LayerStack Black Friday Deals 2023– Get 30% Discount Now

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In this post, I have shared LayerStack Black Friday Deals 2023.

2020 has been a terrible year for the entire world, courtesy the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With governments imposing nationwide lockdowns, grand events and festivities getting cancelled or postponed, there has been nothing to be really pleased about this year.

Luckily, the internet world has held itself together to bring you the best in these times of adversities!

With that being said, the online world is now eagerly awaiting the BLACK FRIDAY deals that are to hit the market on 27th November 2023.

While there will be many kinds of deals and offers that will be rolled out by different brands and companies, ranging from electronics, accessories, hosting and domain services and even cloud services.

Speaking of Cloud services, LayerStack has recently rolled out a BLACK FRIDAY deal for their loyal customer base and new potential customers looking for reliable and stable cloud deployment services. Let’s read more about it!

Ongoing Offers On LayerStack Black Friday 2023

LayerStack is one of the very few developers of cloud servers dedicated to creating cost-effective, creative, and stable cloud infrastructures that deliver high performance and stability. Their powerful cloud servers give you a cloud environment that is simple, scalable, and secure.

Exclusive LayerStack Black Friday Coupon 2023 – 20% OFF

Promo Code: LSBF20

New customers can use this coupon to save 20% on their purchase this Black Friday. You can buy any plan and use this coupon code to get a 20% exclusive deal. Limited Time DEAL! Get NOW!

Black Friday SALE – 30% OFF for ALL Plans*

Promo Code: LSBLFRI30

This is a Pre-Black Friday Promotional Offer by LayerStack through which you can save 30% flat on purchasing either the 3-month or 12-month Cloud Server Plans.

layerstack black friday

Who Can Claim The Promotional Offer?

This promotional offer can be only availed by NEW LAYERSTACK CUSTOMERS for now. To avail this offer, all you need to do is feed in the promo code “LSBLFRI30” during checkout.

Important Terms and Conditions

  •       This deal is only available for new customers who do not have a LayerStack purchase record on or before November 17, 2020.
  •       The deal is only valid for new customers who buy the 3-month or 12-month LayerPanel 2 shopping cart cloud server plans with the specific promo code ‘LSBLFRI30.’
  •       Each client will enjoy the offer only once.
  •       In combination with any other deals or promotions, the offer is not true.
  •       LayerStack reserves the right, without any prior notice, to amend and justify the promotion. In the event of any conflict, LayerStack Limited’s decision is final.

More About LayerStack

Today, with over 16 years of experience in the implementation of cloud services, the organization continues to invest its time and resources in high-performance creative, and secure cloud infrastructure design. Digital Private Cloud services, Secure Data Backup, Firewall, and much more are also open to you.

layerstack black friday- cloud servers

LayerStack Cloud Servers

Created by a team of professional cloud developers and engineers, LayerStack currently offers a range of different cloud servers designed to bring you high performance-backed creative, and secure cloud infrastructure.

  • Standard Cloud Servers

Standard cloud servers from LayerStack are built to offer you the perfect combination of computation, storage capacity, and memory. You get to do everyday computing for web applications, websites, small-medium databases, microservices, virtual desktops, and back-office operations at a very low cost.

These servers are suitable for non-resource-intensive applications related to operations that may have intermittent demand bursts. These are highly cost-effective and provide high link speeds per host, which are backed by amazing SSD performance.

  • Memory-Optimized Cloud Servers

LayerStack has created cloud servers that are designed for workloads that are memory-intensive. These servers are suitable for high-performance activities that provide high memory options and can operate smoothly with multiple virtual CPUs and storage resources.

For SQL or NoSQL databases, this is considered by many as the most cost-effective plan. If you are searching for servers for massive in-memory databases, big data processing in real-time, caching solutions, and image rendering needs, then these servers are perfect for you as they speed up data retrieval seamlessly.

  • High-Frequency CPU Cloud Servers

These cloud servers are designed to use the best-in-class 3.4GHz turbo-boosted 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors. These are ideally suited for applications that deal with high computational speed and also need faster processing when retrieving and storing data simultaneously.

These servers support the needs of AI, machine learning, computer aided design (CAD), data analytics, and other data-sensitive fields that may also include ultra-high-performance workloads and applications.

  • Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers

The Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers from LayerStack have been designed to allow you to leverage the full power of the CPU for your workload and apps.

Without having the need for other clients vying for computing resources, these servers provide fast loading and sensitive applications.

These servers come with dedicated cores, such as AI, machine learning, CI/CD, batch processing, and video encoding, intended for heavy workloads depending on Processor power.

  • LayerStack Cloud Control Panel

A clutter-free and well-organized unified Control Panel is brought to the table by LayerStack, enabling you to manage all your cloud servers in one location.

With Complete Deployment, Management, and Flexible Capabilities, you get access to all the required choices. What’s even better is that LayerStack continues to work on new and creative ideas and features that allow updates to be seamless and continuous.

LayerStack Cloud Server Pricing Plans

Standard Cloud Servers

These servers are available in the following regions:

  •       Hong Kong
  •       Singapore
  •       Tokyo
  •       Los Angeles

High performance of the CPU and SSD with a combination of processing, memory, and network resources. Suitable for most workloads that are general purpose.

 cloud server pricing

  •       R008 (2GB/ 1 vCPU/ 60GB SSD)

$10.04 per month (USD)

  •       R108 (4GB/ 2 vCPU/ 150GB SSD)

$17.76 per month (USD)

  •       R208 (12GB/ 4 vCPU/ 250GB SSD)

$34.49 per month (USD)

  •       R308 (16GB/ 6 vCPU/ 300GB SSD)

$42.22 per month (USD)

  •       R408 (18GB/ 8 vCPU/ 350GB SSD)

$57.66 per month (USD)

  •       R508 (24GB/ 12 vCPU/ 450GB SSD)

$83.40 per month (USD)

  •       R608 (32GB/ 16 vCPU/ 700GB SSD)

$115.58 per month (USD)

  •       R708 (64GB/ 18 vCPU/ 1280GB SSD)

$235 per month (USD)

Memory Optimized Cloud Servers

These servers are available in Hong Kong as of now.

Planned especially for memory-intensive workloads such as databases, memory caching, and rendering.

  •       HM24-HK (24GB/ 2 vCPU/ 50GB SSD)

$51.00 per month (USD)

  •       HM48-HK (48GB/ 2 vCPU /100GB SSD)

$96.00 per month (USD)

  •       HM90-HK (90GB/ 4 vCPU/ 150GB SSD10)

$185.00 per month (USD)

  • Memory-Optimized Cloud Servers

These servers are available in Hong Kong as of now.

Planned especially for memory-intensive workloads such as databases, memory caching, and rendering.

  •       HM24-HK (24GB/ 2 vCPU/ 50GB SSD)

$51.00 per month (USD)

  •       HM48-HK (48GB/ 2 vCPU /100GB SSD)

$96.00 per month (USD)

  •       HM90-HK (90GB/ 4 vCPU/ 150GB SSD10)

$185.00 per month (USD)

  • High-Frequency CPU Cloud Servers

These servers are available in Hong Kong as of now.

Maximizing SSD storage along with normal CPU output for running your own mail server, archiving old files and documents, etc.

  • HF04-HK (8GB/ 4 vCPU/ 250GB SSD)

$36.00 per month (USD)

  • HF06-HK (16GB/ 6 vCPU/ 350GB SSD)

$70.00 per month (USD)

  • HF08-HK (32GB/ 8 vCPU/ 550GB SSD)

$129.00 per month (USD)


Why do we recommend LayerStack?

layerstack black friday sale features

LayerStack helps maintain a simple, scalable, and stable cloud environment with the aim of providing multiple solutions for cloud deployment. The cloud servers provided by LayerStack are helping thousands of customers consistently improving their cloud experience.

  •   Deploy in 3 Mins

Deploying a Cloud Server is quicker and faster. All of LayerStack’s mainline products come with fully compliant SSDs.

  •   99.95% SLA Guaranteed

Get the optimum uptime and reliability courtesy of numerous upstream providers and well-planned designs of the network.

  •   One-click OS Installation

LayerStack is intuitive for new users and enables many common operating systems, such as CentOS, Debian or Windows Server, to be installed easily on your server.

  •   Root Administrator Access

LayerStack gives full access rights to its cloud servers to its users and all essential features such as setup, software, networks, and so on.

  •   Feature-rich Control Panel

You need to have a control panel that has everything organized for you to handle a Cloud Server. LayerStack does just that by giving you a wide variety of graphic-interface options to set up and manage an entire infrastructure in its native control panel.

  •   Automatic Backups

In a simple step to avoid manual interference, it automatically captures the entire system with a complete backup of the entire system, files, and data with great reliability at regular intervals.

  •   Live Backups

The backups will be scheduled to take place periodically once you have approved backups, effectively running as a background operation without interrupting the servers’ uptime.

  •   No Long Term Contracts

You also get the option of operating on a monthly retainer with LayerStack. You won’t be constrained by complex long-term contracts for this.

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Conclusion | LayerStack Black Friday Deals 2023

There are various types of Cloud Data servers currently provided by LayerStack, so many that it is not possible to fit in the price information of each of them in this article.

So, if you want to learn more about the servers they sell and information about their costs, then visit the official website of LayerStack immediately!

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