ShortPixel Black Friday Sale 2024: Get Upto 99% Off

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The ShortPixel Black Friday Sale 2024 has been launched, and as such, their website is running a special promotion: +300 % more on each plan (99 % off).

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FAQs | ShortPixel Black Friday Sale 

Do you feel it is worthwhile to purchase ShortPixel BFCM discounts?

One of the advantages of obtaining ShortPixel during BFCM sales is that it helps you save money. Therefore it is recommended to acquire it.

What are ShortPixel Cyber Monday Offers and Black Friday Deals?

These are the plans that get huge savings with your company's ShortPixel Cyber Monday and Black Friday discount sale, which provides them to you at the end of November every year.

What is the base pricing plan of ShortPixel?

The original foundation of ShortPixel has a plan that begins at $ 4.99 a month.

Are you looking for the best ShortPixel Black Friday Sale & Cyber Monday sale? You are at the right place.

ShortPixel is a powerful image-optimizing plugin for WordPress. ShortPixel gives its customers double the features and credits on all their plans on Black Friday this year.

ShortPixel Black Friday Sale

ShortPixel is an image compression tool that is efficient when used for WordPress and other systems such as PHP. It enables you to minimize the picture size by compressing it, but the quality of the picture stays the same after compression, too.

It is highly recommended that you take advantage of the ShortPixel Black Friday Sale to obtain substantial savings on ShortPixel premium plans and save your hard-earned money.

ShortPixel offered a significant discount on their plans on Black Friday, which resulted in plans selling at steep discounts. That being said, save money with this ShortPixel Black Friday sale.

How To Claim ShortPixel Black Friday Deals and Coupons?

Step – 1: Be sure to click here, which will take you to the offers page of ShortPixel. Look on that website to uncover the Black Friday discounts and offers with percent.

Step – 2: They are pleased to offer you two options: the basic short pixel provides monthly and lifetime plans, and the premium long pixel offers long-term monthly payments and lifetime plans. Now click on the drop-down menu to pick a plan.

Step – 3:

  • Enter your email address.
  • Sign up.
  • Fill in the requested information.
  • Purchase the product.

Step – 4: Next, you will have access to the plugin API, which allows you to access the premium account. Save and exit when you copy and paste the API into your WordPress dashboard. Your account will be set up.

You’ve done well! Excellent! The discounted Shortpixel Black Friday items are now rightfully yours.

Remember, this Black Friday discount expires on November 30. The Black Friday sale for the Short pixel begins on November 27 and runs until November 30.

ShortPixel Important Features

While offering plenty of features and a low learning curve, ShortPixel delivers both ideals. Here are the most noteworthy things that make it a fantastic tool.

ShortPixel -ShortPixel Black Friday Sale

1. API Support:

You can use ShortPixel’s Reducer API to optimize images programmatically. When enabled, this feature allows you to send HTTP POST requests.

To use the Compress JPEG feature, you must include your API key and the list of URLs you want to compress in the data sent to the service.

2. Non-WordPress Website Optimization: 

You don’t have to use WordPress if you use ShortPixel, even if your site is not on WordPress. To utilize this feature, you’ll need to download a ZIP package and install it in the root directory of your website. After you have selected the image folders, run the optimization.

3. Generous Free Plugin:

ShortPixel’s Image Optimization plugin has achieved over 200,000 installations, earning it high praise as a plugin for image optimization.


The free version is fully functional, but you can compress up to 100 images per month with the full version. Although that is the only other plugin we have, it’s good to have a plugin like Adaptive Images, which helps scale images from a CDN.

4. Re-optimize and Re-store from Backup

ShortPixel is helpful to keep the original, non-optimized photos separate from your optimized images.

This is beneficial to two things:

  • It is possible to use your files to restore the original data. This will completely clear out all the optimized files from your server.
  • Once you have optimized a picture, you may re-optimize it using a new compression setting.

You may deactivate the backup if you don’t wish to preserve the originals. There will be a considerable reduction in server space used.

5. Exif Data Removal:

Removing the Exif data increases the image size by only a tiny fraction, but it is always a good idea to do so if it is unwanted.

6. Different Compression Algorithms

If it’s not wanted, always make sure to remove the Exif data because removing the Exif data increases the image size by only a tiny percentage – 

  • Lossless
  • Glossy
  • Lossy

INTERNET USERS - ShortPixel Black Friday Sale

Lossy is the default and recommended option, which provides the most significant reduction, while lossless does not provide any picture quality deterioration.

Shiny objects hover somewhere in between the glossy and matte ones. It attempts to keep the highest amount of quality while compressing it. It will be beneficial for photo-based websites where quality is crucial.

Compression: Lossy > Glossy > Lossless

Image Quality: Lossless > Glossy > Lossy

7. WebP Support

A new and superior picture format accepted and recommended by Google is known as WebP.

While testing Google Page Speed Insights’ recommendation to use more unique image formats, you could have seen a supplement with an offer to use modern image formats. As it is, it directs our attention to nothing except WebP.

The best web compression format is WebP, though JPEG and PNG also provide an acceptable compression ratio. It is similar to PNG in that it enables transparency as well. I believe it is one of the key reasons to select ShortPixel, as it has built-in support for WebP images.

When we compare WebP to JPEG, JPEG will be 25 % to 25 % larger, while WebP will save images. Thus, WebP will be a good choice if you have a big-picture-rich website.

8. Bulk Optimization

An optimization plugin won’t be all that helpful in the absence of the ability to optimize your current media collection readily. Because of its One-Click Bulk Optimization function, ShortPixel is the clear winner here.

In addition to the previously mentioned, the plugin provides an extra sub-menu option to the WordPress Media area. You can begin compressing the pictures since you have already finished processing your previously submitted photographs.

ShortPixel Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

You may use the free service provided by ShortPixel to optimize 100 photographs each month; no file size limits apply. To optimize more than 100 photos, consider using one of ShortPixel’s premium subscriptions.

ShortPixel pricing

This subscription-based service costs $ 4.99 monthly and lets you apply up to 5,000 photos with optimal optimizations.

ShortPixel offers plans for merely a tonne of photographs (bulk optimization). ShortPixel offers plans starting at $ 9.99 for as many photographs as possible (bulk optimization).

ShortPixel is quite good at compressing photographs. Therefore, I believe the current pricing is reasonable. Bloggers are almost certainly going to be using the free plan. Thus, this pricing is fair.

Here are the plans offered by ShortPixel – 

  • Free Plan: 100 images per month 
  • Short Plan ($ 4.99 per month): 5,000 images per month
  • Large Plan ($ 9.99 per month): 12,000 images per month
  • XXL ($ 29.99 per month): 55,000 images per month

ShortPixel Pros and Cons


  • They have flexible pricing plans
  • Allows image optimization from past images
  • Has in-depth analytics
  • Using the same ShortPixel account allows you to utilize the report on numerous websites.
  • Enabling image reduction is as simple as selecting a few options in WordPress.
  • If you process photographs with ShortPixel, you can ensure that your photos are secure in their hands and have 100% picture safety and privacy for all processed files.
  • To keep an image’s quality while shortening its pixel dimensions, make sure the Image Backup option is selected.
  • All older and newer photographs are processed swiftly using the WordPress plugin.
  • WordPress experts recommend the Trusted Image Optimizer plugin.


  • If you don’t spend any monthly credits that month, your unused credits won’t roll over to the next month.

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Conclusion | ShortPixel Black Friday Sale 

You’ll find incredible plans and features on the ShortPixel Black Friday bargain, available for a limited time only.

It provides a better picture, reduces load time, aids search engine optimization, and gets you more website traffic. Grab these deals as soon as possible. This is a once-in-a-year opportunity; don’t miss it.

50% Extra

50% Extra Credits

50% Extra CreditsShortPixel Coupon

Verdict: ShortPixel is an image compression tool that is efficient when used for WordPress and other systems such as PHP. It enables you to minimize the picture size by compressing it, but the quality of the picture stays the same after compression, too.

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