Magoosh Black Friday Deals 2024: Up to 65% Off

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Get ready to claim the Latest Black Friday Deals on Magoosh Black Friday March 2024. I have all the updated Deals on Magoosh Black Friday, so bookmark this page to get the latest discounts and deals on this Magoosh Black Friday 2024.

The popular Magoosh Black Friday Deals will commence on 24 November 2024. Some information put up here is from last year to give you an insight regarding all the fantastic deals.

A few deals and coupons about Magoosh Black Friday 2024 have been accommodated here to bewitch your attention. All the information presented here is not fixed and is liable to change.

Stay tuned for all the regular and exciting updates.

20% Off

Cyber Monday 20% Off

$100 off

Save $100 - Magoosh Coupon

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75% Off Magoosh Coupon

90% off

Magoosh Coupon Codes (90% discount)

$35 off

Discounts average $35 off

75% off

Get up to 75% off on a 6-month GRE

20% off

20% off Magoosh Promo Codes

25% Off

Get 25% Off on Magoosh GRE

$15 Off

$15 Off | Magoosh Promo Codes Black Friday

FAQs | Magoosh Black Friday Deals 

🤷‍♀️ For what time frame does the Black Friday deal last?

t used to be a one-day event celebrated on Friday after the Thanksgiving festival. Its recognition has increased over the years and huge business profit is earned therefore it has become even lasting from a few days to a week.

🤓 Is Black Friday deal worth the hype that is created?

There have been reports stating that sometimes the product to be purchased is sold at an inflated price compared to when bought at some other time of the year.

🧐 How effective is Magoosh in preparing for the exams?

Its effectiveness can be judged by its increasing popularity. It has set unmatchable goals for its competitors when it comes to analyzing its features. It is comparatively cheaper when compared to its counterparts.

😎 Do all the Magoosh Black Friday deals have coupon codes?

No. Not all offers have a coupon code. Some have already discounted prices. So when you click on the link you are redirected to the discounted page.

Ongoing Offers On Magoosh Black Friday Sale 2024

Enlisted below are the deals and coupons being presented to you in the Magoosh Black Friday deals:-

  • Exciting 20% off on selected Test Prep Courses (Code- MAGOOSH20SALE)
  • Cyber Monday: 20% off Blog (No code required)
  • GRE 7-day FREE trial (No code required)
  • Sign up for LSAT 7-day FREE trial (No code required)
  • IELTS 7-day FREE trial sign-up (No code required)
  • Sign up for SAT 7-day FREE trial (No code required)
  • Get 65% off TOEFL plans (No code required)
  • $3000 off on specified products on 100+ student plans (No code required)

How to Avail Magoosh Black Friday Deals?

  • If a coupon code is provided, go to the official site,
  • Choose the plan that you want to purchase.
  • When checking out, copy the code in the provided option.
  • Click on apply. Make the payment.
  • The plan has been purchased at a discounted price. Sign up, and you are ready to use.
  • If there is no coupon code, then Either the link provided is a direct link, i.e., mapped, or thus, when you click, you will be redirected to the page with the offer available, and you can make the purchase.
  • If it shows that no promo code is required and there is no link, go to the official site, choose the plan of the desired exam, and the offer will already be showing. Go to sign up and make payment. The plan will be purchased.

Magoosh black friday & cyber monday

More About Magoosh Black Friday Deals

This lengthy lockdown has messed up the efficient functioning of almost all the sectors/fields of occupation. The GDP growth rate hitting its lowest shows how tremendously everyone has been affected.

I feel that the month, education system, and the students have been the worst hit because not only has it wasted a precious year of students but also shaken the education system to its roots as numerous alterations have been made without any practical application before its implementation.

So, to make it easy for students, here are the enthralling Magoosh Black Friday Deals.

The largest shopping event of the year is about to kick off, and this one is for the benefit of all the hard workers. The distressing period couldn’t shake the dedication of the young generation, and here are Black Friday deals for Magoosh to boost their morale.

Read along to get acquainted with an array of offers this renowned shopping fest has to unfold for you.

Pricing Plans Of Magoosh

Pricing of Magoosh plans for a few major exams and their evaluation with Magoosh Black Friday Deals.

Magoosh black friday- test prep


1-month premium


$129 (good for last-minute study) $103.20
6-month premium $149 (students favorite plan) $119.20


3 months $59 $47.20
6 months $69 $55.20
6 months + Essay grade $89 $71.20


Self-study Math + IR $149 $119.20
Self-study Premium $199 $159.20
Guided Tutoring + Premium $699 $559.20


1 month $79 $63.20
3 months $99 $79.20
6 months  $149 $119.20

The major content and features are enlisted below. For specific features of each exam, visit the official website

  • Study schedules.
  • 100 + videos and lecture plans for each exam.
  • Explanation video for each question.
  • Pause your plan whenever you want to.
  • Score predictor.
  • Practice test papers and question banks.
  • Study material.
  • Ask an expert feature.
  • Email assistance.
  • Access to the purchase as per the plan guidelines.

The striking difference in the price is visible when the original price is compared to that of Magoosh Black Friday deals, and this is only one such astounding offer.

I have summarized the pricing of the main exams that students are inclined toward according to the studies. Information regarding the rest can be easily viewed on other platforms.

Magoosh Online Learning

Introduction to Magoosh

Magoosh, established in 2011 with its headquarters based in Berkley, California, is an Educational Technology created for the youth globally who aspire to study abroad or want to avail themselves of the experience of world-class knowledge that is affordable and effective.

It is a virtual platform for test preparations and a company that counsels students who want to study abroad.

It tutors students through online audio and video lessons and prepares them for exams by conducting online test series, providing question banks, and online email support.

With more than 1.5 million users, it is an emerging name in the online education sector, providing top-notch quality material for the preparation of exams such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, IELTS, and Praxis.

No such tool is available in the market that makes studying enjoyable and provides avid features to establish a dynamic rapport with the audience.

Features of Magoosh


Magoosh has created a great reputation over time because of absolutely no scope of glitches. Since its launch, its users have loved it because of the long list of features it provides. Let’s have a deeper look:

1. Lecture by Experts

The tutors on this online platform are experts in their subjects and skilled enough to help you reach new heights. All the questions are answered sincerely, and the response is crisp and easy.

2. Standardized Study Material

The study material has all the information required to crack the exam—no need for bulk mugging. The language is easy, starting from teaching easy stuff and then moving to advanced levels.

3. Top-quality Audio and Video

Students learn better by visualizing rather than listening. Based on this concept, uploaded audio and videos are highly defined to provide uninterrupted learning.

4. Schedules for Studying

Study schedules are made for students because time management is an extremely crucial ability that students have to conquer to succeed in life.

5. Free Mobile Application

The Company provides a free app for iPhone and Android users, making it easy for youth to study.

6. Vocabulary Flashcard

This is a strikingly stunning idea that they have come up with. These 

7. Track your Progress

The tests you attempt and the study hours you give in are tracked and thus plotted in the form of a chart so that we can analyze our study pattern and how effectively we are doing our task.

8. Friendly Support System

Students’ complaints and amendments are heard, making their support system excellent.

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Conclusion | Magoosh Black Friday Deals 2024

I strongly recommend Magoosh Black Friday Deals without any second thought because of the stunning offers presented to you.

It is the best manifesto for all the students who aspire to study in their dream place. These Magoosh Black Friday deals make it more affordable and pocket-friendly for everyone.

By utilizing the full potential of this technology, your dream of studying abroad seems certain.

 Of course, students’ hard work and dedication matter greatly, but the dream appears more approachable with excellent guidance and study patterns.

The expert tutors and their stunning lesson plans help any student do wonders.

It would be hard to believe if you don’t use it personally. Still, this application is worth trying with an increasing no of student traffic on their official site and 100% positive reviews all over the internet.

20% Off

Cyber Monday 20% Off

Verdict: Magoosh is a virtual platform for test preparations and a company to counsel students who want to study abroad.

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