Codecademy Black Friday Deals 2024: Save Upto 50%

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Are you looking forward to Codecademy Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes? If yes, I can help you out. Codecademy has a big mission—to reimagine education from the bottom up—and it’s working on that on the web and worldwide via several charity projects.

Save 50%

Save 50% & 15% More on Annual PRO

Save 50% & 15% More on Annual PRO Membership with This Codecademy Discount Code

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Student Discount of 35% After Free Trial

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FAQs | Codecademy Black Friday Deals

Is the Codecademy Black Friday Sale legit?

Yes, the Codecademy Black Friday Sale is 100 % legit. This sale is organized by Codecademy every year and is taken benefit by a lot of people across the world.

How can Codecademy afford such high discounts during the Codecademy Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday is the time of bulk shopping. Most companies also offer bonuses to their employees during Black Friday, which allows them to spend more. Also, Codecademy earns a lot on Black Friday because people shop bulk this time. This is also when most other competitors of Codecademy offer small discounts to their customers. All this makes it very important to Codecademy to offer massive discounts to their customers during the Codecademy Black Friday Sale.

How much will Codecademy discount during the Codecademy Black Friday Sale?

Codecademy Black Friday Sale is their biggest sale that is organized every year. As soon as the sale goes live or Codecademy updates anything on their official website, we will update it on this page. As of now, I can say that you will receive massive discounts on your order, and this is a once-in-a-year opportunity that you must not miss.

Is Codecademy 100 % free?

Codecademy provides online courses that make learning to code and creating websites enjoyable and simple. Even better, all courses are free, but a new premium plan includes extra learning tools and live assistance. As a result, I've selected Codecademy as our Editor's Choice for free online coding courses.

Is Codecademy a decent place to start for beginners?

Codecademy Is an Excellent Place to Begin, But You Will Need More. If you're new to learning to code, Codecademy is an excellent resource for understanding what coding is and how it works. When you're first learning to code, Codecademy should be simply one of many excellent tools in your arsenal.

On the web, Codecademy provides courses to make learning to code and creating websites enjoyable and straightforward. You may select to study particular languages, like Watson API or IBM, JavaScript, etc.

Even better, all the courses are free, but a new premium plan provides extra learning tools and lives assistance. This makes Codecademy our Editors’ Choice for free online coding courses.

Codecademy Black Friday Deals

In this article, I have mentioned what exactly Codecademy is and why studying with Codecademy is worth it.

I have also mentioned how you can make the best use of the Codecademy Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes that can help you get massive discounts on your orders with Codecademy. So, read this article to the end and stay updated with us.

How To Claim Codecademy Black Friday Deals & Coupons?

Here is the step-by-step guide that will brush you through the process of claiming Codecademy Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes –

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Codecademy.

Go To The officila Website Of Codecademy

Step – 2: Click on ‘Pro Pricing’.

Codecademy Pricing Plans

Step – 3: Choose one of the two options appropriate for you between ‘For Individuals’ or Students’.

Step – 4: Scroll down and click ‘Try it free’.

Step – 5: You will be then asked to create an account. Enter the credentials asked and click on ‘Sign Up.’

Step – 6: Then you will be asked for verification.

Step – 7: Go to your email and click ‘Verify Now’ from the email you received from Codecademy.

Step – 8: Now click ‘Try Pro for Free’.

Step – 9: Then you will be asked for payment. Pay for it.

Step – 10: When your free trial is about to end, go to ‘My Account’ and ‘My Subscription’.

Step – 11: You will find an option asking you to put up a Codecademy Black Friday Coupon Code. You will then get a massive discount on your order.

Step – 12: Proceed towards payment, and you are ready.

Major Features & Benefits Codecademy

Codecademy overview -Codecademy Black Friday Deals

1. Streaks:

These provide a means of gamifying your learning and motivating you: your Streak number on your dashboard will increase by one each day you progress on Codecademy. Similarly, you may participate in a 30-day challenge (i.e., accomplish a 30-day streak) to help keep you motivated.

2. Personality test for programmers:

This will assist you in determining which professions, languages, and courses are the most compatible with your particular interests and abilities.

3. Engaging blog posts include the following:

For instance, see Using Machine Learning to Analyze Taylor Swift’s Lyrics for more information (and entertainment)

4. Completion certificates:

Once you’ve successfully finished a course or Path, you’ll get a customized certificate of accomplishment. (Only available via Codecademy Pro)

5. Video walkthroughs of the project:

Observe as a coding professional who takes you step by step through projects to help you grasp real-world topics. (Only available via Codecademy Pro)

6. App for mobile devices:

Codecademy Go has an Android and iOS application that enables you to practice coding, review key ideas, and read articles directly from your smartphone. (Only available via Codecademy Pro)

7. Support from the community:

In Codecademy’s forums, you may seek assistance, collaborate, and exchange information with other students. Additionally, there are virtual and physical Codecademy Chapters that host meetings.

8. Quizzes:

Track your development and practice your abilities at regular intervals.

9. Individualized educational plans:

Provides a variety of Career Paths and Skill Paths to choose from, depending on your objectives and interests — for example, Computer Science, Data Science, and Web Development. (Only available via Codecademy Pro)

Recommendations For Codecademy Courses

Here are some of the best Codecademy coding courses and routes available!

It's time to start investing in yourself - Codecademy Black Friday Deals

1. Learn SQL:

Throughout four distinct projects, you’ll learn how to utilize SQL to create queries that interact with a database. There are no requirements! Fun fact: This course has been taken by 1,289,374 individuals.

2. Learn HTML:

This nine-hour course will teach you the fundamentals of HTML5. You’ll create a fashion blog, a calendar of wine festivals, and other items to add to your portfolio! You’ll soon be on your way to building unique websites.

3. Learn Java:

Learn Java teaches you essential Java programming principles via seven distinct projects – from a simple calculator to a car loan payment calculator, a DNA sequencing project, and a desert island playlist, among others!

4. Web Development Career Path:

This route will take you from having no prior programming experience to possessing the abilities of a junior web developer.

You’ll begin with front-end skills (e.g., JavaScript, CSS/HTML) and progress to back-end skills (e.g., Express.js, SQL, Node.js) to complete your full-stack knowledge. Additionally, you’ll be able to build your API.

Codecademy Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Like most successful online learning platforms, most negative criticism towards Codecademy concerns pricing. Let us examine this more closely.

At its inception, Codecademy offered the majority of its courses for free. However, since they began advertising their upgradeable plans, the public has become suspicious.

Codecademy pricing

Codecademy Pro membership is USD 19 per month – a subscription-based plan. Their Codecademy Intensive package is priced at USD 199 for each course. Additionally, it may cost more depending on the subject matter, the difficulty of the course material, and so on.

Without a doubt, if you’re a long-time Codecademy user, your Codecademy Pro Intensive review will be less than favorable. According to the “OG” users, it’s a pity that the site switched from being entirely free to charging almost USD 200 for a course.

While there are still some free courses available, there is a catch.

Numerous Code Academy evaluations indicate that the free courses are essentially a “one size fits all” proposition. They do not consider the user’s ability level and may range from very basic to highly sophisticated in a single lesson.

This may be very irritating Because it gives students the impression that the free courses are just “space fillers” to allow the site to declare that it does provide free courses.

For some students, pricing on Codecademy is a little problem. Even though the pricing is not much, it still is difficult for students to spend the money on this, along with other huge expenses. That is why Codecademy offers a range of discount offers occasionally.

One such offer is about to come live, used by students, teachers, and institutions worldwide known as the Codecademy Black. 

Friday Sale. Use this sale, and you can save a lot of money.

Pros and Cons Of Codecademy


  • A strong feeling of community with coaches, advisers, and previous alumni available to assist you with any questions or concerns.
  • After getting practical experience, you’ll develop your portfolio-worthy projects to demonstrate to prospective employers.
  • Codecademy teaches a diverse range of programming languages – 14 in, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Its interactive coding classes are simple enough for complete beginners to understand.
  • Codecademy offers a free basic plan that includes interactive courses and daily activities.


  • There is very little information available regarding the teacher who developed the course.

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Conclusion | Codecademy Black Friday Deals 2024

So, are you going to go ahead and do it? Are you willing to take the leap and give Codecademy Pro a try? With a seven-day trial period, you may want to try it.

I have mentioned everything you should know about Codecademy before purchasing it in this article.

However, it is not very costly, and if you pay for it during the Codecademy Black Friday Sale, you will get massive discounts. I strongly recommend you not to miss this chance.

Save 50%

Save 50% & 15% More on Annual PRO

Save 50% & 15% More on Annual PRO Membership with This Codecademy Discount Code

Verdict: Codecademy provides courses to make learning to code and creating websites enjoyable and simple. You may select to study particular languages, like Watson API or IBM, JavaScript, etc.

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