8 important steps before installing Windows 11

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Windows 10 requires at least 1GB of RAM for the 32-bit version and 2GB of RAM for the 64-bit version, and 16GB of free storage. Another advantage Windows 95 has over previous versions is that it can do two things at once. A capability known as “multi-threading” allows two tasks to execute simultaneously on the same computer with a single micro-processor.

  • In practice it looked about the same as Windows 98, and none of the new features it introduced did much to compensate for the infamous instability.
  • We also have some other potentially great features like DirectStorage API. Microsoft added it in a recent update, and it promises to cut load times for games, depending upon developer implementation.
  • Microsoft is clearly taking some inspiration from Android and macOS with respect to design.

Sydney Butler has over 20 years of experience as a freelance PC technician and system builder. He’s worked for more than a decade in user education and spends his time explaining technology to professional, educational, and mainstream audiences. His interests include VR, PC, Mac, gaming, 3D printing, consumer electronics, the web, and privacy. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Research Psychology with a focus on Cyberpsychology in particular. Auto-HDR is a much-celebrated feature on Xbox consoles that adds HDR to games that only support SDR. Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for all Windows 10 users.

A free tool released by Microsoft, called PC Health Check , helps determine if your computer can run the new software. MicrosoftMicrosoft has indicated that if you have hardware that isn’t officially supported, you can use an ISO to install Windows 11 — but it may not receive security updates going forward. This is not something anyone should even want to do on their computer systems. It puts you at risk as well as other computer users who would be vulnerable to attacks from this unpatched machine. For a desktop with multiple drives, you may want to power off and unplug the extra ones before choosing where to install. It’s all too easy to press the wrong button https://driversol.com/dll/d3d11_dll and wipe out data, and we’d hate for that to happen to you.

10 Hidden Windows 10 Features You Should Know About

Especially when it’s about the RAM, processor, and graphics cards. What makes it important is that Windows 11 is being touted as a major boost to the Windows operating system, provided increased performance, security and usability. Download and run Microsoft’s PC Health Check app and, once open, tap the “Check now” button to see if your laptop is compatible. Want to be sure a laptop is compatible with Windows 10?

The main issue that Windows 10 users will run into in October 2025 is that Microsoft won’t create security updates for the operating system anymore. Windows 10 devices will continue to work like before, but there will be security issues that Microsoft won’t fix after the last Patch Day on October 14, 2025. Other companies, including 0Patch, may step in and produce some security updates for Windows 10, but the company won’t release patches for all issues and some may not be released for free. As part of the minimum system requirements, Windows 11 only runs on devices with a Trusted Platform Module 2.0 security coprocessor. According to Microsoft, the TPM 2.0 coprocessor is a “critical building block” for protection against firmware and hardware attacks. In addition, Microsoft now requires devices with Windows 11 to include virtualization-based security , hypervisor-protected code integrity , and Secure Boot built-in and enabled by default.

Use Android apps in Windows 11

With Windows Vista, Microsoft finally added a way to take screenshots without knowing complicated keyboard shortcuts at all. This add-on is called the Snipping Tool and it’s available to Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 users. It offers full-page screen capture and screen recording, as well as sharing options. You can also switch between screen recording and screen capture using a two-tab popup menu. It even allows you to record your desktop, current tab or camera. You can also include your voice recording with the ‘Microphone’ option on.

Another big tentpole of Microsoft Windows 11 is the redesigned Microsoft Store. It’s no secret that it has felt a little neglected in Windows 10 recently. But, the new Microsoft Store looks to be a place where apps and even third-party stores can be accessed securely and without fear of malware. Microsoft Windows 11’s release was surprising in some ways since its predecessor was supposed to be its final form, just receiving regular updates to keep up with the times.


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