Leadpages Black Friday Deal 2024– Get 60 Days Free Trial At $1

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Get ready to claim the Latest Black Friday Deals on Leadpages Black Friday Deal May 2024. We’ve got massive discounts on this Black Friday, And we have all the updated Deals on Leadpages Black Friday Deal, so make sure to bookmark this page to get the latest discount & Deals on this Leadpages Black Friday Deal 2024

In this blog, I am going to discuss Leadpages Black Friday Deal 2024.

Leadpages is a leading landing page software. In the coming Black Friday Sale 2024, Leadpages is offering amazing discounts for new users.

Also, LeadPages is offering a special trial where you need to pay $1 for 60 days as a Black Friday deal. This means you can use LeadPages for the whole two months for just $1 and when the trial finishes you’ll be able to cancel it anytime if you want.

And, you can save up to $398 on annual subscriptions of LeadPages.

Ongoing Offers On Leadpages Black Friday 2024

  • Free Shipping On Orders Of $25 Or More

  • Save Upto 39% On Annual Billing

  • 60-Day Free Trial On Leadpages


Leadpages Black Friday Sale

How to Activate Discount On Leadpages Black Friday Deal?

  • First, you need to go to the sales section of Leadpages. In that section, you will see a significant discount on many products. You have several options for different products. Then you have to select the plans which you are interested in.
  • Then you have to provide all the necessary information. Usually, Leadpages do not come with a discount. But we are fortunate that this year Leadpages announced a massive discount on its products.
  • This year during the global shopping festival, Leadpages is going to provide a crazy offer. For new users, Lead pages cost 1 dollar for two months on Leadpages Black Friday sale. You are going to save massive money on Leadpages Black Friday Sale.
  • The Pricing Structure of lead pages is straightforward to understand.
  • Usually, it comes with three types of plans, including two payment options for each category.
  • You can check if there is any discount on these pages on Leadpages Black Friday Sale. You can get all the information regarding Leaadpage’s black Friday sale from that page.

About Leadpages Black Friday Deals

In the coming November, Leadpages is offering exciting deals with massive discounts for its customers, so if you have a small business and want to increase its reach to the entire world of the internet, it would be the best time to grab the deals and make the best use of it.

In the Black Friday sale, Leadpages will be offering two months’ access to its premium perks at only 1$.

Yes, you read it right, only 1$. This offer would be valid for all the three different plans Leadpages have. You can avail of the offers by visiting the Leadpages website.

We will elaborate more on its features and how to avail of the offer in the following lines. Read till the end.  

Remember, this Black Friday sale is a limited time offer that will be ending on 30th November 2024 at the Cyber Monday sale.

Leadpages Pricing Plans

To grow your business, Leadpages offer the best pricing plans. It’s pricing starts from $25 per month.

And, Leadpages also offers a free trial. On annual plans, you can even save up to 38% compared to monthly plans.

Leadpages offers basically three plans:

  • Standard Annual

It cost $25 per month (paid annually).

It includes the following features-

  • Website Builder
  • 1 free domain
  • Mobile-responsive site templates, All page templates, and Pop-Ups, etc.


  • Pro Annual

It cost $48 per month (paid annually).

It includes the following features-

  • Website Builder
  • Free domain registration
  • Mobile-responsive site templates, Unlimited landing pages, etc.


  • Advanced Annual

It cost $199 per month (paid annually) and has the following features-

  • All pro featured plus, HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce Integration

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is an easy-to-go and fast landing page builder for marketers. It is a company that was founded with the vision of conversion and is trusted by 40,000+ small businesses worldwide.

Leadpages is one of the simplest and easy to use tools that help to build your web pages without the use of a single line of code, so you needn’t worry about your coding skills at all.

The built-in editor present helps you design the best looking, quick to load designs, and add custom templates that suit perfectly your page.

Leadpages are nothing but specially designed for landing purposes. It is just like an online tool on the first page to collect email information from the user. Hundreds of templates are there to use in Leadpages.

You can choose a suitable template as per your business demand. Templates required for the selling purposes are also available in Leadpages.

The unique design helps to get more and more subscribers. The drag and drop feature in Leadpages is a crucial feature as it helps to create a new design.

It also has integration with some of the famous email service providers. You do not need a technician to deploy the HTML codes.

You can copy-paste the codes itself provided by the Leadpages for the convenience of the users.

Text, documents, videos, and audios can be easily uploaded and embedded here. You can create a new page for a small retail business. You can promote your brand. It can bind the customers. 

Thanks to Leadpages Black Friday, which is providing an excellent platform for selling Leadpages.

How Would Leadpages Help?

Apart from that, Lead Page would also assist you in collecting your email subscribers which I feel is the flagship and next to none feature present in Leadpages.

Although you can’t send regular direct emails to the list, you can collect them and use the data in other free services to send regular emails to your subscribers.

Another essential built-in feature in Leadpages is that you can host webinars with your business partners or a one to one session with your loyal customers. Attendees can clear their doubts by asking relevant questions in the chatbox provided.

Leadpages also allows you to create your custom blog popups when a visitor clicks on a graphic button on the website, and this is undoubtedly a handy and professional feature at the same time as you don’t need to spam the visitors’ mail with your offers.

From all the competitors out there Leadpages hands down offer you the best landing page templates out there without creating a mess with the complex coding manuals. 

Features of LeadPages 

  • Helps in making Customization much easier.
  • No Popup is shown as it captures it.
  • Good at HTML editing.
  • Make Webhosting much faster.
  • Leadpages are perfect for Email service.
  • It is also good for video players.
  • Can check the performance of the website through A/B testing.

Benefits of Leadpages


If you own a website and the templates, you are not looking much good, and you are not satisfied with the design of the previously built template.


But believe me, you can create the landing page as per your own choice. Leadpages provides you with the opportunity to create a landing page as per your wish and make your website look much better.


Leadpages Black Friday Sale is going to give you a good opportunity. The experts specially design the templates in the Leadpages as per the mindset of the Customer. So you are going to get the option to choose the template as per your business category.


The page customization options will give you several options to get full control over it and select the landing page of your own choice.


Especially the drag and drop options will help you to put the design on any screen, whether it is a tiny mobile screen on a big display. To get more audience’s attention, you can add images, texts, and widgets also.


It also provides another benefit as it will tell you about the performance of the webpage you have designed through A/B testing. This feature is also very simple to use. You are not going to need a techno expert for that.


Leadpages are specially designed in such a way that you are going to get enough benefit as these are SEO optimized and provide a fair amount of organic traffic.


This will ultimately provide you with a lot of audiences and helps in selling your product and a step ahead towards the growth of your business.


What makes Leadpages different

Advantages of Leadpages Over Others 

Leadpages help to build a landing page on the website as per the wish of the Owner. It also comes with the feature to automatically redirect you to the new page from old pages or 404 error pages.

Different variety of libraries available for the landing page templates, you can buy it on Leadpages black Friday sale. Leadpages provides a great user experience. The special drag and drop option is just amazing and helps easy Customization.

Also, you do not need to know HTML coding to add audio or video to it as it is relatively more comfortable with lead pages to use embed code to add video or audio.

It provides hundreds of well-designed landing pages. It is so beautifully designed that the page adjusted it automatically as per the size of the display.

Recently it has been noticed that Leadpages are compatible with the Zapier.com platforms. The web speed of the page remains the same, even after adding several codes.

Other pages are much costlier than Leadpages. Leadpages Black Friday sale helps you to grab a great discount on various products. In other pages, you do not have full control over all the things.

You must need a technician to deploy HTML coding to embed video or audio. After the addition of several codes, the page speed also reduces. So to improve browsing speed, you need to buy some additional pages which are costlier.

Leadpages Black Friday Sale Services

Products and Services by Leadpages

Leadpages is the most popular landing page famous worldwide. Leadpages name itself is a perfect brand. The inbuilt drag and drop feature is perfect for the business purpose on the website.

Making Customization is very easy here. It will take only a few minutes to convert any elements of Leadpages into a purchase option.

Awareness about the product can be easily created. Increase new users’ visits to your landing page. Helps to sell more products easily and quickly. You can also share a small tip with the customers.

A short video can also be used. You can also introduce your staff to the users. Retail business is also possible here. You can create a small page for the retail business that can make your customers used to the products.

By creating your mobile app, you can promote it here in Leadpages. You can also create a landing page to promote and sell your books. You can provide customers with a complete guide through it before they buy the actual product.

To attract more audiences, you can also create a contest and can keep their emails in exchange.

By making this, your page will become more popular, and you will get huge audience attention. Besides selling products to the users, you can hold them to read your webinar and be able to know about the product which is going to be launched next month.

To attract more people you can also announce a holiday special. You can also provide downloadable coupons to your customers. 

If you are going to buy on Leadpages Black Friday, you are going to get a considerable discount.

Leadpages Black Friday Sale Pricing

Quick Links

FAQs | Leadpages Black Friday Deal

👉 When can I expect the sale to go live?

However, since this is a limited time exclusive deal, we would recommend you to visit their website in November regularly. We would soon update you as well when the sale goes live.

🙋Would I have to pay for every template separately in Leadpages?

No, not at all. The Leadpages account subscription comes with hundreds of customized templates to choose from.

🤷‍♂️ What is the right time to start with Leadpages?

We believe, the earlier, the better. Don't miss out on the Black Friday sale at least.

🙋 Can I take a free trial first and then decide whether or not to go with Leadpages?

Yeah, of course. Leadpages provides a free trial for a 14 day period where you can avail of all the exclusive premium benefits and exciting perks. You can cancel the free trial before 14 days if you don't like it whenever you want.

👉 Will I require any other tools or software apart from Leadpages?

Everything you need is built-in, and you won't require any other third-party software. However, you can use small free applications to like an email service provider to interact with your consumers seamlessly.

Conclusion | Leadpages Black Friday Deal 2024 

Everything you need is built-in, and you won’t require any other third-party software. However, you can use small free applications to like an email service provider to interact with your consumers seamlessly.

Leadpages is a fantastic service that would help you balloon your business into the infinite world of the internet. This Black Friday sale brings with it excellent opportunities to grab the best deals and make them to your advantage.

The templates they provide are lovely for a visitor to your page and quick to load as well. Hence don’t let this golden opportunity slip out of your hands.


Contact Leadpages here for support.

To know more about Leadpages, visit their About Us and Blog page here.

Also, connect them on their social pages- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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