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FAQ's | BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes

❓BackupBuddy - What is it?

BackupBuddy is the first WordPress backup plugin for self-hosted WordPress websites. When BackupBuddy performs a backup of your site, you may download a zip file containing the whole site, ensuring that you always have access to your backup data.

📎How am I to use BackupBuddy?

Simply upload the import buddy. PHP file to your new directory or server, along with your BackupBuddy Full Backup file, then execute the import buddy. PHP file from your browser. BackupBuddy will then guide you through the process of relocating your whole website to the new server or directory.

📌Can I use BackupBuddy to move WordPress websites for me?

BackupBuddy enables you to effortlessly migrate WordPress websites from one server to another.

📓Is it worth it to use BackupBuddy?

BackupBuddy is well worth the investment if you run a mission-critical website. If your website is a static brochure that is seldom changed, you may conduct a manual backup once a year and not worry about security. However, if your staff regularly uses the site, its worth investing in the security that BackupBuddy provides.

📋Where exactly does BackupBuddy store its backup?

By default, BackupBuddy stores backups in the /wp-content/uploads/backupbuddy backups folder. Additionally, it may save backups on a cloud storage provider such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or another similar service.

⏳How can I install BackupBuddy?

Although BackupBuddy is a paid plugin, it is installed in the same manner as any other WordPress plugin. Simply download the plugin from the BackupBuddy website and add it to your website through the admin menus Plugins section.

📕How often should one do a full backup using BackupBuddy?

Each time you make a major update to your website, you should conduct a complete backup. If your website is often updated, its worth considering automating the backup process by linking your backup plugin to a cloud storage provider.

👍Is it free to use BackupBuddy?

BackupBuddy is a premium WordPress plugin, which implies the first license is not free. When purchasing BackupBuddy, you may select from a variety of packages; however, none of the options are free.

👉Is the BackupBuddy Black Friday Sale legit?

Yes, the BackupBuddy Black Friday Sale is 100 % legit. This sale is organized every year by the BackupBuddy team itself and is taken used by a lot of users across the world. This is the best time of the year to purchase from BackupBuddy.

✅Why is BackupBuddy is costly as compared to its competitors?

BackupBuddy is considered to be the best of all its competitors, and there is no alternative to the best. BackupBuddy promises and offers such services and features that do not let its existing customers even think about leaving it. For the ease of their customers, every year they release BackupBuddy Black Friday Discount Codes. These codes can help you get massive discounts on your orders. Use this and the pricing for BackupBuddy will seem lesser than its competitors, and better services than them of course.

How To Claim BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals & Coupons?

Here we will tell you the step-by-step process that will guide you through the process of how to claim the BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals & Coupons –

Step – 1: Go to the official website of BackupBuddy.

Step – 2: Click on ‘Buy BackupBuddy’.

Step – 3: Choose the plan you think is ideal for you and below that click on ‘Buy Now.

backupbuddy pricing

Step – 4: Click on ‘Checkout’.

Step – 5: Then you will be asked to create an account or log in.

backupbuddy create an account or log in

Step – 6: When you will log in, you will be asked if you have a coupon code. There, put up the backup buddy Black Friday Coupon Code. Then, pay for the remaining sum and you are good to go.

That is it. You have now successfully made use of the BackupBuddy Black Friday Sale and have received massive discounts on your order with BackupBuddy.

Introduction To BackupBuddy

Prepare to take advantage of the latest BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes for the June 2023 BackupBuddy Black Friday Sale.

We’re offering huge savings on Black Friday, and we’ve got all the current BackupBuddy Black Friday Coupon Codes, so bookmark this page to get the most up-to-date discounts and deals on our BackupBuddy Black Friday Sale 2023.

BackupBuddys Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are not yet available. The information below pertains to BackupBuddys Black Friday Sale; this year, Black Friday falls on June 26th, 2023.

In this article, we have mentioned every aspect of BackupBuddy you should know before taking an informed decision of whether to purchase it or not.

We have also mentioned how you can claim the backup buddy Black Friday Coupon Codes. So, read this article to the end.

backupbuddy intro - BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals

What Is BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy helps you move a WordPress site to a new host or domain easily. With just a few clicks, you can clone an existing site and push it to another location.

BackupBuddy’s WordPress migration feature is a very popular feature for WordPress developers who build custom sites for clients locally or on a temporary domain and then move the entire site over to a live domain.

The BackupBuddy Migration feature can be used to automatically migrate all, or just select, data from one WordPress site to another without having to manually move each item. Think of it like your typical file transfer tools you use, except this transfers MySQL instead of individual files.

This is possible using WordPress’ built-in XML-RPC infrastructure, which makes it easy to interact with WordPress from any programming language that supports HTTP requests. The most common tool used for this process is sync, but there are alternatives too.

BackupBuddy features and Benefits

1. Conduct Rapid Malware Scans Using BackupBuddy:

Malware is a prevalent problem on websites. Typically, malware is introduced into a website without the knowledge of the site owner. Typically, this is a script that installs dangerous software or trojans onto the computer of the visitor.

Malware may completely degrade your website’s search engine rating. BackupBuddy has a built-in malware scanner. This may be used to scan your website for typical malware risks. It scans your website using SiteAdvisor, Norton Safe Web, Google Safe Browsing, among other internet tools.

If malware is discovered on your site, you may quickly restore it to a previous backup. However, you will still need to enhance the overall security of your website to prevent this from happening again.

2. BackupBuddy Makes It Simple To Restore And Migrate Websites:

Numerous backup solutions streamline the process of creating backups. However, restoring sites using them is not as straightforward. On the other side, BackupBuddy makes it very easy to restore your website from a backup.

You may restore all your data from the backup with a single click. Additionally, BackupBuddy enables you to replace specific files from an older backup. This is very useful when modifying themes or changing files on a live site.

Additionally, BackupBuddy has an easy-to-use rollback feature for your database. You may choose a backup and restore the database to the state it was in before the backup without changing files.

If you removing a website from one server to another or changing the domain name. Then BackupBuddys migration wizard is ideal for you. Simply upload the backup file and importbuddy.php to the new server.

Then execute the import buddy script to transfer your website quickly and simply.

BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals - Makes It Simple to Restore and Migrate Websites

3. Backup Your Data To The Cloud Using BackupBuddy:

The ability to store backups in various places is a critical feature of any website backup system.BackupBuddy offers a variety of choices for safely storing your backups.

Each BackupBuddy plugin provides access to 1 GB of cloud storage through BackupBuddy's Stash service. Additionally, the plugin enables you to remove outdated backups from your cloud storage automatically. This implies that 1 GB is more than sufficient for 95 % of websites. However, more storage is accessible if necessary. Prices start at only $ 35 per year for 5 GB. Additionally, BackupBuddy enables you to store backups to popular cloud storage providers such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Additionally, it supports low-cost cloud storage providers like Rackspace and Amazon S3.

Apart from cloud storage, you may store backups on your server, transfer them through FTP to another server, or email them to yourself.

4. Backups Scheduled Automatically:

The majority of consumers lack the time necessary to manually backup their website every time they make changes. BackupBuddy enables you to create an automated schedule in a matter of minutes and then forget about it.

It will automatically make backups according to the schedule you choose. You may modify this timetable to suit your requirements based on how often you publish new material on your website.

Another outstanding feature of BackupBuddy is the ability to create different schedules. For instance, you may establish a plan for daily database backups and another for weekly full backups.

b2-backupbuddy - BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals

5. Simple And Quick Configuration For Complete Backups:

Many novice users are unfamiliar with the jargon associated with backup software. This complicates their decision-making process when configuring their backup solution.

Backup Buddy makes it straightforward for novices to set up their backup solution immediately upon plugin activation. It displays a straightforward form with simple-to-understand choices.

Simply fill it out and saving it establishes your backup solution and starts your first full backup. It protects users from an onslaught of choices and alternatives. It begins functioning immediately and you do not need to wrestle with the program to get it to operate.

BackupBuddy Pricing

BackupBuddy is a paid plug-in, which means it is not available for free. And, although costs fluctuate often during promotional periods like Black Friday, you can typically get back up a buddy for between $80 (about £ 60) and $ 199 (approximately £ 150), depending on the bundle you choose.

All BackupBuddy pricing levels include a one-year subscription to ticketed support and plugin updates.

1. BackupBuddy Gold Plan Price:

BackupBuddy Gold is the plan that On Top Marketing personally uses. It enables us to back up an unlimited number of WP websites for the duration of our subscription.

Almost every time we create a new website, we utilize BackupBuddy to restore a pre-configured version of WordPress, which saves us hours of effort on each project.

Additionally, we utilize it to back up our websites (which number in the hundreds) and those of our customers, ensuring their data remains secure.

This is ideal for SEO businesses, web design firms, freelance web designers, and entrepreneurs that build numerous websites, among others.BackupBuddy Gold is typically available for $ 299 (about £ 150).

2. BackupBuddy Freelancer Plan Price:

The Freelancer plan is essentially similar to the Blogger plan, except it includes the ability to backup up to ten websites concurrently.

This is more appropriate for businesses and people that own one or more websites and want to secure them.

BackupBuddys Freelancer plan is usually $ 127 (about £ 95).

3. BackupBuddy Blogger Plan Price:

Because the blogger package only allows for the backup of one website, it should be bought by businesses that already have one and have no plans to add more.

Although this plan is superior to utilizing a free WordPress backup plugin, we suggest upgrading to the freelancer plan, which is just a few pounds extra and allows for growth – after all, who says a company can only have one website?

This bundle is typical $ 80 (about £ 60).

backupbuddy pricing - BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals

BackupBuddy Pros and Cons


  • Few of us have the memory to backup all of our websites manually regularly, but BackupBuddy's
    scheduling takes care of that for you.
  •  Even though it is not as simple as it might be, restoring a website is simpler than with many
    other backup plugins.
  •  Live Stash is a rebranded cloud storage service that solves one of the original drawbacks of
    previous versions.


  • There are several excellent free or low-cost WordPress plugins available, yet BackupBuddy does not always hold its own against them. However, on using the BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes, you can make sure that you don’t pay much.

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5+ Alternatives Of BackupBuddy

1. Blogvault


BlogVault is a WordPress plugin that automatically backs up your site each day. It is free to download and use, and there’s no annoying branding or intrusive in-your-face messages. There are also several neat little features to make the experience really enjoyable.

This plugin backs up your entire site including media files, plugins, and any other content. It supports both new and old WordPress installations, even those with custom themes or multiple sidebars.

Your backup schedule is completely customizable too, so you can always ensure your site is backed up at the interval that suits you.

2. UpdraftPlus


The leading and trusted WordPress backup plugin that allows you to back up your site, restore it, and even clone it in case of simple user errors, server crashes, hacking, or dodgy updates. This easy-to-use plugin is complete with features and advanced tools for backing up and restoring your site.

UpdraftPlus also comes with features and advanced tools for backing up your WordPress blog. It is an excellent plugin for both novice and advanced developers.

3. VaultPress


VaultPress is one of the most powerful WordPress site backups and security plugins. It protects you from hackers, host failure, viruses, malware, exploits, and user error among other serious security threats.

Whether you’re an individual, professional, or agency you can get powerful features such as automated backups, site migration, and automated file repair as well as daily malware scanning, to fix threats like viruses, malware, and others in one click.

4. WP Time Capsule


WP Time Capsule is another WordPress backup plugin that offers a smart and advanced solution to back up your site. It’s best known for its incremental backup feature, which helps backup efficiently and automatically.

Each change you make or that happens on your site gets backed up instantly, so you always have automatic and updated backups. WP Time Capsule also comes with a plugin updater, which will update your plugins to the latest version automatically.

5. BoldGrid Backup


BoldGrid Backup is a powerful WordPress backup plugin that protects your site with ease, automated, remote, and safe backups. One of its features, Total Upkeep, offers automated remote backups and tools for restoring your site.

It also rolls back failed updates automatically. You can manually create backups or pick a date and time for automated backups in one click. It also remotely backs up your site and stores the backups via Google Drive, Amazon S3, SFTP/FTP, and works with automatic backup.

It works extremely well with BoldGrid hosting.

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Conclusion | BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals And Coupon Codes 2023

Without a question, BackupBuddy excels at what it does. It simplifies the process of backing up and restoring a WP website. The new Live Stash function extends that freedom further, albeit at a cost.

Backups are simple; they are set and forget, and you may use this plugin and then essentially forget about backups. The migration tool provides even more value since website migration is one of the most time-consuming jobs any administrator can do.

The product is outstanding and lives up to its claims. It features one of the finest WordPress restoration functions available, and backups are dependable and always work.

That is just what you want from a backup plugin for WP! In this article, we have mentioned everything you should know regarding BackupBuddy that will help you know whether the software is ideal for you or not.

We have also mentioned how you can make use of the BackupBuddy Black Friday Coupon Codes that will help you get massive discounts on your orders. We highly recommend you make use of this sale.

BackupBuddy Customer Reviews

backupbudyy review

BackupBuddy On YouTube

BackupBuddy On Social Media

50% OFF

50% OFF on BackupBuddy

Take up to 50% OFF on BackupBuddy Purchase

Verdict: BackupBuddy is a powerful plugin with an array of features to make migrating websites easy. BackupBuddy provides backup and restoration for WordPress including all files (such as wp-config.php) and database content - except any password protected posts or pages, since those are not allowed on the dashboard anyway!

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  1. Backups are simple, and then you may use this plugin which will work flawlessly. The migration tool provides even more value considering each website migration is one of the most time-consuming jobs anytime any administrator can do.

    I really like BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals. It’s secure, a great lifesaver for my data files and I’ve never had any troubles in all this time of using it. And since we’re talking about such a hefty subject as our website backups – the backup process is so easy too! Excellent performance that lives up to its claims and delivers impressive results with lots of useful functions too!

  2. I’ve been a WordPress user for over 10 years and have seen my fair share of plugins come and go. I used BackupBuddy last year to do a full-site backup of one of our client sites after merging it with their hosting company. It was clear that backups are made so easy, even an inexperienced person could get through the basic instructions. Restoration is also incredibly simple, also thanks to the BackupBuddy Black Friday Deals. After restoring it, we restored the site on import without any issues whatsoever and didn’t need to spend hours trying different methods until we found one that would work (mind you – this might not be your experience). The features offered by this plugin were well worth the money spent because they’re extensive.

  3. I trust BackupBuddy with my lifesaving data every day and have for years. It is always running in the background so I never worry about whether such-and-such blog post I tweaked this morning will still be there in 10 hours or 10 days.

    The product description does a good job of accurately portraying the product, but neglects to mention all of its benefits. The tone utilized feels as though it was written by someone who just bought the product and became obsessed with it from day one. Their personality shines through; their excitement for backing up online is infectious. They compare themselves to other bloggers who are too cheap or lazy to buy BackupBuddy while proposing an upgrade they would’ve otherwise missed out on if not for Black Friday.

  4. Backups are only messy if you don’t use a plugin. I’ve been using BackupBuddy for 2 years and they’ve never let me down, not even once in the past year. The client service is also top notch; when I had questions with setting it up, one of their agents reached out right away to help me so that my backups would work seamlessly and reach peak efficiency. They were always clear about what steps to take next so I could move forward on my own volition without feeling lost or overwhelmed by anything because every problem was swiftly addressed with ease.
    This product not only performs well but also has great customer service behind it—it’s no wonder people rave about this company everywhere!

  5. BackupBuddy is a hugely popular and powerful WordPress backup plugin that keeps website data safe. With one click of the button, BackupBuddy takes an encrypted snapshot of your blog’s content and saves it in a secure online location for instant retrieval. With features like one-click site restoration in case something goes wrong with your site, automated backups to both GitHub pages and OneDrive, automatic email notifications when backups are completed or failed, remote synchronization so you don’t need to worry about hardware failure like hard disk crashes or power outages affecting your business continuity either – no wonder people call this years best “set-and-forget” option for WordPress protection.

  6. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a solid, dependable WordPress backup plugin. The migration tool is an excellent bonus – I haven’t had any problems with it and you can move your website in minutes rather than days! It was worry-free and easy-to-use.

    We recommend BackupBuddy Black Friday Coupon Codes to save on the purchase price of the products purchased directly from Backup Buddy, inc.

  7. For anyone who has ever lost a blog, or needed to restore from a backup and wanted the job done fast and reliably Backups are remarkably easy with this plugin. It features one of the finest WordPress restoration tools available, so if an event occurs that leaves your website in shambles, you’re covered.

    When it comes down to which plugin is my favorite, there’s none more deserving of praise than BackupBuddy because not only does it do all the thought for me when I don’t have time, but it performs effortlessly everytime without fail. I’m recommending this powerful tool to everyone.

  8. Backup Buddy’s is a NIGHTMARE. With terrible support and unreliable hosting, BackupBuddy has lost my faith as an INNOVATIVE INNOVATOR in the field of backup and disaster recovery solutions.

  9. It was bad enough that I finally searched and got another hosting provider because of their terrible, unreliable service. to make things worse, backupBuddy was routinely failing over the last year and it took days to get back up again. Luckily, with my new hosting company – they are no downtime guaranteed in any weather or disaster scenario!

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