SEOPress Black Friday Deals 2024: Get 50% Off On Pro Plan Now!

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SEOPress Black Friday Deals 2024 are no less than a festive season. The festival brings out the zest in you to celebrate, be happy, and shop for everything that you wanted for a long time. SEOPress Black Friday deals exactly do the same.

SEOPress Black Friday Deals

Right from multinational companies to small business owners, everyone eagerly waits for the SEOPress Black Friday Deals where they get nearly 50% Off – Half the price, double the benefits.

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SEOPress Black Friday Deals | Ongoing Offer (Live)

Apart from the SEOPress Black Friday Deals, you can get a discount on purchasing. So, if you don’t want to wait for the Black Friday deals, you can always use this Coupon Code to get 20% Off.

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Introducing SEOPress

Overview of SEOPress

SEOPress is an integrated system that comprises various features and functions that help you optimize your WordPress site for search engines.

Widely known as an SEO plugin for WordPress, SEOPress has over 100,000 active installations, 580 customer reviews, and 9000 plus PRO clients.

SEOPress Black Friday Deals-Video Tutorials

SEOPress gives access to the best tools available on the internet to increase your site’s traffic and your business or content.

SEOPress offers you all the features that other website optimization companies lack. Content analysis with unlimited keywords, HTML sitemap, Installation wizard, Dublin Core, Google Tag Manager, you name it, they have got.

If you can’t process your mind enough, you get an automatically set image, title, caption, or description based on your filename.

As you go through this data, you’ll come across a lot more that’s offered by SEOPress, which would leave you completely awestruck. 

Why Opt, SEOPress Black Friday Deals?

Here is an excellent chance to put your hard-earned money into something useful. Ensure you get your hands on the SEOPress Black Friday Deals this Black Friday. But before investing in it, don’t forget to go through the below-mentioned details.

SEOPress Features

1. 404 Monitoring

A 404 error occurs when the server can’t determine what’s requested. Access to these errors on your website can deteriorate its performance.

SEOPress comes up with 404 monitoring here; 301 redirections are created in a few seconds. So, all the error messages are redirected to a custom URL. 

2. Content Analysis

SEOPress helps you make your content SEO-friendly. SEOPress starts analyzing your content, which can be of any word limit and gives appropriate tips and tricks to optimize it to attract more traffic.

3. HTML and XML Sitemaps

SEOPress offers HTML and XML sitemaps for your website. These two sitemaps improve search engine crawling. You can rate your content on one of the top websites.

4. Dublin Core

SEOPress lets you add Dublin Core meta tags. These are recognized by the government and used by the directories, so your content’s standard boosts up through this feature. 

5. Customer Support

Despite all the features and facilities that guide you well to create a website that is SEO friendly, you may have some other doubts regarding your content. The very patient customer support of SEOPress responds and supports you at every step when you find yourself in trouble.

SEOPress Black Friday – 50% OFF

If you go through the pricing policy of SEOPress, you will know that it is already affordable. The pro version is a bit costly; you don’t need to worry. You can rely on Black Friday deals to get fantastic offers.

You can expect up to 50% Off on purchases from SEOPress in Black Friday deals.

This sale was for four days in 2019. It started on 24th November and continued till 4th December.

I think you should keep an eye on these when the holiday season is around. You don’t want to miss SEOPress Black Friday Deals.

So, I suggest you catch hold of it in its initial period.

The companies are extremely excited to give the most reasonable deals in the Black Friday season to fascinate more customers.

Hence, this is the best time to purchase those SEOPress themes and services you neglected earlier because of their cost.

The Original Pricing-

SEOPress is the most affordable SEO plugin of WordPress to date. Let’s have a look at the pricing policy of SEOPress.

SEOPress Black Friday Deals- Pricing Plans

1. Basic Plan 

You would be amazed to know that this plan is free. Yes, for $0, you can use a huge set of tools and get unlimited sites. This plan doesn’t require renewal. It’s free for a lifetime.

2. Pro Plan 

With all the features of the previous plan, this plan includes a privilege wherein you get a full year of the latest updates, upgrades, and support.

This plan costs you $39. Though there is a cancellation facility, this price is only the renewal price, which doesn’t change even if the prices fluctuate shortly.

What do I think about SEOPress Black Friday Deals?

Rated 4.9/5 by itself, SEOPress has all you can ask for. A well-designed user interface provided by SEOPress makes it easy to configure.

This makes everyone comfortable, even if they are a novice to SEOPress.The association of SEOPress with WordPress fully proves the authenticity of SEOPress.

SEOPress has always given a top-drawer performance. At every stage, SEOPress puts forward everything you could ask for. Once you start with them, you’ll never need to switch to someone else.

SEOPress Vs Yoast SEO & SEOPress Vs All in One (AIO) SEO are the topics to be compared since SEOPress provides all the features that Yoast SEO & AIO SEO provide.

Pros and Cons of  SEOPress


  • Sitemap for Google XML Video
  • Structured Data Types on Google
  • It accepts custom post kinds.
  • WooCommerce Compatibility
  • Schemas that are automatically generated


  • Steep learning curve

Quick Links:

FAQs | SEOPress Black Friday Deals

👉 How many sites are included in the SEOPress Pro plan?

You get unlimited sites to use in SEOPress pro.

🤘 Can I use SEOPress PRO even after canceling my subscription?

You can surely use it. It's just that you won't get any updates anymore and you won't be able to access the support.

🙋‍♀️ What is the cost of SEOPress PRO?

It costs you 39 $ per year.

🤔 Do they offer a lifetime license?

No, you cannot have a lifetime license of SEOPress.

Conclusion | SEOPress Black Friday Deals 2024

The Black Friday deals with the attributes of SEOPress is a perfect combination that will be an excellent experience for everyone searching for an affordable deal.

So, without thinking much, Grab SEOPress Black Friday Deals 2024. You would regret missing this amazing SEOPress Black Friday Deals 2024.


I hope you found this SEOPress Black Friday Deals of 2024 helpful!

Verdict: SEOPress has just achieved a milestone of 100000 plus installations if you so wish to be a part of this huge SEOPress family, these Black Friday deals are the best opportunity for you to get connected to SEOPress.

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