Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Deal 2022: 25% Off Now

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In this blog, I am going to discuss Easy Digital Downloads Back Friday Deal 2022.

Ongoing Offers on Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday 2022

Plans Original Price/year Black Friday Price/year
Personal Pass $99 $84.15
Extended Pass $199 $169.15
Professional Plan $299 $254.15
All-Access Pass $499 $424.15
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How to Activate Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Deal?


Many people who don’t get good and the complexities of activation of different apps out there are usually skeptical of getting started with any new service.


Well, that is the case here. Activation of this app is child play when it comes to the ease of activation.


So what you require to do is to follow the following basic steps:


  1. First of all, click this link.
  2. Now you will reach a page where you will get the option of selecting the extensions you require.
  3. That’s it. This simple it is. After this, you add the details and buy whatever you need.


Easy Digital Downloads Back Friday Deal

Introduction to Easy Digital Downloads Back Friday Deal

Nowadays, who doesn’t shop online? Well, technically, when buying anything online comes to anyone’s mind, it has to be a physical entity, of course. But how about selling digital products?

Well, a decade or two ago, this would have been an impossible task, but now in today’s world, with digital downloads, you can easily achieve it. You can sell your digital product in a matter of minutes.

The matter of fact is that it is the best platform that will allow you to sell your hard-worked and well earned digital products. Not only that, the real icing on the cake is that you can easily take part in the Easy Downloads Black Friday deal of 2022 and will avail of the best offers.

This article will give you every bit of useful information you will need to make the best out of Black Friday 2022 offers. But first things first we will give you an outline of the specifications of this service so that you will know what you are doing.

Why Should you Choose Easy Digital Downloads?

1. The Exponential Increase in your Odds of Selling

This tool allows you to create a custom cart that is packed with the features befitting your usage. Although the UI design is the same for all the users, it smoothly supports all the themes that normally come with WordPress.

Moreover, it has a license of GLP v3, which attests to the best quality of this tool.

What makes it very sophisticated is its overall algorithm, which has no match in its league. It is undoubtedly sophisticated in its functions, but most importantly, it is customized to be super easy for users.

It ensures that buyers won’t get annoyed and smoothly buy services within seconds with ease.

Not only that, the products your customer has added to the bag are saved. Even if he logs out shortly, he doesn’t have to again search among 100s of products to arrive at the desired product.

You don’t need to be a registered user to access this service. You can enter as a guest and make the best out of business easily.

2. Customer Management

Customer Management Seems Like a Toddler’s Play, Thanks to Easy Digital Downloads

It is designed to be both customers friendly and seller-friendly. It allows you to record customers’ transaction history. This ensures you keep track of customers’ records, allowing smooth coordination between the user and the seller.

This also allows you to keep customers who frequently buy from your website, so you give such users discount coupons. This comes with a promise of the life-long customer and seller relationship.

Moreover, it supports both XML and JSON formats. That translates to wide and smooth access to both your sales and product information.

This allows you to keep access to your top-selling products, which in turn translates to something significant, and that is, you can replenish the stocks of such a product on time.

This also allows you to keep track of your visitors. This translates to you switching appropriate marketing gears, targeting and targeting, marketing, and remarketing.

Pricing Of Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday Deal

Currently, Easy Digital Downloads Black Friday deal off has 4 different plans for its users, each customized for a specific user population. The pricing is accordingly different, as some offers provide more than others.

Easy Digital Downloads Back Friday Deal Pricing

  • Personal Pass

Personal Pass is the most basic plan. This is for newbies who want to get started with eCommerce.You can avail this offer for just 99$ a year.

As expected, this packs all the basic features of Easy Digital Downloads with some additional features like payment gateways.

Via this, Users can accept payments via Amazon Payments or PayPal, whatever befits your preferences.

  • Extended Pass

Extended Pass is typically for those who want many features with their pockets still being half full after purchase.

With just 199$ a year, you can avail of all that you get in the basic plan plus some additional features like sailing your subscriptions for your services and products. As usual, it also packs the payment gateway feature.

  • Professional pass

As the name suggests, a professional plan is for professionals in this field. In this, you get everything included in the extended and personal pass plus a lot of other features. It comes with unlimited options to update.

It packs premium add-ons like MailChimp, Zapier, strip, etc. So just pay $ 299 and avail everything you need to be a professional eCommerce giant.

  • All-Access Pass

As the name suggests, the all-access pass is the ultimate pack of this service. If you are extensively involved in businesses or all-time freelancing is your profession, this plan is ideal for you.

This plan lets you use unlimited extensions, unlimited update options, and basically everything available on this extension.

It lets you keep track of everything you and your customers do, help you know the best and worst selling products, and equips you with valuable knowledge of stocking something up or down.

So if you want your business to thrive and touch skies or establish yourself as an exceptionally excellent freelancer, there can’t be anything more valuable than this plan for you.