Tidio Black Friday Deals 2024: 20% Off on All Annual Plans

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You need customer service software to help you manage your customer interactions, but you must decide which one to choose.

It can take time to decide which customer service software is the best for your business. There are so many options that all seem to offer different features.

Tidio is the perfect solution for your customer service needs. With Tidio, you can manage your customer interactions in one place. You can also track and analyze customer data to improve your customer service strategy.

And best of all, Tidio is available at a fraction of the cost of other customer service software solutions because of the recent Tidio Black Friday Deals. 

Read this article to the end to learn more about Tidio and how it can be in detail, and more importantly, check out the Tidio Black Friday Deals that can help you get massive discounts on your orders.

We will also look at how to claim these offers. So, let us begin.

20% OFF

Tidio Black Friday Deals

16% OFF

Get 16% OFF on Monthly Plans

20% Off

Get 20% OFF on Annual Plans

What Is Tidio?

Titus Goas and Martin Wiktor established Tidio in 2013. Today, more than 300,000 websites utilize Tidio. In addition to its headquarters in Szczecin, Poland, the corporation maintains offices in London and San Francisco.

Tidio provides live chat, infinite chatbots with configurable workflows, email marketing tools, and basic site reporting when all tiers are combined.

Tidio has developed connections with several of the most widely used software applications. This includes Zapier, which enables integration with thousands of different software platforms.

Tidio is an inexpensive live chat service. It provides three goods ranging in price from $15, and you simply need to buy the ones you choose.

Tidio Overview

Additionally, Tidio offers a free subscription, which is great for small organizations seeking live chat capabilities. This pricing plan offers Tidio clients a tremendous degree of flexibility.

Overall, Tidio is a straightforward and user-friendly application. However, exercising care due to the unreliability of the chat alerts might significantly influence the quality of customer assistance.

Given its numerous price choices and user-friendly interface, Tidio is well-suited for small organizations seeking an uncomplicated live chat solution.

Tidio Black Friday Deals (20% OFF)

Tidio Black Friday Deal

What Makes Tidio Worth its Price?

Here are some of the best features of Tidio:

1. Log Creation:

The Conversations page contains all active conversations. However, when a conversation is marked as ‘Resolved,’ it is removed from this tab.

There are two methods to retrieve conversation history: by searching on the Conversations page or heading to the Contacts tab (which can be a little confusing at first).

2. Team Management:

Three pre-defined roles may be assigned to operators (Administrator, Moderator, and Chat Agent), but you can specify specific rights for each operator.

While you may reassign chats allocated to you, sophisticated assignment/routing capabilities seem to need to be present.

3. Integrations & Add-Ons:

You may immediately interface with communication channels like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Email so your interactions take place inside Tidio.

A convenient link with Shopify allows your chatbot to respond to inquiries about product availability, order status, and delivery zones.

Additional interfaces with CRM, email marketing, and helpdesk applications are also available. Intriguingly, Tidio includes its email marketing tool with its programs.

4. Multiple Languages:

Even with the free plan, widgets may be added in several languages. There are around 20 pre-translated languages available, but you may contribute your translations for almost any language.

Tidio identifies the default language of the visitor’s browser and shows the conversation in that language. The user interface is offered in seven languages.

5. Tracking and Live Analytics:

In addition to displaying the number of visitors presently on your site, you will also be able to see visitors’ information (email address, location, browser, etc.).

But what I enjoyed the most was the option to observe their visit route, i.e., the sites they visited on your website (not available on the Free plan).

6. Shortcuts / Canned Messages:

Simple to add and use. However, you cannot create keyboard shortcuts; only filter answers using those. Not the most convenient choice for chat workers with limited time.

7. Offline Mode:

When agents are offline, visitors may leave their email addresses and write messages sent to the agent five minutes later.

Tidio’s rationale for the wait is logical, but the drawback is that you cannot reply immediately and capture the visitor while they are likely still online. You may also specify working hours so that agents’ statuses are set to “offline” at a particular time.

8. Automatic Messaging:

Using “chatbots” from Tidio, automated messages may be sent. These may be configured from around 20 triggers (visitor returning to the site, form abandoned, etc).

Using the workflow editor, you can add criteria and configure the following actions (e.g., send a chat message, and ask the contact to choose from a list of options).

This makes it far more sophisticated than other tools’ automated messaging capabilities. While the editor might be intimidating, you can access over 40 templates to help you get started.

9. Agent Chat Console:

The UI is sleek and contemporary, featuring a search bar for locating contacts and discussions fast. You may effortlessly switch between chatting with people and sending them an email in the same window.

This section also provides access to chatbots, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram conversations. In addition, a CRM-like view of the contact’s profile includes the option to add contact fields, tags, and notes.

10. Chat Client:

Visitors may be led to the chat window, a pre-chat survey, or an offline message requesting their email address when clicking the chat button. Visitors can submit files, use emoticons, and rate talks.

11. Themes & Style Options:

Numerous customization choices for the chat widget, including text, colors, location, and agent photos. I didn’t see the need to switch to a new theme or template since the widget’s appearance is so attractive.

However, it would be wonderful to have a variety of alternatives for the chat button icon, albeit it may be included as a sidebar if you like.

12. Easy to use & setup:

The dashboard was straightforward and well-organized. The design is far more current than most live chat applications I’ve tried (e.g., Olark, Pure Chat).

Easy to use & setup

Setup is a straightforward four-step procedure that requires you to put Javascript code into your website. Some straight, no-code connectors are also available (e.g., with WordPress and Wix).

All these reasons make Tidio worth its price. Also, on top of all this, you get massive discounts using the Tidio Black Friday Deals.

How To Make Use of The Tidio Black Friday Deal?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Tidio and click on ‘Pricing’.

Go to the official website of Tidio

Step – 2: Below the plan of your choice, click on ‘Start my free trial.

Choose the plan of your choice - Tidio Black Friday Deals

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for, check the box, and click on ‘Get started.

Fill up the details and Get Started

Start enjoying Tidio. When you have to make a payment, you will get a 20% discount because you used the Tidio Black Friday Deal.

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Conclusion: Tidio Black Friday Deals 2024

Black Friday is the perfect time to snag some deals on tools that can help you streamline your business processes and offer stellar customer service.

Tidio Chatbot Software offers 20% off, so now is the perfect time to try out this powerful software.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not investing in customer service chat software is worth it, Black Friday deals like this are a great way to test out the waters without breaking the bank.

So don’t wait – head to Tidio’s website and take advantage of these fantastic Black Friday deals today!

Verdict: Tidio is an advanced, all-inclusive platform for customer care that may boost client satisfaction and revenue. You may increase your sales with the help of a chatbot driven by artificial intelligence and a simple live chat widget.

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