Jetpack Black Friday Deals and Sales 2020: Up to 60% Off

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  • Keeps your site spam-free
  • Provides daily automatic content backup
  • Provides 30-day archive with unlimited space
  • Provides careful optimization for WordPress
  • It is very affordable
  • Free plan at Jetpack includes most of the features
  • They provide world-class support
  • It is the ultimate toolkit for WordPress
  • Open-source projects


  • Does not provide video-hosting in Free plan

Jetpack has been a savior for all small businesses in keeping users data private. And what best to get super amazing discounts on all Jetpack Black Friday Deals. I know you want Jetpack subscription at the best price and I suggest that you wait for the Black Friday Deals and it is just around the corner.

But here are some amazing offers that you might like if you do not want to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Ongoing Offers On Jetpack New Offer (Live)

  • 25% Off on the Personal Premium Account

Imagine getting a whooping 40$ straight off on the personal premium version. Imagine all the services you get but at less price. This is the best deal for you.

  • 25% Off on the Personal Premium Account

In Black Friday deals can save a hefty amount of about 40$ if you opt for this deal under Jetpack. This is a once in a lifetime exclusive deal which is equally very cheap as well as the use of Jetpack everything is available at the same price.

You can have the luxury of having every service that the personal premium plan has to offer. Seeing people pay the complete amount and you paying 25% lesser, wonโ€™t that be a great deal?

Go and grab this amazing deal of 25% less on the personal premium plan offered by Jetpack.

Disclaimer: Jetpack Black Friday Sale 2020 is not yet live. The offers mentioned in this article are of 2019 Black Friday Sale. We will update this page as soon as we get more information about this in the coming days. This year Black Friday is on 27th November, 2020.

Jetpack Black Friday Deals

What are Jetpack Black Friday Deals?

Yes, Jetpack Black Friday Deals is the section that will give you the best deals for all that youโ€™ve been longing for. And trust me these offers are worth waiting for.

Original Pricing of Jetpack

Other than Black Friday deal, the Pricing Sheet for the premium version of Jetpack is divided into four categories-

Free, Personal, Private, Professional where the client will have to pay an amount of 0, 200, 420, 960โ‚น respectively. All the more reason for you to grab these above codes and get jetpack at the best-discounted price possible.

Jetpack Pricing Plans

  • 40% Off on the Premium Subscription

Surprised with the offer of 40% Off, Here I come up with a more mouth-watering deal for you.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal is for the people who consider themselves as premium subscribers and wish to have the same tag over them. At the same time for the people who are budget oriented as well.

The deal is that the user or client gets an instant discount of 40% over the premium plan.

40% Off on the premium subscription. To become a part of the Jetpack family with a lesser price the users can use this offer by Jetpack in their black Friday deals which are exclusive and very a savior to the pockets.

Without further ado, just go and grab the deal as it is firstly exclusive and then also time-oriented.

  • 60% Off on the Professional Plan

Hey people, ever thought that you can get the starting model of a Mercedes at only the original price is over 3 million in just 1.2million?

You would be so happy with the deal.

A similar kind of a deal is offered in the black Friday deals for the Jetpack. This eye-opening deal is 60% off on the professional plan. The main advantage of this plan is the percentage number of discounts that it offers and it is only available during the Black Friday sale.

60% Off on the professional plan. Getting the same features and specializations that Jetpack has to offer at the price lesser than the monthly price of other plans surely gives you the taste of immortality and a deep ocean of happiness for you to dive in.

So, without wasting any more seconds here and there, go and grab the deal.

Why Should You Buy Jetpack On Black Friday?

Jetpack Black Friday Deals

Jetpack is an overall security provider platform that protects WordPress from any foreign interference and keeps the small business or personal data of the users very private.

This will surely boost up your business from a small scale to a better one by keeping your data safe and sound. Hence it is a must take while Black Friday can your mate in this purchase.

Features of Jetpack

The key features of Jetpack include-

  • Site stats & analytics.
  • Social sharing, Enhanced distribution.
  • Plugin auto-updates.
  • Bulk site management.
  • Centralized posting.
  • Convenient widgets.
  • Custom image galleries.
  • Easy CSS editing.ย 

All the more reason you should consider the Jetpack Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.ย 

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FAQs | Jetpack Black Friday Deals

๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™€๏ธ What are the different plans that Jetpack offers without deals?

Jetpack offers three premium plans. They are The Personal, The Premium, and The Professional plan for which the user will have to pay an amount of 200, 420, 960rs respectively.

๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™‚๏ธ Can I use Jetpack to provide security to my small scale business?

Yes, the main purpose of Jetpack is to provide securities to every business whether it be a small scale business or a larger one. Again, providing security to smaller-scale businesses will help such businesses to develop into larger ones as time passes.

Conclusion: Jetpack Black Friday Deals 2020

Jetpack is a platform full of features such as providing security and developing a small business into a larger one with time and at a very hefty price is just like the complete platter served ahead of me.

I just have to use my brain, pass the signal to my hands that yes, the Jetpack Black Friday deals are coming and I have to make the most of these deals.ย 

These Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that are offered against the services provided by Jetpack are amazing and Black Friday deals work as the cherry on the cake.

I can even conclude saying that for premium services you need not worry about the price. So, roll your sleeves, set your timers, and make the most of these deals.

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