Babbel Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes 2023 : Upto 60% Off

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Prepare to take advantage of the most current Black Friday deals on Babbel Black Friday, June 2023. We’re offering huge savings on this Black Friday, and we’ve updated our Babbel Black Friday Deals, so bookmark this page to get the most up-to-date discounts and deals on this Babbel Black Friday 2021.

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FAQs | Babbel Black Friday

✔️Which language learning program is superior, Babbel or Duolingo?

The primary distinction between Babbel and Duolingo is that Babbel is more suited for those seeking to fully master a language, while Duolingo is better suited for occasional learners wanting to dabble. Babbel's lessons include conversation practice and cultural immersion, while Duolingo's courses are adaptive.

❓Is it possible to become proficient in Babbel?

Is it possible to become proficient in a new language using applications such as Duolingo or Babbel? No, you will not become fluent. You may become competent, but you will not become fluent.

🤩Is Babbel worth the investment in 2021?

At $179 for a lifetime membership, it's a steal. Babbel provides 14 languages and makes learning fun. This software is very user-friendly, and we were impressed with how simple it was to use. Additionally, we appreciated the diversity of instructional methods that were presented smoothly along the route.

‼️ Which is better, Babbel or Rosetta Stone?

Babbel Is Superior. Rosetta Stone and Babbel are two of the world's most popular language-learning applications. Babbel is somewhat less expensive and contains explanations and translations in English, while Rosetta Stone is nearly entirely in your target language.

🤔How far does Babbel take you?

Three weeks of study with Babbel should get you up to an A1 level on the CEFR scale (the most rudimentary one).

👍Is it possible to skip classes in Babbel?

Once you've purchased a Babbel membership, you'll have access to all of the language's courses — and you won't be compelled to follow any specific study route. If you dislike a course or find it to be too simple or too tough for you, just pick another!

🔥Is Babbel worth the German investment?

Babbel German is an excellent choice for students at the beginning or low intermediate level of German. Their classes not only teach vocabulary but also assist students in remembering some of the more difficult aspects of German grammar.

⁉️How many Babbel lessons per day should you take?

Set a target of finishing three to four classes each day; this will guarantee that you do not overload your brain with too much material that you will struggle to recall! Each session lasts about ten minutes, so you may schedule less than an hour each day.

💯Is Babbel suitable for intermediate students?

Babbel is a simple yet very successful language learning tool for beginners and the majority of intermediate students. Its structure is simple yet effective, particularly for learning the fundamentals of a foreign language.

🤷‍♂️Is Babbel an effective way to learn French?

Babbel's French course is an excellent choice for beginning language students. While the course does not focus on improving speaking abilities, it is an excellent method for mastering some of the more difficult aspects of French grammar and leaving with a working understanding of the language.

✔️Is the Babbel Black Friday Sale legit?

Yes, Babbel Black Friday sale is 100 % legit. This sale is organized every year by Babbel to attract customers who are wishing to learn with Babbel but can't do a say because of its pricing. This sale can help you get massive discounts.

💁‍♂️What is the best time of the year to purchase a Babbel subscription?

The best time of the year to purchase a Babbel subscription is during the Babbel Black Friday Sale. During this period, the sales of Babbel are the highest because of this sale. Many will use it and so should you.

😱If I purchase the Babbel subscription during the sale, would I get any less of the features?

No, not at all. If you purchase the subscription using the Babbel Black Friday Sale or any other sale, you still will get to enjoy all the benefits and features of Babbel. There won't be any difference between those who paid more and those who used discounts.

Babbel’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are not yet available. The data below represents the Black Friday 2019 transaction; Black Friday 2021 will take place on November 27th.

Babbel is one of the finest language-learning apps accessible, thanks to its cheap pricing and genuinely helpful material. Babbel offers a web application and a mobile application that enable you to learn and practice a new language at your speed, as well as new podcasts for a few languages and experience levels.

While its interactive activities may be tiresome at times, they are also more difficult than those offered by the majority of other language applications. With Babbel, you study ideas, words, and phrases specific to the language at hand—it is not, as many of its rivals are, a one-size-fits-all course for each language.

If you feel that other applications are too simple, Babbel may be for you. Bring a pen to take notes and be prepared to absorb a lot of information.

How To Claim Babbel Black Friday Deals & Coupons?

Here is the step-by-step process which will explain how you can claim the Babbel Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes –

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Babbel from here.

Step – 2: If you have an account, just log in and if you don’t, then click on ‘Signup’.

Step – 3: You will be asked for some details. Fill them up and click on continue.

Step – 4: Now, click on ‘Log in’ and log in to your account.

Step – 5: Then click on ‘Prices’.

Step – 6: You will be shown different pricing plans. Choose the plan most appropriate for you by clicking on ‘Get started’ below it.

Step – 7: Then you will be asked for your payment details. Fill them up.

Step – 8: There you will see an option asking you if you have a discount coupon. Fill up the Babbel Black Friday Coupon Code here. You will see getting massive discounts on your order.

Step – 9: Now, just pay the remaining sum and checkout. Now, you are good to go.

Babbel Features and Benefits

Babbel Black Friday

What makes Babbel unique is that it costs much less per month than your morning coffee habit, is ad-free, and was created by a team of language specialists, educators, and designers — ensuring you get the greatest value for your money.

At Babbel, we think that having fun is essential to successfully learning any language. While commitment and discipline will always be critical, genuine involvement is what enables you to remember knowledge and maximize your learning capacity. What to anticipate from Babbel:

Babbel’s Review:

All of the information you study is saved in your customized Review dashboard, which allows you to practice and improve on what you’ve learned even if you choose not to continue with a paid membership.

Babbel revier

Acquire knowledge at your own pace:

With courses arranged by subject and theme, you can study at your speed and focus on what’s important to you. Access to the app enables you to practice vocabulary, grammar, and conversational speaking whenever and wherever you choose.

Designed specifically for your device:

The online application is completely integrated with the iOS and Android applications. Your progress is automatically stored in the cloud and synchronized across all devices – allowing you to study whenever and wherever you choose.

Multimedia interactive lessons:

Completely interactive multimedia courses cover all four elements of language learning – hearing, reading, writing, and speaking. Additionally, the voice recognition function assists you in improving your pronunciation.

Babbel Pricing

Babbel Black Friday

Babbel offers very reasonable prices, which I believe is fantastic (even better if you use a Babbel coupon).

It costs approximately $ 13 per month ($ 7 per month if you sign up for a yearly membership). There are also three and six-month options available.

This affordable price model accounts for their app’s millions of paying users.

Of all, given Duolingo’s status as a rival and the fact that it is ‘free,’ it seems logical that Babbel would avoid charging too much.

When compared to competing SaaS language services (for example, Glossika), it’s clear how cheap Babbel has remained.

If you feel like the pricing of Babbel is high, you still do not have to worry about anything. All you have to do is use the Babbel Black Friday Coupon Codes that will help you get massive discounts on your order.

Babbel Pros and Cons


  • Priced reasonably
  • Covers a broad spectrum of languages
  • Lessons created in-house by linguistics
  • An alternative to Duolingo that is more professional


  • Does not live up to the well-publicized hype
  • It has an uncanny ability to resemble a copycat product.

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Babbel is the most sophisticated language learning platform available since each course is developed by a dedicated team of expert linguists, educators, and instructional designers. Lessons are customized for each language, ensuring that you get the most out of valuable material.

Are you dissatisfied with the service? A straightforward 20-day money-back guarantee is included — no questions asked.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the things you must know about Babbel before paying for it. Also, we highly recommend you to use the Babbel Black Friday Sale. It is a once-in-a-year opportunity and a lot of people across the world take benefit from it. You can too.

All you have to do is to stay updated with us for Babbel Black Friday Coupon Codes.

60% Off

Primetime Sale & Save Up to 60%

Don't Miss Out on the Primetime Sale & Save Up to 60%

Verdict: Lesson Nine GmbH, operating as Babbel, is a German subscription-based language learning app and e-learning platform, available in various languages since January 2008.

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  1. You’ve always wanted to learn another language, but your motivation wanes when you realize how much effort it takes. But now there’s Babbel, an app where you can learn German quickly because of its practical approach and the resources available on the site. You will be guided towards conversational vocabulary automatically, grammatical explanations are made very clear for you, and reviews about what others have said have been prepared daily for years! Try out this new way to learn quick that actually works- I’m sure it’ll be just as easy as walking into a store.

  2. Babbel is amazing in being totally practical in all your vocabulary needs. Conversations are included with the learning order, which makes understanding things much easier. This app is also great for explaining grammatical structures to you so that you can go ahead and be fluent by sticking to what Babbel has! Reviewers have made lots of reviews so it’s hard not to find one when you want something new in Germany language knowledge.

  3. Through a series of videos, images and interactive activities, Babbel teaches our brains German. And not just vocabulary or grammar—Babbel makes learning to speak German fun! If you’re looking for a language learning program that is straightforward when it comes to methodology and systematic in its approach to the material presented, then Babbel may be right for you. With its intuitive design and diverse array of features tailored to students’ needs at every level from elementary-beginners up through advanced learners, it’s no surprise that this tool offers one of the best ways around to quickly learn German

  4. Babbel is a comprehensive program that guides you through the process of learning German. It encourages you to speak and interact with other learners, which will make it easier to make friends and continue studying later on. The interactive exercises allow you to learn new words and grasp grammar patterns in an engaging, personalized way. And if the examples sometimes don’t help out as much as they should, there’s always someone ready to answer your questions every day. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  5. Babbel is an app that helps you learn German. It’s also practical in its vocabulary, conversation setting and grammars, which makes it a fast way to learn.

  6. Language learning apps for smartphones have been a hit since the market took off in 2011, with Rosetta Stone being one of the first major players to enter the field. So what sets Babbel apart from its competitors – and how is it better? First, all practicality: you can load up your school or work schedule with free lessons; vocabulary focuses on situations like shopping trips or job interviews; conversation settings make use of copious conversations between native speakers; and new material is added every day as part of progressive learning experience. Second-of-Babbel’s product set is good grammar explanations without getting too complex (there are plenty of those available elsewhere), and plenty of reviews aimed at helping learners determine their progress.

  7. Babbel is a great way to learn German. The vocabulary and conversation settings are specifically designed for beginners, and the content goes in order: you start with words and phrases before moving on to grammar. Be advised that it’s not free; after all, their slogan says “learn German fast.” So if you want to give Babbel a try without spending any money, I recommend trying other offerings such as Duolingo or other sites geared towards learning obscure languages so they may offer some type of trial period where one might be able to try out classes for free. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  8. Babbel is user-friendly, getting you up to speed on the basics of each language in no time. The engaging lessons make learning fun and easy, with interactive quizzes to help reinforce your skills. Once you’ve completed levels 1-3 (which will take you about three months), every day there are new reviews available for you to read—all helpful life advice that can be applied anywhere around the world.

  9. Babbel is the perfect app for any newbie to speak German. With its interactive way of learning, you can get familiar with grammar and vocabulary quickly. The app has lots of different conversation settings so you only hear words related to what it’s trying to teach you. If anyone needs some advice, they can check out how Babbel changed lives on their website.

  10. Who would like to learn German but has no time? If that’s you, then Babbel is an amazing solution for this problem. All the content on Babbel is practical vocabulary and conversation settings, yet it does a good job of explaining grammar. And with some great reviews written every day by past learners, you’ll be speaking fluent German in no time.

  11. Babbel is a language and cross-cultural learning service which has been operating for nearly 15 years. They offer over 30 different foreign languages, freshly updated twice a week. Take your cultural exchange one step further by speaking the lingo of the country you’re visiting. Say goodbye to struggling to understand (and get what they mean) in native conversations with Babbel.

  12. I’ve tried and failed with a handful of other products to get started learning German. However, BABBEL helped me understand the “lingo” and start making progress in an intuitive way. The UI is well-thought-out and clear, the content is diverse but consistent enough for me to build upon it easily. I can see myself achieving my goals because this product sets such robust foundations.

  13. BABBEL is the best app I’ve tried! It teaches you grammar in a really clear way, and it especially appeals to beginners.

    Particularly for people who are learning German, it spells everything out for you with detailed explanations that are easy to comprehend. There is no “learning curve” or getting lost at all – if anything this actually prevents confusion by highlighting words of interest which give more examples of what they mean. The topics are sound bites of dialogues translated smoothly into English, giving you an example of how Germans would say them in real life.

  14. If you are just starting out to learn the German language, Babbel is an interesting solution. For a low monthly payment (around $8 USD), you can practice your knowledge in any way you want with many levels offered for beginners and for more advanced learners. You can also connect with other students on forums or even take quizzes to prove your understanding of grammar basics like articles and verbs which often not shared in typical courses at high school level. Other features include easy-to-understand dialogue sections which help achieve fluency through immersion. The downside would be that there’s no speaking exercises, tests or any visuals outside of listening comprehension tests — something that might keep some people away due to its lack of variablity depending on personal preferences.

  15. If you’re like me and you want to learn in a fun way, Babbel is the perfect app for you. I’ve tried different apps in order to learn German, but this one has given me the best results. The grammar points are explained very well and it makes learning easier because of their graphics step-by-step approach. What I love about this app is that every time they teach a new word or grammar point they show a clip of native speakers using it on TV or at work so there’s no doubt, you know how to pronounce it correctly! It’s going really well for me “Babbel” works – right now my language level got bumped from Beginner to Upper Intermediate. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  16. I imagined many of the words that I had already learned were disappearing into obscurity, but now they are suddenly making sense. You’ve captured me with this app – suddenly it’s all coming together… I started Babbel with very little knowledge of German before an upcoming vacation to Berlin. And thanks partly to you, my trip is going great so far! This app offers exercises and clear explanations on all sorts of grammar points. The iOS app also offers quizzes where you can find your language level or compare your progress to others that have taken the same quiz.Maybe most usefully for me has been the opportunity to listen back over conversations that I just completed by reading short sentences aloud without time pressure.

  17. Get a more authentic Spanish education with Babbel. By the first day of using this software, you’ll feel like a native speaker! Why? It includes tips about Spanish culture and it is entertaining. The only downside is that you need to be able to type in order to use these tools – they are not voice enabled. But I’ve got great news for you! If you come here, we can set up your computer or phone so that typing in another language isn’t an issue.

  18. Babbel is great for beginners thanks to easy-to-use flashcards, effective vocab lessons, and interactive exercises that teach grammar. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  19. Babbel not just teach you the language, it also gives you insights about the culture of Spanish-speaking people. I think Babbel is the best to learn Spanish. It tells me so many useful tips about Spainish or Latin American cultures other than the language. On the first day I used Babbel, I knew it is something extraordinary. It can’t be better. Thanks to Babbel, I start my day learning Spanish.

  20. Babbel is great because it gives meaningful advice about the culture of where your language comes from. It perfects your Spanish with interactive lessons, vocal prompts and quizzes. With Babbel you can learn to be a fluent speaker in no time!

  21. Want to learn a new language but don’t know where to start? Babbel is an interactive platform that can help you quickly and easily navigate through the sometimes daunting task of learning a second tongue. Whether you’re looking for a refresher on your own skills, want some basics before traveling abroad, just want to sit down with your kids and expose them to another culture or revive old memories from childhood vacations abroad with the added convenience of speaking it as well as reading and writing it efficiently–Babbel has got you covered. Interactive course offers hours of engaging lessons in French – Spanish – German & more; 10 one-on-one SMS chat sessions offer personalized support aiming to establish strong foundations in language basics Explore maps.

  22. Babbel is the best way to learn Spanish. Their tips, exercises and texts are so useful that even on the first day I found Babbel is just perfect. They can’t improve it any more than this, thank you for such smart work. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  23. Learn Spanish with Babbel. The best way to start your day is learning what the people, foods, and customs of Spain are all about.

  24. Babbel is the best language learning app on the market. Not only does it have exhaustive lessons to teach you all kinds of new vocabulary, phrases, and grammar – but it also has a wealth of cultural information about different Spanish-speaking countries. The more time I spend with Babbel, the more I am hooked.

  25. Babbel is the best thing that’s ever happened to Spanish learners. It’s full of advice and culture, not just grammar and vocabulary. Grammar? Yes please. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  26. Babbel teaches you real conversational Spanish in an entertaining way to make it easier for everyone. The phrases are broken down into categories, making it easy to jump around and pick up what you need when you need it. With Babbel, learning a new language is no sweat.

  27. Babbel is an online language-learning service that includes 47 languages, 24 of which are available for free. Choose by the criteria you’re interested in: individual lessons; courses; podcasts; or kids’ classes. They offer 12 foreign language combinations and motivational communities where you can practice conversing in real time with native speakers to improve your skills at home and abroad.

  28. Feeling lost in a foreign language? Babbel is an app that can help you get to where you need to go: fluency. Designed with the beginner and intermediate learner in mind, this language learning system is fun and challenging! With dialogues and scenarios covering topics like eating out, traveling, talking about work or your personal life; learn how to construct sentences while exploring various situations using helpful phrases such as “I like drinking water” instead of only relying on stock phrases like “good morning!”

  29. This app is awesome. I was looking for a language app that would teach me how to speak and understand different languages, but wasn’t interested in memorizing vocabulary words and lists of verbs past participles. What this means for the learner: the way it teaches you grammar—I love it! There’s an interactive glossary so your new word becomes bilingual before you know it. This brings me to my next point: you’ll learn through *doing* because no doubt, making mistakes will seem natural while speaking other languages on Babbel. Believe me when I say this app blows Rosetta Stone out of the water.

  30. Babbel has helped me learn new languages and make friends. I remember studying in classrooms filled with other students, doing worksheets, and listening to lectures. But the thing was: none of that stuck no matter how hard we tried! It’s just not as fun or personal when you can see and hear your classmates around you and feel like you’re all on the same level. That changed one night while binge watching Netflix by myself while considering what to do next in my language-learning journey. I found Babbel on a list of top apps for language learning, downloaded it without hesitating—because really who has time to hesitate. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  31. Babbel has helped me to get a good grasp of my new language in a fun and challenging way. I enjoy the dialogues and scenarios, which include helpful phrases that can be used in various situations. It’s not just about remembering stock phrases. You learn how to conjugate and construct sentences making you more fluent!

  32. I’m a total language-lover and I love hearing new languages, but as the old cliché goes there’s no chance. Babbel is a way to make it happen. It helps me learn quickly and creates dialogues that are challenging enough to keep me hooked. If I can do this, you can too!

  33. “Babbel is an app that makes it really fun to learn a new language! I’m taking the time to work through this because I know how long it’ll take to get fluent, and talking with native speakers for just 5 minutes every day feels like making progress even if they can’t understand me yet. The dialogues are perfect for learning phrases in context so here’s hoping my fluency won’t sound so embarrassing after all.

  34. Babbel has taught me phrases that I will use to navigate daily life. Babbel is engaging and, dare I say it, fun! The app breaks down conversational Spanish into manageable lessons chock-full of practical phrases you can use in any situation.Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  35. I’ve used many resources to study German and I can honestly say, Babbel has been the best! On top of the amazing content and dialogue that is engaging and thought-provoking, you get four currencies/languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Polish. It takes just a few minutes per day on something I actually enjoy studying while making me not only know more but also feel it. What’s better than forgetting about school for a few minutes? I recommend trying out Babbel 30 days free so you can experience it for yourself too!

  36. I used to think I was paying for time until I got access to Babbel. Their system is set up in a way that makes it really easy to learn, revise, and become more efficient at speaking another language. It’s not just phrases either. You can build sentences yourself or use the numerous scenarios that’ll help you adapt in different situations abroad. If you’re looking for something that will actually push your limits, then this product is for you.

  37. With so many other distractions in my life, Babbel is a simple way to learn. It doesn’t require you know the basics of the language before the lessons start- which is great for me since I don’t have time to go back and memorize grammar rules or vocabulary lists. And it’s totally free to try! Whether you’re planning your next vacation, need help figuring out what to say on Tinder, are just curious about learning another language, or trying to overcome an international communication barrier- Babbel has your back with fun engaging lessons that won’t make you feel overwhelmed. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  38. Babbel is the perfect language learning solution for you. It analyses your progress in relation to your native language background to create tailored lessons just for you.

  39. I find it to be really easy and fun -it’s interactive, which makes it more enjoyable you can see your progress the logical structure is great for learning. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  40. I always had trouble learning languages, but with Babbel it is easy and fun to practice my grammar every day. Within a week I could see and hear how the language was put together and could feel I was putting the pieces together.

  41. I had never learned a language before Babbel, but found the format and gamification of the app to be enabling. The way it breaks down sentences into words and links vocabulary together while reviewing past content made it really easy for me to understand grammar. If you want a fun way to learn a new language, I highly recommend this.

  42. Practicing all day long can be tiring sometimes but now with Babbel, it is fun every day. I found the other language apps really boring and just couldn’t seem to get into them. With Babbel, they are using clever little games that are actually addicting. Within my first week of playing these games, I could see how the broken pieces form together so beautifully in a way that motivates you want to keep on going.

  43. Babbel is a really fun language learning app. If you’re feeling bored with other apps, give it a try. In just one week I could hear and see how languages work – so I must be putting the pieces together. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  44. Babbel takes the hassle out of learning languages. They wanted to make language-learning quick and fun, so they made it beautiful too! Say goodbye to monotonous apps because this one is designed with beautiful graphics that change daily (just like your mood!) Plus, sign up for Babbel’s experts’ tips every day to keep yourself motivated. Change things around when you are in a crazy mood or want something new. Because you have enough worries in life – don’t worry about learning foreign languages! Download this app today.

  45. “I’ve tried a lot of language apps and usually found them boring. But with Babbel, it was easy and fun to practice every day.” Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  46. I tried other language apps and found them boring but with Babbel, it is easy and fun to practice every day. Within a week I could see and hear how the language was put together and could feel I was putting the pieces together.

  47. I had tried language apps before and found them boring. But with Babbel, it’s easy and fun to practice every day—even on my commute! Within a week I could see and hear how the language is put together, and even more importantly, I was putting those pieces together for myself.

  48. Trying a new language is more of a minor inconvenience for me than something I really enjoy. I’d rather not have to put in the work if it wasn’t going to pay off—but with Babbel, there actually was some payoff.

  49. Product description 2: Babbel is the perfect way for children and adults, both locally and abroad, to learn languages. You can choose what level of learning experience you are at when using the software so that it suits how much help you need in order to have a bright future ahead in language language literacy.

  50. Learning a new language is one of the best ways to make friends, expand your horizons, and experience different cultures. With Babbel’s innovative method for learning languages you can be speaking with people around the world in no time at all. Developed by an award-winning team of educational professionals, this app features simple yet powerful curriculum that teaches both vocabulary and grammar fundamentals – guaranteed to start you on the right track toward fluency. A fun review system helps with retention. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  51. Learning a new language is never easy, but Babbel is here to help. It’s the perfect app for those looking for interactive and quality lessons without all those silly flashcards that take up space on your walls.

  52. Babbel is the most delightful way to learn a language. It’s fun, easy, and effective. Let your vocabulary grow with Babbel. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  53. I’m loving the Babbel! Such practical, easy lessons that are just perfect for learning on the go. Forget about other apps or websites with hard-to-follow tutorials. You can pick up everything you need right here in this app without any difficulty at all. I know it because I learned Dutch this way and got to fluently speak within weeks of having downloaded it onto my phone. With great quick review mechanics, there is less chance of forgetting what you have learned when sitting down to study again. All that added together equals taking less time trying to learn a new language while gaining rapid success in pronunciation fluency! Give it a try – if you don’t like it after 30 days, cancel your subscription for free.

  54. Learning a new language? Prepare for your next vacation to the Caribbean with Babbel! Carolingian, Occitan or Bavarian, this app makes mastering these languages easy. Install it now.

  55. Join the 2 million+ happy Babbelers, and discover what you’ve been missing. Explore 70 languages in daily lessons that cover grammar, vocabulary and much more. Make your way to fluency – ik ben heel erg blij met ik ben heerlijk vooruitgang. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  56. I’ve always been terrible with languages. But Babbel gives me the confidence to study on my own or on-demand for a few minutes or hours at a time, and I really like how it lets you do quick reviews which is key to being able to remember what you learned.

  57. I love learning languages with Babbel, they’ve instituted some really great teaching tools that give new learners the confidence to continue on their language journey.

    I’ll admit that I was feeling a little discouraged initially because it felt like no matter what I did I wasn’t improving – how many verbs do you need to learn? Anyway after using Babbel for about 3 months now, my only regret is not starting sooner! It used to take me at least an hour or more to go through one lesson before but now it takes less than 10 minutes thanks to practice quizzes of all different kinds. Alongside useful grammar lessons there are also vocab refreshers which are very handy too.

  58. The Babbel app is an excellent graphics-heavy language learning app that allows you to learn a language from the comfort of your own home. With interactive lessons and review, this app intuitively delivers a rich functionality without the need for a lengthy tutorial. Best of all, there are no annoying ads or false incentives – which makes it easy for anyone to get started. I’m learning Dutch with the Babbel App.

  59. I’m learning Dutch. And I love it! Babbel is everything I want and need: short and sweet, effective lessons with a great quick review to make sure you remember every word. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

  60. Priceless hours of fun learning, anytime and anywhere. It’s absolutely priceless.

  61. We want to feel like we are actually becoming fluent in the language, not just getting a diploma. Babbel is naturally paced and interactive—without being gamified or tedious. It caters to all learning styles with flashcards, games, word puzzles and type-in tasks that keep you stimulated for hours of fun.

  62. Told in a light and fun way for language learners, Babbel is witty and engaging. It provides immersive content from the outset while delivering realistic conversations with contextual words. The variety of styles includes flashcards, listening to conversations, speaking and writing. Thanks for providing Babbel Black Friday Deals

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