Jump Send Black Friday Deal 2024– Get 30% Off + 3 Day Free Trial

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Get ready to claim the Latest Black Friday Deals on Jump Send Black Friday May 2024. We’ve got massive discounts on this Black Friday, And we have all the updated Deals on Jump Send Black Friday, so make sure to bookmark this page to get the latest discount & Deals on this Jump Send black Friday 2024.

In this post, I am going to share with you the Jump Send Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2024.

Avail of them and save approximately (on an average) $100 and many more. Hope for the best.

Hundreds of Amazon products available at up to 90% Off. Check out now! Or you will regret it later. Up to 30% Off for sellers on all the plans as well, are possibly expected.

Ongoing Offers On Jump Send Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2024


Plan Black Friday Deals
Starter Twenty- nine Dollar monthly ($39)
Entrepreneur Fifty- nine Dollar monthly ($59)
Business Ninety- nine Dollar monthly ($99)
Enterprise One hundred ninety- nine Dollar monthly ($199)

How to Grab Jump Send Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals?

To apply the Jump Send Black Friday deal coupon you have to follow the following steps-


For Buyers:

  1.  Copy the coupon code.
  2.  Go to the Jump Send website.
  3.  Click on join as a shopper.
  4.  Select the items that you want to purchase.
  5.  Apply the code. And you are good to go.


Enjoy up to 90% off on all the products.


For Sellers:

  1. Go to the Jump Send website.
  2. Click on join as a seller. You will reach the Jungle Scout website.
  3. Click on the get started button.
  4.  You will see various plans with both monthly and annual charges.
  5. Select your plan, and it will show you all about its discounts and everything.


Enjoy up to 30% off on all the plans.

jump send black friday

More About Jump Send Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday nowadays is not an annual celebration in America, but this is amongst a trendy occasion this year and has been for many among several citizens. 

Plenty of, though not enough, E-Commerce as well as bricks-and-mortar shops provide crazy deals and launch at strange hours to greet frenetic and excessively pumped up customers, a few of them however during the nightfall or midnight.

So, in the Jump Send Black Friday deals, all the products are at their extremely lowest, cheapest, and at the best prices, and products become affordable for everyone to purchase.

During the Black Friday sale, Jump Send is waiting for everyone with their incredible offers and discount coupons. It sometimes makes the product almost free for its shoppers, during the sales. 

Detailed About Jump Send

Jump Send is one of those online tools of Amazon, which is currently accessed by thousands of sellers all over the world.

It is the customer-facing part of the service, and the service for sellers is now known as “Launch” after Jump Send became a part of the Jungle Scout.

Also, Jump Send Black Friday deal acts as a helping hand and entry point, both for sellers to boost their sales and shoppers to save more or purchase more.

Even though there is a huge ocean of tools to boost Amazon sales, Jump Send Black Friday sale is often talked about, because of its sole purpose of helping the sellers to gain more positive reviews and sales.

On 22 May 2019, the company decided to smoothly merge Jump Send and Jungle Scout, Under which, shoppers can create their accounts directly on Jump Send’s website, but sellers are redirected towards Jungle Scout.

All the plans for sellers are briefly explained when they are redirected to Jungle Scout.

Characteristics/ Features of Jump Send

The following are the characteristics of Jump Send.

  • Launch Platform

Launch platform feature helps you to launch products where you can scale your selling business on Amazon using promotional giveaways.

Promotional giveaways mean, offering big discounts on your products to a potential buyer/purchaser.

Another wonderful feature of Jump Send is its “Inventory protection” where it stops buyers from purchasing too many units of products at one time and ultimately, saving the seller from the result of no product available ( where they find it hard to Restock that product ).

It is helping both its shoppers as well as its sellers at the same time.

  • Customer Reviews

The customer review feature prevents your product from negative reviews and builds your organic ranking on Amazon by auto-targeting the shopper at an appropriate time frame.

This particular feature helps the seller to get a positive review of the product.

Sharing promotional emails at various stages, for instance, when the product is shipped or delivered or when a customer asks for a refund; helps in boosting sales velocity and outrank your competitors by being compliant with Amazon’s policies.

You can send a feedback request a day or two after the product is delivered, for that matter.

jump send black friday- amazon deals

What are the Pricing Plans of Jump Send Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Jump Send pricing is competitive with top hierarchy tools to boost sales on Amazon.


Its pricing is based on confirmed monthly orders in your seller account of Amazon, as a feature of Jungle Scout. Two types of billings are there- monthly and annually.


For monthly billing, the following are the packages that come with a free 3- day trial with each offer.


  • Starter Plan ($29/month) – 3 product promotions
  • Entrepreneur ($59/month) – 10 product promotions
  • Business ($99/month) – 25 product promotions (most availed)
  • Enterprise ($199/month) – 100 product promotions


Pricing begins at $19 per month (if billed annually). Prices go up to $139 (annual) for up to 100 active products when there is no sale.


jungle scout pricing plans

Summary of Jump Send Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal

If you compare the Jump Send Black Friday deals with usual day pricing on various products, it is more profitable, lucrative and consists of various other deals and features.

It is a platform that will allow you to manage members and content, along with other benefits. The Black Friday deal allows better interaction amongst a vast range of customers.

It rarely happens but when it comes to working, Jump Send Black Friday deals to provide opportunities for both buyers and shoppers to interact.

This is the sole purpose or motive behind this huge sale. Whether you are a new customer/ seller or an existing one, there are many things for everyone in its store.

So! Do not miss this amazing opportunity to grab everything at the lowest prices. Jump Send Black Friday deal might be the first and the last time shortly. At this price point, you won’t find a much better deal elsewhere.

jump send jungle scout

Quick Links

FAQs | Jump Send Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

💁‍♀️ What is Jump Send?

Jump Send is an online tool of Amazon which is currently accessed by thousands of sellers around the world. This helps sellers reach their target audience using various strategies and features. It acts as a helping hand and entrance for sellers to get into the market and boost their sales. Jump Send is a method for automating emails and sharing the coupons to all the Amazon sellers.

🙇‍♂️ What are the features of Jump Send?

Jump Send offers to endorse Amazon purchases and positions it as the highest level amongst all the competitors. By the offer giveaways, the velocity of sales boosts for sellers and thus improves their Amazon ranking. The top positions let you naturally expand. Through ready-designed models, deliver customized marketing emails just at a proper moment, or create your version. To avoid any bad feedback, enable automatic messages. Unless a refund becomes requested, still be in contact with consumers. Offer your client economic benefit by providing items such as guide books, tips, digital books, and much more. Review the delivery of information by mail to identify who got the messages.

🤷‍♀️ What are the major plans of Jump Send?

There are four major plans that Jump Send offers. These are the starter plan, entrepreneurs plan, business plan, and enterprise plan. Each plan has its benefits with free 3-day trials (on each) and to utilize all the advantages of these plans, stay tuned for the Black Friday sale of Jump Send.

🤔 What are the pros of Jump Send?

100% Compliant with Amazon. Shoppers’ familiarity with features increases ranking. Assisted from marketplaces like; USA, Spain, United Kingdom, and few others. It has the reach of the shoppers above a hundred thousand. Free 3- day trial on each plan available. Planned promotions increase the rankings and the speed of sales on Amazon amongst competitors. It offers a large comprehensive marketplace. Advertising on Amazon or any social media tool could not guarantee to promote products to all shoppers. Now, it’s not necessary; this may increase your sale. By promoting the services by themselves Jump Send resolves this issue.

🤓 What are the cons of Jump Send?

The Jump Send control panel can be a bit tricky to understand. Your niche or the product of your choice may not be available in Jump Send, as some products are not perfect for the software.

🤟 What are promotional giveaways here?

Promotional giveaways are when you offer big discounts for your products through deal sites like Jump Send. Giveaways help attract shoppers due to its exclusive deals and huge discounts. The purpose of this is to keep an organization's name and information in front of its target audience. It can be done in ways like; Promotion URL, Protection of your inventory, Shoppers' approval.

👍 What are promotional emails?

Email isn’t dead. It’s one of the few marketing channels we can use to build an authentic connection with the humans that keep our businesses alive. Promotional advertising by mail itself is not considered as junk. It’s not s former coworkers’ direct letter also. Anything in between is in it. The consumers do not even gently offer their details, and — if used right — promotional email can be both a relationship-building and profit-building tool for a company. Implementing this approach, moving traffic and operating campaigns helps you to gain the power of your clients. It makes it much simpler and affordable to grow the company and sell new services.

👉 Are there any trails available for free use?

Indeed through minimal opportunities and functionality, Jump Send provides valuable users a three days trial period. After your contract ends, you become eligible to apply. You would appreciate so many perks and deals provided by the program, as with the clients that are old, once you enrol. Besides, you can have a complimentary payment of 30 days as you would not require a bank card/credit card.

Conclusion of Jump Send Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2024

Jump Send Black Friday Deal is very well-known for a reason, throughout the Amazon communities. Every Amazon seller, be it new or established, has something for them in its store.

This tool helps sellers run various promotion campaigns and distribute coupons to improve their sales and increase reach and ranking in this competitive online space.

It provides affordable pricing, profiting the sellers who are on the marketing budget.

It even profits the shoppers more. The tools were extremely easy to use due to its drag and drop feature, but the recent 2016 update of Amazon’s selling policies have made it a little difficult to launch new products.

This has increased the efforts of a seller on its initial sale as well as reviews via coupon code.

Hence, services and tools like Jump Send are losing the market image that they established throughout the years.

Due to their legacy, which they cannot abandon, they are trapped between the two worlds, which further stops them from reaching their targeted audience.

Jump Send bits of help in boosting the ranking of your product, appearing on the top results, and managing returns easily.

As all the shoppers are genuine customers of Amazon and know the procedure of availing the benefits makes the process hassle-free and provides feedback and ratings.


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