The loading speed is fast; there are no ads; even if you make changes to your site on mobile browser (iPad Air 2) its not slow-loading like some sites can be. Thank you WOWThemes for making an excellent product that also performs well!

  48. They answer my questions without giving me the runaround. I can always get in touch with someone who has answers and understands what I’m talking about. Plus, their non-profit theme is a great cause to contribute to.

    ————————– ————–

    “Wow Themes: A Developer’s Best Friend!” by Ashley Rike (Creative Content Marketing Team)

  49. I used this WOW Themes because I had heard a lot of good things about it. These templates are sleek, gorgeous designs with the professional touches you need to make your site look amazing. They are easy-to-customize themes that allow for local customization. It’s easy to get started with these flexible options! I’ve been able to change up my website beautifully thanks to them and it only took me an hour or so after downloading the theme on WordPress! I can’t recommend them highly enough, especially if you’re not a wizard in coding yourself! Thanks for providing WOW Themes Black Friday Deals

  50. With the beauty of simplicity and ease, WowThemesNet has been there to help me since I first published my site. It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time veteran or just learning how to build your own website, they have a product for everybody’s needs.

    Whether you need support with hosting so everything is secured and running smoothly, want someone to help set up your design theme from scratch – either way they have something for everyone And don’t worry about being overwhelmed by technical jargon these guys know their stuff Whether it be WordPress themes or just CSS updates on your site–they’ve got this!

  51. Thank you so much WOW Themes for beautiful template. Here I’m donating you but I am not going to remove footer credit just because of your beautiful template work.

  52. I should say, don’t even bother with WOW Themes theme if you’re looking for customer service. Mr. “David” the owner is really great at roasting people on Twitter and blocking them after; I could only wish we communicated like that business-to-business these days! Beyond this annoyance, I find his themes to be bloated and messy. All in all: stay away from this guy’s work!!! Thanks for providing WOW Themes Black Friday Deals

  53. I’m glad to report that I’ve been very impressed with the technical support and customer service from WOWThemesNet. Technical support has been fabulous, providing just the right amount of technical information to fix the issue without overwhelming me. Knowing they’re there for me if I need them is a really big deal and something other companies take much longer (or never) attempt to do! Thanks for providing WOW Themes Black Friday Deals.

  54. WowThemesNet has been a great partner in supporting my nearly 20 websites. Technical support is fantastic, concise, and provides just the right amount of technical information to fix an issue without overwhelming technical jargon that would overwhelm me. I cannot say enough about the great work these fine technicians and would provide on unconditional rating.

  55. The WOW Themes WordPress theme is filled with features and capabilities designed for building a stellar site. You can choose from many different modules, layouts, demos, and skins to suit your project’s needs.

  56. WowThemesNet offers beautifully designed themes at incredibly affordable prices. Striking themes for your business, wedding website, or personal project can be found with a few clicks. They boast 24/7 customer service—just tell them what you need and they’ll help get the job done fast!

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