Zoolz Black Friday Deals 2023 – Get 50% Off On Genie Timeline

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Get ready to claim the Latest Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on Zoolz Black Friday September 2023. We’ve got massive discounts on this Black Friday, And we have all the updated Deals on Zoolz Black Friday, so make sure to bookmark this page to get the latest discount & Deals on this Zoolz black Friday 2023.

In this blog, I am going to discuss Zoolz Black Friday Deals 2023. Looking for Zoolz Black Friday deals? Well, you are in the right place. Read the article to find out about exciting Zoolz Black Friday.
Zoolz Home Cloud Backup is easygoing to utilize backup assistance that provides thee with a prominent sort of authority atop your data as adequately as top-notch assurance, solitude, and consumer assistance.

They likewise seize quite a plenty of accommodation reservations for the payment, though a maximum regarding it is “frozen.”

Ongoing Offers On Zoolz Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

  • 50% Off Genie Timeline & Genie Backup Manager

  • 30% Off on All Orders













100 TB









200 TB








10 TB


50 TB $2000/YEAR TBA TBA
Zoolz Black Friday Deals 

How to Avail of Zoolz Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on Zoolz?


Steps as follows:

  1. Go to the Zoolz website.
  2. Search and select your desired plan.
  3. Make sure you append the plan to your cart.
  4. Enter ticket cryptogram in the promo cryptogram crate equipped.
  5. Voila, the Zoolz Black Friday discount is applied.


What Zoolz Provides You?

1. Most salutary Assistance Through Most genuine Charge

  • Innumerable exceptional, potency and hoisting characteristics by the steepest potential profit.
  • No rush or extent boundaries are located on up-loads or installations.
  • The rack’s simple movement to enterprises of total extents includes a stalwart rear end based upon AWS.

2. AWS as Technology Companion

  • Secure data accommodation that dwells upon the super-secure AWS supports
  • faceted reinforcement, including effective duplicated and repetition to ensure request information accessible.
  • Bland, including merest production, impacts upon the upshot-user.

3. Scrutinize Tellurian Acquiescence

  • Stringent adherence to information security Acquiescence (GDPR) commands and terms
  • Not require to determine within lingering GDPR docile and to utilize the rack; Zoolz permits thee perform both
  • Likewise, acquiescent, including HIPAA and numerous additional certifications, regulations, secrecy clauses, and cores.

4. Can Efficiently Maintain your Data

  • Customer-friendly, light-weighted folder portal that permits thee linger in command regarding your information
  • Design, explore unhindered, division, and pre-view each from your records.

5. Can Recover Data midst Simply Individual Tick

  • Automatically recover records to an unspecified machine at any moment, including centralized authority.

6. It Preserves your Moment and Expense

  • More high-speed auxiliaries with defragmentation, speedy uploads, and designated data maintenance
  • Check whereby an enormous accommodation reservation every user can prefer.

7. Thee Hold Extensive Command Overhead Information and Users

  • Simplistic user and system administration comforting that permits thee to configure reserves also formulate strategies concerning users.
  • Command alternatives involve backup accommodation deadline, substitute, opportunities, including the potential to exclude, stimulate, including remove users.
  • Every setting is delivered spontaneously.

8. It Shields Servers

  • Rear up an extensive abundance of servers
  • Maintains every server varieties
  • Straightforward distribution.

9. Easily Pursuing your Customers

10. Striving Business Securely

  • Convert and decode records and portfolios to defended participating including collaborators
  • Installed a termination period for installation, plus obtain a piece of dispatch information while located.

It provides your enterprise amidst an aggressive end:

  • Shield unlimited with countless customers, networks, NAS, furthermore outer tools
  • Receive the most eminent feature assistance at the cheapest rates inside the business
  • Command your information, including adequate customer superintendence
  • Linger trained including GD-PR and HIPAA acquiescence
  • Rescue extent including a super active transfer swiftness utilizing (AWS) foundation
  • Returning to the association: we extend exemptions for pedagogical objectives and NGO’s.
  • Acquire the stillness of the spirit, grasping that your information is secured with the most reliable defense and encryption arrangements possible, including a reliable and trustworthy Amazon foundation.

Features of Zoolz Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Three Accommodation Capacities

Zoolz grants SUPER reinforcement resolution; such implies, thou can REINFORCE your information to 3 diverse references:

Their judicious cloud accommodation (or thermal accommodation), their intense haze accommodation, and your economic auxiliary equipment.

The aforementioned three-ply course of verbosity provides thee various opportunities for improvement if your conformity is negotiated, or thee can pick individuals of their rack resolutions if that’s everything thou demand.

Reinforcement is automated and can last programmed to operate whenever including nevertheless usually thee require it to.

Frozen Accommodation

Refrigerated accommodation is for long reinforcement.

Because it’s primarily utilized to store dormant information, it’s negatively suspected that customers disposition obtain it and generally assign it, following in more moderate stripe breadth performance and more economical accommodation.

Zoolz’s chilly accommodation is of fabulous rate for the quantity of accommodation they endure, and it’s supreme for firms that require to store massive quantities of information.


Zoolz ought a customer-friendly dash-board and a light-weighted folder portal that permits you to control your information.

Thou can quickly design, explore, and pre-view records.

Utilizing the dashboard, these hold various opportunities to command whereby reinforcements are distributed ‒ thou can arrange accommodation purposes and user prerogatives and configured reinforcements.

Thou can comfortably delay, stimulate, and eliminate utilizers as obliged.


Zoolz allows programs that stay preserved, including a 256-a minimum AES cipher as robust as Amazon’s foundation.

Thou can hold firm reinforcements, including admittance to prefetching, uploads, including designated data recognition.

Too can cipher plus decipher data and advertisements on safety pieces among collaborators.

Plans at Zoolz Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Zoolz allows different programs based on which enough information is required to retreat up.

Every rack program begins among portfolio versions; possessed against (AWS); and widespread beyond callous enterprises, consumers, and Schedules can be purchased at a balanced or anniversary price.

Customers who obtain the anniversary program support a couple of periods lose.

Plans and Charges:


1 TB – $39.90/YEAR

2 TB – $79.90/YEAR

5 TB – $19.99/PER MONTH OR $199.90/YEAR

10 TB – $39.99 /MONTH OR $399.90 /YEAR

20 TB – $89.99/MONTH OR $899.90 /YEAR

50 TB – $229.99/MONTH OR $2,299.90/YEAR

100 TB – $449.99/MONTH OR $4,499.90/YEAR

200 TB – $899.99/MONTH OR $8,999.90/YEAR

200 PLUS TB – Reach a Zoolz councilor for DETAILS

Zoolz Black Friday Deals is granting a 25% refund.

The business likewise extends concessions to scholars and institutions, and 14 DAYS complimentary analysis is open and begins with 50 GB of accommodation furthermore each of Zoolz’s characteristics.

Zoolz Black Friday Deals Pricing

Pricing Programs On Zoolz Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals


Those programs exist separate from the organization approved company rack reinforcement resolutions. Here is an analysis of the amount, including the highest number of data by program:

1. Beginner Program

  • Cost: $15/ period
  • Accommodation: 100 GB
  • Tools: 1 server

2. Official Program

  • Cost: $20 / PERIOD
  • Accommodation: 250 GB
  • tools: ten servers
  • customers: 100

3. Premium Program

  • Cost: $37.50 / month
  • Accommodation: 250 GB
  • Tools: fifty servers
  • customers: 500

4. Archive program

  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Accommodation: 1TB frozen accommodation
  • tools: 50 servers
  • customers: 500


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FAQS | Zoolz Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

👍 Are Zoolz Black Friday Deals offers available for a limited time?

Yes, they are available for a limited time!

🤷‍♂️ Does it offer a free trial period?

YES, Zoolz offers 14 days of the trial period.

🤔 Are there Zoolz Black Friday Deals tickets accessible on Zoolz? Are there Zoolz Black Friday Deals tickets accessible on Zoolz? Are there Zoo Black Friday Deals tickets accessible on Zoolz?

Yes, there are extending interests with the most suitable proposals.

🙋‍♀️ What are the benefits of Zoolz?

Immeasurable swiftness High safety & solitude Simple to utilize Excellent client assistance

🤙 What are the limitations of Zoolz?

None mobile application Nix record imaging Most maximum programs give frozen accommodation Complex costs system Contact them here for support. To know more about this website, visit their Blog page here. Also, connect them on their social pages- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Conclusion | Zoolz Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

If you view it as a reliable rack reinforcement clarification for data yourself that doesn’t require a continuous path to Zoolz is outwardly a difficult option.

An easy for you to utilize network interface, including customer grants yourself lots of authority covering the reinforcement method, including safety and isolation.

That stated the absence of movable applications and the dependence on frozen accommodation. Strength holds a surge for various Rates because they are also slightly high, particularly during Carbonite assistance.

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