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Ongoing Offers On Crowdfire Black Friday Sale 2024

  • Annual Plan- 50% Off

Black Friday Price Regular Price
Plus Plan $3.74 per month $7.48 per month
Premium Plan $18.74 per month $37.48 per month
VIP Plan $37.49 per month $74.98 per month
  • Monthly Plan Discount – 25% Off

Black Friday Price Regular Price
Plus Plan $7.49 per month $9.99 each month
Premium Plan $37.49 per month $49.99 each month
VIP Plan $74.99 each month $99.99 each month

What is Crowdfire Black Friday?

Black Friday is considered the best time to come once a year. It is the perfect shopping season, and everyone eagerly waits for it.

All the webmasters and social media handlers worldwide wait for this time to make less expensive purchases for their websites and online networks.

crowdfire black friday

They buy their sites’ applications, services, features, themes, etc. Every platform sells its best parts on Black Friday with discounts and offers at the best deals.

In 2024, Black Friday will be celebrated on 24 November. The Significance of Black Friday is Shopping Holiday. Black Friday is considered the most profitable day of the year.

On this day, retailers offer customers various discounts on their products to boost their sales.

Sometimes, it causes injuries and deaths due to crowds. In 2008, one man died at a New York Walmart, and that black Friday was considered the worst Black Friday.

Crowdfire also offers various discounts on its premium and VIP plans: a 50% discount on annual subscription plans and 25% on monthly subscriptions.

You can avail of these offers by using promo codes. Don’t miss this opportunity; go and avail it. You can avail of the coupon for getting followers from Crowdfire at highly discounted prices.

More About Crowdfire Black Friday Sale

Every business wants to grow online in the era of the digital world. Every business wants to grow faster than competitors by delivering the best content to its audience.

In the era of the technological world, different social media sites are quick to manage simultaneously and increase your brand word online.

You can easily boost the website traffic by using tools for managing social media called management tools. It will help you save time, stay organized, and increase your implementation.

Hence, whether you are handling your page on a larger scale or a smaller one, you need a team and a tool to grow your online presence.

Therefore, Crowdfire is a social media tool offering users unique features to meet social media requirements in different pricing plans.

There have been numerous social media sites, along with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and various blogging sites, including Medium, WordPress, etc., where you must regularly and reliably write fresh content that lets you control your fans’ interest and motivation level.

It is how companies are supposed to handle all of their social media profiles at once easily.

What is Crowdfire?

Crowdfire is the most popular and widely used social media tool. It can offer many unique characteristics, improve your social media branding, and reach more clients.

It ultimately helps you in B2B. To propagate the information about your web goods and services online and increase your product awareness, you should have a full all-rounder, such as Crowdfire.

Crowdfire is a highly intuitive remedy for handling Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, Youtube, etc., in a single dashboard and has an amazing feature of content curation capabilities and generating leads online.

It is an easy platform to create qualitative content and organize all your posts in advance. You can call Crowdfire as a Personal Organizer.

Currently, Crowdfire has 19M+ users on its platform.

Features of Crowdfire

Let’s look at what are the unique features Crowdfire has:

crowdfire black friday- social management platform

1. Analytical Reports

It analyzes and monitors your performance on all social media networking platforms. It allows you to download all your analytical reports in PDF formats. Provide valuable reports and a clear understanding of insights.

2. Visual Marketing Campaigns

Crowdfire offers visual marketing campaigns by supporting visual graphics like images and videos, as you can share content from any geographical region.

3. Adding Value to Content

Content Curation strategy is no more difficult now. Crowdfire allows you to create engaging and qualitative content for all social media sites in advance for one month.

It does not only monitor your progress but makes it easy to schedule content for every social media site. It notifies you when you get a @mention and saves time for other work.

4. Navigation

Easy to navigate and use. Logging into Crowdfire is an easy process. It is the best tool for beginners because it has a simple interface and structure.

5. Scheduling in Advance

Offers to schedule posts and calendar management on blogging platforms, for instance, Blogger, WordPress, etc. Create, analyze, and publish the best content on various online networks and increase traffic on your page.

You can arrange bulk images and videos in advance in different plans.

6. Mobile Application

Users can easily use this platform from any mobile phone, i.e., Android and iPhone. You do not have to repeatedly use your laptop or PC to schedule, create content, etc.

7. Boost Your Reaches

It can help you increase your brand reach by boosting your Instagram and Twitter posts. Engage with your existing customers.

Analyze the competitors’ insights and their performance, and post your best posts on all online networks.

8. Customer Support System

The solid customer support system is because a satisfied customer can be loyal. Crowdfire team always interacts with its users and solves their real-time queries via direct messages or emails.

Time and quality are what every customer expects from the company. Solving issues and providing the best quality to your users help nurture your customer-seller relationship.

9. Conversion Tracking and Generating Leads

Users can experience this extraordinary feature of tracking their followers and generating leads.

Pricing Packages of CrowdFire

Crowdfire offers a free plan to its clients, and you can update your account with premium plans, where you get more advanced features.

crowdfire pricing

It offers four types of Pricing Packages to its clients: 

Free Plan

  • Users can only use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin in the free pricing package.
  • Offer scheduling up to 10 posts from one account for uploading on social media, and you can link only three accounts in a free plan.
  • You can curate unlimited articles and images as well for publishing.
  • Easily curate blog content, for instance, Blogger, WordPress, etc., and create YouTube videos.
  • Categorize and Classify top-ranking hashtags for your posts.
  • Free plan: Offer analytical and advanced analytical reports for only one day.

Plus Pricing Plan

  • Plus Pricing plan costs $7.48 per month if billed annually and costs $9.99 each month if billed monthly.
  • New business ventures and small businesses that have invested less than ten lakhs use this plan.
  • Offer scheduling up to 100 posts per account for uploading on social media, and you can link five accounts in a free plan.
  • Offer a feature of browsing extension for sharing articles
  • Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all network from a single dashboard.
  • Supports RSS features up to feeds.
  • Users can also post videos in the Plus plan, which is not supported in the Free plan.
  • You can curate unlimited articles and images as well for publishing.
  • The plus plan offers analytical reports for 30 days and advanced analytical reports for 90 days.
  • Mobile optimized in the Plus plan does not offer this benefit in a free plan.
  • It also supports multiple image posts at a time.
  • Categorize and Classify top-ranking hashtags for your posts.

Premium Pricing Plan

  • The Premium pricing plan is another plan offered by Crowdfire. Medium-scale businesses mainly use this plan with a capital investment of less than one crore but more than ten lakhs.
  • It costs $37.48 per month for annual subscriptions, and for a monthly subscription, it costs $49.99 each month, which can cost you $12.51 more.
  • You can only link up to 10 accounts simultaneously, the same as free and plus pricing plans.
  • You can publish your content with one click of a button on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest; on YouTube, you can upload your videos.
  • A user can schedule up to 100 posts in this plan.
  • The Premium plan allows its users a Chrome extension to share articles.
  • A custom Posting schedule is also offered. Users can easily customize the previously scheduled posts and videos in this feature.
  • Bulk scheduling posts are available.
  • You can view your calendar anytime with all the scheduled posts in this plan; users can call it a personal organizer.
  • Support RSS up to 15 feeds.
  • Notify your @mentions on Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can analyze the two competitors’ profiles per account; a total of 15*2=30 competitors’ profiles can be analyzed through comparison metrics.
  • Customer support via email system is possible.
  • Users can add and manage one profile and 1 Team Member.

VIP Pricing Plan

  • This plan costs $74.98 monthly for an annual subscription and $99.99 monthly for a monthly package.
  • It is mostly accessible by digital marketing companies and large-scale businesses.
  • In this package, you can link 25 accounts, meaning 25 Twitter accounts, 25 Facebook accounts, and 25 accounts on every social media platform.
  • You can arrange up to 800 posts per account in advance.
  • Forex. Eight hundred posts for 1 Instagram account and 800 posts for another account. You can only use this feature optimistically with numerous social media clients.
  • This package lets you post unlimited videos and view your calendar with all the scheduled posts.
  • Supports RSS feeds up to 25.
  • Notify your @mentions on Facebook and Twitter, and reply to all the mentions with GIFs.
  • Social Analytical reports of 30 days and Advanced Analytical reports of 90 days.
  • Analyze 20 competitors’ profiles per social media account.
  • Add and manage two profiles and 2 Team Members per account.
  • Priority Email Support is given to VIP users of Crowdfire.
  • Mobile supported platform.

annual and monthly plans

Pros and Cons of Crowdfire


  • Send your custom reports automatically.
  • The major benefit of using Crowdfire is you can easily schedule your posts in bulk to vary on different plans.
  • Various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, with the help of automation tools, increase followers’ engagement.
  • Create engaging and qualitative content for your audience—appropriately using hashtags and CTA.
  • Easily monitors RSS feeds.
  • Give exact insights and impressions. 
  • Solid Customer Support.
  • Boost your public network accountant to improve website traffic.
  • It offers one solution that is intuitive for all online networking sites.
  • Give regular updates of every like, comment, or tag.


  • Crowdfire is only good at providing followers.
  • Various advanced features are only available in premium plans, not free plans like RSS feeds and analysis of competitor’s profiles.
  • You will not be notified of @mention in the free and pricing package.
  • Customer support systems are efficient, but they answer all your queries after giving solutions to VIP plan use. They give priority to the VIP plan, i.e., highly-priced.
  • Users might be unable to edit text and tags for multiple channels.
  • It will not give users various options to interact with your audience on social media.
  • The only purpose of Crowdfire users is to increase followers by following other users. They do not engage with the users of their same or different niche.

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Is Crowdfire worth it?

Yes, Crowdfire is worth it. It boosts your social media page by using various tactics and engaging with your audience as well as increasing your followers.

Can we believe the statistical reports given by the Crowdfire platform?

Yes. You can believe the statistical reports given by Crowdfire. They all are well-researched reports; you can rely on them. They give you a better understanding of all your online networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

Is the free plan available on Crowdfire?

Yes, Crowdfire offers 4 types of plans which include a Free plan also. The free plan lacks some advanced features. To avail of those advanced features, you have to buy premium plans.

Conclusion | Crowdfire Black Friday Deals

Crowdfire provides you with the best service for social media handling with dozens of unique features—premium plans offer various advanced features that can help large businesses grow faster.

Before deciding, go for a free plan that gives you a better knowledge of Crowdfire’s basic-level features.

In startups, business networking, and enhancing the scope of the enterprise, they also provide other services that can be deemed a blessing; they even give us outstanding advice/ideas, eLearning free online fitness lessons, etc.  

We tried to explain every possible aspect you need to know before investing in Crowdfire. 

We hope this gives you enough knowledge to make a better investment decision.

Get the best deals at Black Friday Sale for our amazing Crowdfire Black Friday Sale discount offers. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity.

Contact Crowdfire here for support.

To know more about Crowdfire, visit their Blog page here.

Also, connect them on their social pages- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Verdict: Crowdfire provides you the best service of social media handling with dozens of unique features. In premium plans, they offer various advanced features that can help large businesses to grow faster.

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