SmugMug Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2024– Get 40% Off- How To Use Coupon Codes?

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SmugMug is one of the most popular photos hosting sites that allows you to share paid images.

On this SmugMug Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2024, SmugMug is offering a massive discount of 40% for new accounts.

Avail of this benefit by visiting their official website and creating a new account.

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FAQs | SmugMug Black Friday

🤔 What is SmugMug used for?

SmugMug is an online hosting platform that allows you to share photos. Professional photographers can host their pictures on the platform to create portfolios. SmugMug also allows you to sell your photos.

👉 What is SmugMug Cyber Monday Black Friday Sale?

As every company provides its customers discounts on Black Friday, so does SmugMug. You can avail of all the plans at a discount of up to 40%. This deal is for a limited time and will expire after the sale.

👍 Should you purchase a SmugMug plan during the Black Friday Sale?

Yes, SmugMug offers its feature-rich plan at various discounts and additional offers on the Black Friday sale. You can avail of the offer to host your portfolio online in a professional way.

🙆 How much does SmugMug cost?

SmugMug has different plans and starts from $5.99 per month. You get additional features for every higher-level plan. There is no free plan, but SmugMug provides a 14-day free trial.

🙇‍♂️ Is SmugMug a secure site?

SmugMug offers a safe and secure platform to host your photos and also make purchases. Various security protocols protect the SmugMug website.

🤷 How can you make money through SmugMug?

You can make money through SmugMug by selling your prints and shipping them globally. You can choose from four different print labs that automatically ship the orders.

🙋 What is the best website to Host photos?

Because of the affordability and simplicity of the SmugMug website, it is considered to be one of the best web hosting services available.

Ongoing Offers On SmugMug Black Friday Sale 2024

In the upcoming SmugMug Black Friday Cyber Monday 2024 Sale, you can avail a discount of up to 40% on all the plans and start hosting your portfolio online. You can avail of additional benefits and offers such as:

Offers at SmugMug:

  1. You can save up to 40% on unlimited, Amazon Service Backed photo and video backup based on the cloud at SmugMug.
  2. Save up to 40% on your portfolio hosting website to display your talents and creativity while creating a personal domain to earn you more clients.
  3. Also, save more than 40% on getting a new SmugMug account if you activate it during the Black Friday sale, and you can even start shipping prints internationally within a matter of minutes.
  4. Additional saving of 40% on a new custom-made photo hosting site at the SmugMug platform if you buy their annual plan in the 2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale.
  5. Have access to unlimited photo and video secure file sharing and storage facilities. You can also try it for free and save an additional 15% if you decide to continue with the account.
  6. If you are looking for a digital platform to sell your photos, SmugMug might be the perfect choice for you. You can save 40% on every plan for a new annual subscription at SmugMug.

If you are looking for a professional photo hosting website, SmugMug might be the best choice for you. You can avail of an additional discount of 40% on all their packages this SmugMug Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2024.

This sale is only applicable for a limited time, and you must hurry to avail of the offer before it expires. Once purchased, you will be able to avail of the discount for the entire year until their next sale goes live. 

So make sure you don’t pass out on the SmugMug Black Friday Deal and quickly start hosting and selling your photographs online.

How to Apply for SmugMug Black Friday Cyber Monday deal?

To avail of the discount on SmugMug, follow these steps:

  • Visit the SmugMug official website to check out their recent offers and plans.
  • Choose the plan or package that suits your requirements.
  • Click on the ‘Get Started’ option on the selected plan.
  • Create a new account to avail of the offer.
  • Provide all the necessary details and confirm your payment.
  • The site will automatically apply the discount on checkout.

The above discount of 40% is only applicable for new users, and old users cannot avail of this offer. However, there are many more SmugMug Black Friday Deals 2024 for you to avail of. Continue reading to know more details.

SmugMug Black Friday

What is SmugMug Black Friday Cyber Monday?

During the 2018 and 2019 Black Friday Sale, the photo hosting online platform SmugMug offered a considerable 40% discount on their every plan.

SmugMug is a great option if you are looking for a service to create and manage your portfolio online.

You can also make sales of your photos and ship them worldwide through this platform.

You can get 40% off on your new account on SmugMug by clicking on the link here during the upcoming SmugMug Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

This offer is only valid during the sale period and will be canceled once the sale is over.

Please make sure you get the SmugMug Black Friday 2024 Deal to save huge money as, after the end of the sale, you will only get their discount throughout 2024.

You can explore more such deals, and a similar 40% discount is available during SmugMug Black Friday Sale 2024.

What is SmugMug?

SmugMug is one of the most popular and frequently used hosting websites for photographers. SmugMug behaves like an online gallery for photographers to showcase their photographs.

Usually, designing a website to host your work online can be extremely expensive.

To avoid spending a lot of money on just a portfolio, many photographers opt for platforms such as Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Still, these platforms do not provide the level of required sophistication.

SmugMug created a solution to the problem by creating a code-free website builder.

This website builder allows you to create an online portfolio for a very reasonable price.

However, if you wonder if SmugMug is the right option for you, read on as we discuss the different features below.

You can even get an additional discount on your purchase if you buy during the upcoming Black Friday 2024 Sale.

Best Features of SmugMug

Let’s look at some of the most popular features on SmugMug.

  • Branding

It is always better to host your photos on a platform that provides minimum branding. No one would want their clients to see the website’s name all over their portfolio.

SmugMug has minimum branding on their website. However, they do have their website name in the default URL.

But, you can change the URL simply if you already have a custom domain name. Syncing your hosting website and SmugMug can be a little confusing, especially if you don’t have previous knowledge. You can also opt for a custom domain name feature provided by SmugMug itself.

This feature automatically syncs your website to a GoDaddy address and costs $12 a year.

There is default branding of the SmugMug names both in the header and footer. You can eliminate the header and but eliminate the footer CSS knowledge is required. The only place where you cannot remove the branding is on the checkout page.

  • Ease of Use

Usually, all the hosting websites take some time to get familiar with, and SmugMug is no different. As not all of the features are intuitive, you have to spend some time to understand them.

There are many little features and interface elements that require time to understand and change depending on your preference. However, for the most necessary edits, the SmugMug interface is simple and easily understandable.

You can quickly load photos to your galleries and create multiple galleries.

All the necessary settings and changes required to make a simple working website can be done in a few hours. SmugMug customer service is also excellent and extremely helpful. If you get stuck somewhere, you can quickly get support from them.

  • Photo Quality

SmugMug is popular because of the excellent quality of its photo upload services. SmugMug ensures that your photos look crystal clear and sharp when viewed on screens of any size.

This feature is essential when showcasing your portfolio. As more and more users opt for high res monitors, your photos must look good on their devices.

SmugMug down-sampling algorithm is efficient in creating sharp photos. Even if you upload high-quality images, the website automatically down-samples for your users.

  • Customization Options

SmugMug is considered to be one of the best options because of its customization options.

Unlike some of the options which force you to use their pre-designed templates without any customization, SmugMug provides full customization for their templates.

You can morph the pre-designed template to create a whole new template, and create various elements, such as text boxes and icons, and place them wherever you want.

You can also customize your domain through custom CSS and HTML, and edit the text and also the general design of your website. Also, you can find CSS codes for all the different elements online and easily add them to your website without any prior knowledge.

  • Sell Prints

For some photographers, the main motive to choose a hosting site could be to make sales. SmugMug delivers in these aspects as well.

SmugMug has its own print labs that ship your prints to different locations. There are the four labs provided by SmugMug:

  1. Bay Photo (Worldwide shipping)
  2. WHCC (worldwide)
  3. EZ Prints (Worldwide)
  4. Loxley Colour (Europe)

SmugMug also allows you to choose the lab you want to deliver the prints to. You can also sell custom products by adding a “Custom Products” option on your website. You can also add a note for your customer to ask to contact you in case of custom orders.

SmugMug charges a 15% tax on every sale you make, which is slightly higher than other platforms.

  • Templates

SmugMug has a curated list of professional templates specifically designed to host different portfolios.

All of the templates are user-friendly and can be customized according to your preference. Also, these templates are mobile-friendly and will work smoothly on every mobile device.

SmugMug provides SEO tools to make your templates optimized for better search results. You can decide from a variety of templates, but the most popular ones are:

  • Gilmore Gang – It is a Cool, modern family portrait portfolio created by Austin, who is a TX photographer Brent Gilmore.
  • ShooTokyo – ShooTokyo is created for the urban streets and shops of Japan, as seen by the lens of photographer Dave Powell.
  • VonWong – This has been curated as a special effects photography tool designed by Toronto-based Benjamin Von Wong, who says: “SmugMug has become an essential tool, like Lightroom or Photoshop, in my workflow.”

Other Features –

  • There are a few more features that might be considered insignificant but help in your website’s smooth functioning.
  • One of these features is the mobile website implementation. SmugMug automatically creates a well-designed website interface for mobile users, depending on your desktop website.
  • SmugMug keeps all your personalizations in mind while converting the desktop version into a mobile version.

Why Choose SmugMug?

SmugMug provides a lot of features that make it a clear choice. This platform caters to the needs of many people and provides customizations to make it even more personal. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose SmugMug:

  • SmugMug templates are all mobile-responsive that allows you to view it on any mobile device. You can also quickly switch between different templates.
  • You can upload all your images within a short time and make your portfolio quickly.
  • Apart from making a portfolio, you can also sell your prints online.
  • There are a variety of professional portfolio templates for you to make a professional portfolio.
  • SmugMug provides a 14-day free trial.

Pricing of SmugMug

SmugMug does not offer any free plan, unlike its competitors, and has four different priced plans.

With every plan, you get access to these features:

  • You can get unlimited photos and videos uploaded and get additional Amazon Web Services cloud backup.
  • SmugMug allows you to sell your photo books and gifts.
  • You have access to a built-in analytics tool to track and manage visitors and sales.
  • You get free access to unlimited bandwidth.
  • There are SEO tools included for your website.
  • You can avail 24/7 Customer Support.

The Basic Plan is priced at $5.99 per month and does not have the option to customize the domain name.

The SmugMug Power Plan costs $8.99 per month and allows you to sell prints and photo gifts. You can also create private client galleries and have access to unlimited templates.

To sell digital prints, you require the Portfolio Plan, which is priced at $23.99, and the Pro Plan, which costs $41.99 per month.

You can get an additional discount on all of the plans if you opt to purchase an annual membership in advance.

Advantages of a SmugMug Pro Account

SmugMug offers additional advantages for their pro-plan account holders. These advantages are:

  • You can build a custom website to integrate with your blog.
  • If you opt for global eCommerce, SmugMug print centers will handle the returns and damages for you.
  • You have access to unlimited storage.
  • You can create different galleries for public and private.

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Conclusion | SmugMug Black Friday 2024

SmugMug might be the perfect choice for you, whether you are starting a new digital photography business or looking to expand your eCommerce business.

SmugMug’s main agenda is to create a website that focuses on making your photos look good while being able to sell them. All of the templates available are curated to fit the needs of professionals.

You can choose to sell your photos online digitally or as prints and even have them framed and gift-wrapped according to your purchase package.

Additional features, such as unlimited storage available even for the basic level packages, are an added advantage as most of the hosting website tes charge a lot for it.

An important point to remember is that SmugMug does charge a fee of 15% on every sale, which is slightly more than other platforms. However, this additional charge only matters if you sell hundreds of products every month.

50% OFF


Verdict: SmugMug's main agenda is to create a website that focuses on making your photos look good

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