Convertkit Black Friday Sale 2022– Save $1100 Now

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In this blog, I am going to discuss Convertkit Black Friday Sale 2022.

Ongoing Offers On Convertkit Black Friday 2022

  • Up to 50% Off on Convertkit Subscriptions

  • $29 Off First Month Free Subscription

Black Friday Price Regular Price Discount
Starter Kit $249/year $1400/year $1100 OFF
Creator Plan $25/mo for Yearly Plan $29/mo 2 Months Free On Annual Payment
Creater Pro Plan $50/mo for Yearly Plan $59/mo 2 Months Free On Annual Payment

How Can You Avail of Convertkit Black Friday Sale?

Like many other brands and platforms, Convertkit is also looking forward to increasing the sales at this time of the year. They have increased tremendously since their launch in 2013, not just because of their features but also because of the discount and bonuses they offer.

This Convertkit Black Friday Sale is just like icing over the cake. So if you do not want to regret the whole year think about it and make up your mind before the Convertkit Black Friday Sales.

At these Convertkit Black Friday Sale, you can save up to eleven hundred dollars with an extended twelve months plan. However, there are specific terms and conditions, like this discount is offered only to New customers

So let us look at some of the few steps you need to follow to get the Convertkit Black Friday Sale

  • First of all, you need to choose the perfect plan according to your requirements and needs.
  • Click on the link of that particular plan, be careful while doing so.
  • After this, you will be required to fill in the information asked and complete the sign-up procedure.
  • When you are done with signing up, you can click on the payment option. 
  • A window for the payment would be visible to you, fill all the required options, and complete your payment. You need to check your internet connectivity here. It must be fast enough to prevent any payment problems.
  • Congratulations, you are done.! Welcome to the world of excellent email marketing.

Convertkit Black Friday Sale

What is Convertkit?

This software is created by Nathan Barry to provide full-featured email services. This is a very user-friendly program, and this feature is helping it in gaining quick popularity around the United States.

It is not only easy to use but its automation feature, customized sign-up forms, and customized landing pages, etc. will help you to make your mind for this Convertkit Black Friday Sales.

How Convertkit is different From its Competitor?

Convertkit was founded by Nathan Berry in the year 2013, since then it has helped thousands of bloggers and small business Enterprises, to grow digitally and subsequently expand their business.

Apart from this many of the email marketing software like keep or MailChimp was designed not such an updated technology that resulted in some trouble while using or installing the software.

However convert it is designed in a manner that is very easy to use, that is why we see bloggers, YouTubers going for Convertkit. 

The company aims to provide quality with comfortability to use and affordability by the user to buy.

The target customers were modern-day YouTubers and small entrepreneurs, so it has features that are required by you only.

Features that you do not require are avoided to make it easy to use. So do not hesitate in giving a thought to Convertkit Black Friday Sales this season. 


Let us look at some more features of Convertkit Black Friday Sale The window of Convertkit is organized into five tabs, which are as follows:

1. The Subscribers

The first tab is subscribers. Well, there is no doubt that they are the main assets of any online Creator, either blogger or YouTuber. This section will show you the list of people who have subscribed to your content.

Earlier every email marketing service provider used to charge According to the size of your subscribers. However, Convertkit revolutionized this system & started to charge only for the unique subscribers. In simple terms, any subscriber is not counted again and again if he is subscribing by signing up via multiple forms.

So on this subscribers tab, you can get to know what is the actual number of your subscribers. Apart from this, you can get a detailed report of click rate on Average, open rates, and total numbers of email sent as well, or say with how many people you interacted with. 

2. The Automation-

The second one is Automation. This feature allows you to send various emails automatically to your subscribers, which may be related to your post or blog. Even if the person may have opened a link or any email, can be replied to automatically with this feature.

Marketing automation is one of the things which anyone looks for in the email marketing world these days. This is very helpful in sending targeted content to the targeted section of your subscribers, automatically. Well, thanks to the robust but still easy to use design of Convertkit.

You can also chain different Automations altogether, and this will help you when one of the automation finishes, the other one can be activated according to the rules.

In this way, along with the new subscribers, you will be entertaining the old subscribers as well by sending them relevant content in a regular manner.

3. The Landing Page and Forms

To help you in getting more email subscribers and sign-ups, Convertkit provides responsive and customizable Landing pages to ease your work. 

Well, another feature will grab your attention for the Convertkit Black Friday Sale as Convertkit allows you to customize landing pages and forms in a few minutes, and that too without any requirement of payment for tools of any third party for expensive models and designs.

Forms are used to help the subscribers while submission of their email addresses. Convertkit here helps you in incorporating forms directly on your site or blog.

You can even choose the pop-up option, where if someone is clicking on the links of one of your contents to download, then there will be the form Popping up to subscribers for getting relevant content and newsletter by submitting their email address.

4. Broadcast

This feature is given for the regular newsletter. In simple terms, this is a kind of email that can be sent at once to all of your subscribers or maybe to just a small section of them.

For example, you use a broadcasting option when you’ve something to send to the entire subscriber, say some email related to the sale on any shopping site.

But when you have something that needs to be sent just to a section of your subscribers you can use the option of Broadcasting here too. For example, newsletter related to cooking & blogging related to rs.

Sequence- this is an automatic responder, or say it is a multi-part series of an electronic mail. You can say that online creators can use this feature of sequence when they want to send a series of emails but with some gap in between. The delay could be of days or even hours.

You can customize the subscribers according to the links they’ve clicked, their interest, names etcetera, to broadcast or sequence the newsletter.

You can choose to send the newsletter with a date, or say the number of days post the individual subscribed. Convertkit provides the feature of sending highly personalized electronic mails as well, by the option of “personalize”, which shows when you are drafting a new sequence, or thinking to broadcast email.Grow your audience in Convertkit