FutureLearn Black Friday Discount and Coupon Codes 2023

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Are you looking forward to FututreLearn Black Friday Sale? If yes, we can help you out. FutureLearn is one of Britain’s earliest online education providers. This business provides a range of British online courses as well as numerous programs from American institutions.

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Save Up to $200 Off on Online Courses

Save Up to $200 Off on Online Courses With Today's FutureLearn Competitor Coupons

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FutureLearn Promo Code: Get 20% Off Sitewide

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Get 30% Off on FutureLearn Plan

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Avail 55% Off with FutureLearn Vouchers

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FAQs | FutureLearn Black Friday Discount

❓Which one is better, the FutureLearn Black Friday Sale or the FutureLearn Cyber Monday Sale?

The FutureLearn Black Friday Sale is certainly better than the FutureLearn Cyber Monday Sale. This is because the last few years have shown that users get heavier discounts during the FutureLearn Black Friday Sales as compared to that in the FutureLearn Cyber Monday Sale.

😯What will happen if I miss the FutureLearn Black Friday Sale?

If you miss the FutureLearn Black Friday Sale, you do not have to worry about anything, as it will be backed up by the FutureLearn Cyber Monday Sale.

🙋‍♀️When can I expect the FutureLearn Black Friday Sale to be live?

Black Friday is on 26th November this year (2021). So, we can expect the FutureLearn Black Friday Sale to start anytime now.

👉What can I do to make sure that I do not miss the FutureLearn Black Friday Sale?

You do not have to do much. We will make sure that you do not miss the FutureLearn Black Friday Sale. All you have to do is stay updated with us on this page and we will make sure you do not miss the FutureLearn Black Friday Sale.

⁉️Is FutureLearn a Recognized Organization?

Yes, FutureLearn courses are completely certified and recognized for their validity, and institutions offer FutureLearn certificates.

💯How can I get complimentary vouchers from FutureLearn?

To qualify for a free online course certificate, learners must complete 90 % of the course and obtain a score of 70 % or higher on their tests. Additionally, you must be based in one of the British Council's 36 official development assistance recipient countries, which include Thailand, South Africa, and Mozambique.

🤔How long do FutureLearn courses remain available?

The majority are six to ten weeks in length, but we also offer two and three-week courses. Read FutureLearn course reviews to discover how other students feel about studying online with FutureLearn.

✅What is the FutureLearn platform?

FutureLearn is a digital education platform based in the United Kingdom that was established in December 2012. The Open University and SEEK Ltd jointly control the business.

In addition to short popular courses, you’ll also be able to pursue micro-credential programs, certifications, and even complete online degrees.

This final instructional product is what sets FutureLearn different from the rest of the competitors. With other online learning systems, you’ll likely only be able to take a class here or there — and typically simply for pleasure. With FutureLearn, you might get a full degree.

Based out of London, FutureLearn was established in 2012. It has over 175 university partners across the world along with a learning community that comprises more than 10 million learners. The business is owned by the Open University and Seek Group.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the things you should know regarding FutureLearn before paying for it. We will also tell you about the FutureLearn Black Friday Sale and how to use FutureLearn Black Friday Coupon and Discount Codes. So read this article to the end and stay updated with us.

How To Claim FutureLearn Black Friday Deals & Coupons?

Here we mention the step-by-step process as to how you can claim the FtureLEarn Black Friday Discount and Coupon Codes –

Step – 1: Go to the official website of FutureLearn.

Step – 2: Click on ‘Courses’.

Step – 3: Choose the program you think is ideal for you.

Step – 4: Click on ‘See all degrees’.

Step – 5: Select the degree you wish to choose, and click on ‘Find out more’ beneath your chosen degree.

Step – 6: Read the details and apply for the course you wish to.

Step – 7: When you will reach the payment stage, you will see an option asking you to fill up a coupon code if you have any. Fill up the FututreLearn Black Friday Coupon Code here and you will see getting massive discounts on your order.

Step – 8: After you see getting massive discounts, proceed towards checkout.

FutureLearn Features and Benefits


Quizzes, Tests, and Assignments: 

The majority of courses on FutureLearn provide opportunities for students to complete assignments. The beauty of these projects is that they enable you to show not just your understanding of the topic at hand, but also to get comments from other students. Each task includes detailed directions, and you’ll discover many opportunities to enhance your work along the way.

FutureLearn is not the only online learning platform that allows learners to take exams and quizzes to gauge their progress during a course. To be sure, test-taking is not for everyone – and many individuals avoid this function due to unpleasant high school test-taking memories!

However, you must complete the quizzes that are included after the majority of exercises. This enables you to assess your comprehension of important ideas from an article, video, or another module before proceeding. The quizzes are not timed, and you may retake them as many as you want, with feedback given for each one.

Although tests are not included in all FutureLearn courses, they are available with enhanced subscriptions. Tests are identical to quizzes, except that they are assessed and limit you to three attempts. They are included in your total score.

Capacity for Comment and Discussion:

You’ll get access to a unique commenting option for each FutureLearn class you attend. Each video, audio clip, and article has a dedicated area for you to ask questions or just make comments. This enables you to communicate with other students and get assistance from your teachers.

Additionally, you may debate different parts of the course with other students. You’ll be able to consolidate your knowledge and get more insight on a subject of your choosing by participating in the discussion board or discussion forums for each lesson. Additionally, you m

ay visit the course activities page to see what qu

estions you might be able to assist others with.

why FutureLearn Black Friday

Sophisticated Course Structure:

Each FutureLearn lesson is split into weeks-long modules. Each week will have a new set of tasks that you must accomplish, each one building on the previous week’s work.

You’ll be able to see everything broken down into simple basic stages, and each week is similarly labeled with a descriptive term so you’ll know what’s coming up in the weeks ahead. If you arrived late for class, you will also be able to make up for lost time with these distinct chunks.

Each class includes a range of engaging learning activities, in contrast to other MOOC providers that simply provide video lectures on a variety of topics. FutureLearn teaches you via articles, video, and audio. Many provide brief tests at the conclusion to allow you to assess your knowledge.

When you’re through with a step or part of the course, you may click a button to indicate it as complete. This will allow you to update your “to-do” list. If you opt not to designate it as complete, you may continue to the next step.

FutureLearn Pricing

The majority of FutureLearn’s courses are available for free auditing. However, auditing does not include certifications, which range in price from $ 39 to $ 99. Premium FutureLearn courses are not auditable and cost between $ 100 and $ 400. The most costly programs are micro-credentials and online degrees, which start at $ 600.

When students enroll in a course on FutureLearn, they have three payment options:

  • Free:

Non-paying students who enroll in the “Free” plan get full access to the course materials but are unable to earn certification.

  • Unlimited:

The “Unrestricted” membership option is an annual subscription that provides unlimited access to all of FutureLearn’s short courses and assessments. Additionally, it contains all of the benefits of the “Upgrade” plan.

  • Upgrade:

When you finish the course, the “Upgrade” plan entitles you to a fully recognized certificate. Additionally, it provides access to any course exams that may be available.

Some users have claimed these plans to be costly for them in the past. From then. FutureLearn started providing its users with various discounts. One such and the biggest discount they offer once a year is the FutureLearn Black Friday discount. This sale is the biggest and can help you get massive discounts on FutureLearn plans. We strongly recommend you make the best use of the FutureLearn Black Friday Sale.

FutureLearn courses - FutureLearn Black Friday Discount

FutureLearn Pros and Cons


  • Syllabuses that are well-constructed
  • Outstanding user interface and navigation
  • Very active discussion forums
  • Community Sensitivity
  • Courses for certification at no cost
  • Online degree options are many.


  • The catalogue of courses may be expanded
  • There are no iOS or Android applications.

Quick Links 

Conclusion | FutureLearn Black Friday Discount 2023

If you’re ready to step up your learning, you may want to give FutureLearn a try. This online course provider provides many advantages to students, including certified online courses that can be done from any place and certificates of completion that can be utilized in the real world.

Hopefully, we’ve shown that the courses provided on our platform are completely worth your time – sign up for one now!

In this article, we have mentioned in detail everything you should know regarding FutureLearn to make an informed decision whether to take it or not. We have also mentioned the biggest sale of the year. We have mentioned how you can claim the FutureLearn Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes.

We strongly recommend you make the best use of FutureLearn.

$200 Off

Save Up to $200 Off on Online Courses

Save Up to $200 Off on Online Courses With Today's FutureLearn Competitor Coupons

Verdict: FutureLearn was established in 2012. It has over 175 university partners across the world along with a learning community that comprises more than 10 million learners. The business is owned by the Open University and Seek Group.

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  1. Futurelearn is a great way to stay updated and be well-educated on anything from food preservation, coding techniques and much more. Futurelearn can help you excel in your career, no matter what the field may be. But don’t take my word for it! Here are some of our most popular course titles: “Restaurant cooking” taught by Mark Gillingham of Michelin starred Fenwicks restaurant; “Ozocrete – Low Cost Tool For Building Disaster Safe Houses”, taught by Dr Andy Stepniewski of University College London; “Thinking with Animals”, taught by Professor Karen Davis of Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine…no list is complete without philosophy inspirational speaker Appian Way’s new highly anticipated course.

  2. Learn at your own pace, with a wide variety of courses available. You can’t get a certificate or diploma if you complete the course without paying £52 for it to be digitally linked back to Future Learn! I used to use FutureLearn because it’s prime location across the globe meant that I could do CPD whilst my family is looking after our children but this won’t last unless they change their policy and offer certificates too. Thanks for providing Futurelearn Black Friday Deals

  3. Futurelearn is a great way to improve your skills and knowledge, but there’s no consistent certificate unless you pay £52 for the digital link!

  4. Futurelearn offers an easy way to learn independently with a variety of courses to choose from. When you finish the course, there is no certificate or anything to show your mastery. However, if you’re happy not having any piece of paper certifying what you’ve learned then at least think about who pays for it!

  5. Futurelearn is an online learning resource with loads of opportunities to learn at your own pace. It has courses across a wide range of subjects, but unfortunately it does not provide certificates because you’re only charged £52 for the “digital link” that certifies that you completed your course after paying £500+ on fees. I wouldn’t recommend Futurelearn anymore as there’s no way to prove what information one has learned because it’s impossible to track results without this expensive digital certificate.

  6. Futurelearn is an online learning resource with loads of opportunities to learn at your own pace. It has courses across a wide range of subjects, but unfortunately it does not provide certificates because you’re only charged £52 for the “digital link” that certifies that you completed your course after paying £500+ on fees. I wouldn’t recommend Futurelearn anymore as there’s no way to prove what information one has learned because it’s impossible to track results without this expensive digital certificate. Thanks for providing Futurelearn Black Friday Deals

  7. Futurelearn is the perfect way to learn at your own pace. They offer a broad range of courses that are all led by high-profile experts in their field, but unfortunately there’s no way for you to get something like an official certificate or diploma after completing their courses without paying £52 for a digital link. I thought this was genuinely shocking because it used to be one of my favourite learning platforms but they’ve really messed up by imposing these endless extra charges!

  8. Whether you want to brush up on your memory skills or find a new language, Future Learn offers courses from top universities and other organisations. It’s convenient too: learn at your own pace, online and anytime. In many cases it will be free, or low cost – we’ve made sure that the course fees cover the costs of running the program so there’s no risk to learners for taking part in these opportunities. But what if I need something more than just knowledge? If you’re looking for certification and contact hours and confirmation before employers can invest in training then sorry but Future Learn isn’t for you! We know how important it is to get recognized by employers when putting into practice what you have learnt.

  9. Futurelearn has so so so much potential- I mean, it’s got lots of courses with video lecture and quizzes. But they don’t let you get anything to prove your learning so if you want a certificate for yourself, thats £52. Which is ridiculous! So Im not recommending FutureLearn any more because its too expensive with no options for people who are on low or middle incomes, like me. Once ive completed my course at Open university iko ill be back onto futurelearn ikoww (its okww)

  10. Futurelearn is the perfect solution for anyone who has been looking for a place to learn from. They have a vast range of courses on their website that are delivered in both video and text based formats, meaning you can pick what suits your learning style best. Futurelearn also allows you to go at your own pace which means you can work around other commitments such as work or family life while still being able to complete the course! This is something all learners need these days with so many people juggling different commitments. Not only does this service offer some great learning material but they also keep it fresh by regularly adding new courses too – there’s always an exciting new way of improving yourself right here! Thanks for providing Futurelearn Black Friday Deals

  11. Join 15 million other learners and explore a new world of learning. Whether you want to upskill, fill gaps in your knowledge or take a closer look at the world around you, Futurelearn has a course for you. Courses are available to study on various devices through our website or app.

  12. Horrible customer service. The website is completely useless! I tried to cancel my subscription but it didn’t work out. When I was charged, I messaged them and requested a refund the next hour… but they want proof that I tried to cancel… don’t know what it might be… Never, ever, ever recommend… This is a classic case of useless employees and poor service.

  13. I’ve been looking for an app that can help me with my learning, and I found Futurelearn! It has tons of courses online with lectures, discussions, quizzes and assignments. It even tells you what module to start on if you’re not sure how far through the exact course you are. There is a lot of content and quizzes and reading quizzes (if they want to A up grade their knowledge) which is great because we all know people hate exams…… But where it falls short for nursing students like me who do something OTHER than nursing… there just aren’t enough nurses that teach or give information about those specific areas such as burns, cancer care,,end of life care, maternity etc.. If futurelearn could.

  14. Creativity in the form of our courses and creators is endless and we hope you find what you need in these pages. With thousands of courses to browse, we know it can be a bit daunting so we’ve put together some suggestions for students who want to study nursing or midwifery.

  15. Futurelearn is a reasonably decent product, but there are few courses available for student nurses to study the subject areas they’re interested in. There’s also not many free courses, which would make it more appealing if course credits were much lower. Thanks for providing Futurelearn Black Friday Deals

  16. Futurelearn is a great platform for taking online courses. As a student of nursing, I frequently search the site to find reasonable-priced courses that will help me advance in my career. It has been frustrating trying to find suitable courses, but I am finally hopeful this new filter on their website can fix it!

  17. Futurelearn courses are a reasonably decent education companion. Many of their syllabi still have a lot of sections that can’t be accessed for free, which just isn’t okay. Not to worry though! I have access to many high-quality online advertisements for other educational providers who specialize in nurse-targeted subjects like pediatric burns care and end of life hospice work.

  18. Futurelearn is a great way to continue your education and improve skills without having to leave home. It only takes an hour or so per week and requires minimal effort. Some courses won’t apply well for nurses such as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder due to the subject matter, but if you take them because of interest not relevance they can be worth it just for knowledge gained!

  19. Futurelearn is not perfect, but it’s a great thing to have as a registered nurse. I love how engaged the TAs are and how much help they provide! It’s so nice to be able to take courses from time off from work, too! The only reason I’m giving this app 4-stars instead of 5 is because there aren’t enough free classes that suit my needs as a registered nurse. If Futurelearn steps up their game in that regard then all healthcare professionals will appreciate what an asset it can be for us. Thanks for providing Futurelearn Black Friday Deals

  20. Futurelearn is an online learning platform specialized in free, non-credit courses. With over 3 million learners worldwide and 250 reputable partners, Futurelearn offers opportunities to study diverse subjects like photography, physics or phobias at one’s own pace in the comfort of their home. There are currently 80000 students enrolled in this innovative service for taking on additional knowledge from renowned institutions such as Harvard University and Oxford University – all without any stress of having to attend classes.
    Innovation is not new for Futurelearn with initiatives such as “Professional Development Tracks” providing a professional qualification after about 45 hours of self-paced learning. This comprehensive system facilitates lifelong learning combining technology and teaching practice through its content of courses taught by experts

  21. Futurelearn is a relatively new knowledge hub – a collection of videos and resources that can be accessed online. Unlike YouTube, these come with information quality control to provide the best content around any given subject. It’s true that some pay courses are more relevant than free ones (e.g., cancer care), but since Futurelearn is for all ages between 18-25, it has its limitations when it comes to nursing courses which are designed for more experienced nurses who know how to deal with ageing patients on their own without personal assistance. If you’re looking for something more related towards your field of study (e.g., burns) there’s not many here either; only 49 total courses in Applied Health Courses, Clinical Practice or Maternity Nursing Areas

  22. Futurelearn is a really fun platform, the courses are attractive and nicely set out. They have a wide range of courses from all different fields, elegantly structured into easy to manage intervals of knowledge building. One particularly great thing about Futurelearn is that it’s totally free! Just watch a small advertorial video at the beginning of each course if you want to stay for the whole thing, or just have it pop up occasionally as you do other things on your computer. I’m not sure how they make any money but these guys deserve everything they get because Futurelearn makes learning cool again. Thanks for providing Futurelearn Black Friday Deals

  23. Futurelearn is the only online introductory course you’ll need. Find out more here!

  24. Why did I wait so long to try this? The wide range of courses, delivered in easy to manage chunks of knowledge. With the teaching quality and accessibility you would expect from a top-tier university, Futurelearn is a no-brainer for lifelong learners. And the fact that some courses are actually free makes it nearly impossible to make decisions because there’s basically something for everyone!

  25. I was skeptical at first about the free courses available online. The thought of not investing, after all these years with no return on my investment seemed less than appealing. But now I’m hooked! An entire course without setting foot in a brick and mortar? Who would have known? Well, I guess someone must know because they set this up for me. Besides, it saves me from having to commute during rush hour traffic or deal with parking – priceless!

  26. I really think this is a brilliant website. I have been coming back to FutureLearn again and again to do what you would call “remaining relevant”. It has loads of free courses from top universities, no matter your level. And the best part is that you can pace yourself, work at your own time and put in as much or as little effort as suits you! Highly recommended.

  27. Futurelearn recently came out and I think it’s pretty cool. You can get free online courses from some of the world’s best universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Yale. If you’re into that kind of thing. Personally I’ve been going to a bunch of investment discussion back when i have time before bed just for fun once in a while because it’s interesting in its own way without being too strenuous for me to keep up with at this stage in my life where things are a little hectic already so if you don’t have the time or money, give these guys a go!

  28. I strongly recommend futurelearn! It’s my new favourite site for learning all sorts of new skills. Whether I want to improve my computer literacy, brush up on my social media marketing skills or learn the ancient art of fur-rug braiding, FutureLearn has got me covered with its wide range of free courses on offer. Plus you can study at your own pace – it’s like having your very own personal tutor 24/7!

  29. FutureLearn is such a great platform for people like me who always seek to develop themselves and acquire new knowledges and skills so as to stay on top of the trend. One of the best things about FutureLearn is that most courses are free, so I don’t have to worry about spending a cent on my education! Sometimes though it may be hard to find a course relevant to my needs due to all those choices from different colleges, but at some point you just have take responsibly for your own learning – no excuses allowed! Thanks for providing Futurelearn Black Friday Deals

  30. Futurelearn is a wonderful online learning platform. You can get access to any kind of courses you want and even take them for free! There’s also never any pressure, which makes it the perfect place to learn lots about new topics like public speaking or programming languages.

  31. As you go to Futurelearn, please be careful not to cease studying. Futurelearn is running on two main principles: free learning and flexible times. Although the slogan is “Where university meets the world … ,” I think that Futurelearn should be renamed as “Pursue knowledge with ease.” The phrase would then align better with their motto of ‘Open up your possibilities.’ Certainly, this platform offers learners around the globe a chance to achieve more of what they want from life by boosting self-confidence and skills in reaching out into new horizons of opportunity which would remain closed otherwise.

  32. It’s hard to stay up-to-date with the quickly changing world today. Hundreds of emails and ads bombard us daily, serving as a constant reminder that we may be missing out on something important if we stop paying attention. But how do you keep your head above water? How can you make sure you’re prepared for what lies ahead?
    Around the globe, people are looking to get back some control. They want new skills in order to learn for themselves how best to defend against or match trends in business, technology, arts, health care… The good news is there’s no need any longer feel like this is an impossible task; FutureLearn has arrived on the scene! It makes it possible for everybody everywhere who wants more knowledgeable.

  33. Futurelearn offers courses online for people who need to keep up with trends and skills. Futurelearn classes are free and fit into anyone’s schedule. It is an excellent because it teaches you about new future trends that will influence your path.

  34. I used to be skeptical about online platforms and how they can teach me the same as a traditional college, but now I’ve learned better. FutureLearn has really changed my opinion on those programs. It’s so simple–I just take whatever course I want for free! The courses are engaging and I learn all sorts of new things. Plus, it doesn’t mean that if you never leave your house you’ll never have access to these great tools because most classes are online. Truly an excellent step in modern education.

  35. Whether it is to keep up with technology or become more strategic in your corporate life, skills are the keys to success. And FutureLearn takes this one step further by providing an extensive variety of online courses which you can take for free. You may wonder why would you need a whole website for this? Well, unlike other learning platforms out there, FutureLearners is tailored specifically towards adults who want to stay on top of current trends and improve their all-around personal development. That means that no matter what your situation may be – whether you’re at university studying finance but simultaneously busy reading about web development at the same time – chances are they provide an exciting new program that will suit your needs!

  36. The website is easy to navigate and it comes with a lot of courses/micro credentials/programs you can do to improve your life. Not only will you develop new skills, but also could make money or find a job thanks to the platform!

  37. Futurelearn is a website that helps its users to find and download courses from some of the best universities in the world, as well as those who have begun studying. Clearly their micro credentials are very helpful for those who want to learn on their own time and never having to go back or withdraw from school because they don’t think it’s worth it anymore. They offer a variety of different price ranges, so everyone can afford something at any level – whether you’re looking for just basic knowledge or an advanced degree! Thanks for providing Futurelearn Black Friday Deals

  38. Futurelearn is the world’s biggest education platform. We offer free, high-quality academic courses and micro credentials in 12 different fields. Our online learning means you can learn whatever you want, wherever you are – so go for it!

    I found Futurelearn while looking for a course to upload my resume— I only had to browse a few seconds before deciding to study their many programs. My favorite part is they don’t charge any extra costs like most websites do; at least not the ones I looked at! A lot of these programs provide helpful information on how to get ahead in my career market, too — without any further reading into it, this seems like an excellent investment of time and money that will pay off big time down

  39. Are you a professional looking to excel in digital business? Our courses, micro credentials and MOOCs are the best choice for all your learning needs. Today’s wise workforce can’t afford to stay stagnant in an evolving industry – so take advantage of our cutting-edge courses today!

  40. Futurelearn is an online company that offers a wide variety of courses. All the course material is exclusive to Futurelearn, making it easy for users to have access to topics that are relevant and up-to-date. Futurelearn also offers jobs in many industries – perfect for students who are looking for internships or graduate programs!

  41. Futurelearn is perfect for people who want to improve their skills, get ahead of the game in their industry or make new connections. They boast an impressive catalog of online courses that are open to anyone, anywhere–available at any time.

  42. The internet is buzzing with Futurelearn and it’s not hard to see why. With such a wide, varied course-list for people at all levels of education; from the basics in Digital Business to topics like Sports Science or Social Media Marketing, you can study whatever interests you and build up your resume’ day by day. And I gotta say: These courses are well put together and easy to follow!

  43. Futurelearn is the best online platform for educational courses. I found Futurelearn when I was looking for a way to improve my digital business knowledge – but what surprised me the most is that you can find micro credentials on all sorts of subjects, from physics to crochet! You can even take them in your own time, watch it over 10 minutes each day and watch the video at your leisure. The prices are quite fair too with nothing being more than $29 per course, so this site is perfect if you want access to high-quality education without leaving your home or making any commitments. Plus they have cool videos which are really helpful in helping you understand difficult concepts!

  44. Futurelearn is a MOOC provider with an interactive teaching platform for learning pretty much anything. They offer courses in video, audio, articles, documents and presentations so you can study what you want when you have the time. The interface is easy to use – browse the wide range of subjects or search by keywords. The best thing about Futurelearn? You get your transcript which means no more hunting down that pesky certificate that many times never arrives!

  45. Futurelearn has a range of courses to learn from, with content across a variety of subjects. With so many being offered there is bound to be one for whatever you want to pick up! Pick your course and interact with students all over the world or study independently – what will you choose?

  46. Futurelearn is the latest online learning venture to hit you with a heavy dose of life-saving education in exchange for your continued survival. They have an amazing staff, providing 24/7 chat and email to get all of your burning questions answered ASAP. With dozens of courses on topics such as pandemic preparedness, fatality prevention techniques, and adapting to new surroundings; there’s no way you can be left behind during this difficult time. Start fighting back today with Futurelearn!

  47. Imagine learning from the world’s best professors from over 130 top universities and organisations. These courses are a more natural way to learn with no deadlines or essays. They’re really easy to fit into your life- all you need is 15 minutes a day!

  48. Futurelearn is an educational platform that offers courses on learning new skills, discovering different cultures and perspectives. I’m sure you’re already working hard at your company to continue your students’ intellectual growth, but now Futurelearn can not only polish their English or give them a Western European perspective but also guide them through the intricacies of market research in this unstable economy for free. Thanks for providing Futurelearn Black Friday Deals

  49. Futurelearn is a great platform for independent learners; we know you can make it happen with our on-demand, anytime learning as well as the expert teachers.

  50. Kathleen F. Monarrez

    Thank God for Futurelearn. With no one else to talk to during the pandemic, I found solace in interacting with my fellow students who were all living through the chaos just like me. There was only one course that I did not enjoy which could have been skipped for more blended learning; at least that’s what my professor said when she responded to me after completing their course. So far, 18 courses later and I’m happy say there is nothing they can’t teach you!

  51. Do you look for excuses not to engage with others? No more! Futurelearn bridges coming together, across distances and languages. Join the courses our community has chosen for you so you can learn alongside people from all around the world. You’ll find coming together is far less painful than it might seem at first glance.

  52. Futurelearn is a pioneering online learning platform for lifelong learners everywhere. It provides an exciting new way to learn on your own, alongside others in our global community of students.

    It offers over 850 courses on everything from engineering and healthcare, the environment and law, humanities and languages. You’ll study within global industries with some of the world’s top universities like Arizona State University, Beijing Normal University or Australian National University—all while you’re studying at home!

  53. You’ve probably heard about these new programs for adults? You know, online courses designed to make learning interactive and enjoyable. What you might not have realized is that they are the perfect way to stay up-to-date on your skills if you are living alone or away from family due to work, travel, military deployment etc., thanks to our epidemic’s requirement for constant isolation. So now more than ever it’s possible to keep up with what you need legally in order access bank accounts remotely, book flights outside of monitored areas with ease, find out what people really think about the pandemic by reading newspapers printed overseas – all without leaving home!

  54. I wanted to get a new qualification but couldn’t afford it or take any time out of my 9-5. The answer was Futurelearn! They let me study for free, anywhere I want (even at work) and without any homework…Looking back, this is game changing stuff

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  61. Deangelo H. Copenhaver

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