SellerApp Black Friday Sale And Discount 2023: Best Deal Ever!

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Now that the SellerApp Black Friday Sale is around the corner, brace yourself for massive benefits and discounts. This article will help you fetch discounts that will make using SellerApp a lot more merrier.

20% OFF

20% Off On SellerApp Annual Plans

Extract and analyze the data of almost any Amazon product now with this SellerApp. You can save 20% when you go with annual plans on store. Discount applicable only for limited time!


Amazon Sellers Monthly Plan From $49

Amazon Sellers Monthly Plan From $49


7 Day Free Trial On All Plans

7 Day Free Trial On All Plans


Free Amazon FBA calculator

Free Amazon FBA calculator

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Save Up To 25% On Amazon Sellers Annual Plan

Save Up To 25% On Amazon Sellers Annual Plan

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FAQs | SellerApp Black Friday Sale And Discount

When Will The SellerApp’s Black Friday Sale Commence?

As Black Friday is on the 24th of November this year, you can expect the commencement of the SellerApp’s Black Friday Deals to get started soon.

Is The SellerApp’s Black Friday Deal Legitimate?

Yes, the SellerApp’s Black Friday Discounts and Deals are real and legit. Just by following a few steps mentioned in this article, you can avail yourself of massive benefits.

What Makes Black Friday Sales A Great Day For Buying SellerApp Subscription?

Across the globe, as we all know, Black Friday is known to be a shopping day. It is the first post the last significant holiday that comes before Christmas. In addition to this, most firms offer workers a day off on the holiday weekend of Thanksgiving. The SellerApp’s Black Friday deals and discounts make it the best period for purchasing the SellerApp Subscription. This ensures that you can get the highest benefit possible.

In this article, I’ve highlighted the SellerApp Black Friday Sale. Amazon sellers may be aware most Black Friday deals begin months in advance and last for up to a week.

SellerApp Black Friday Sale

Every Amazon Seller dreams to be found easily on the web, whether on a social media platform or any search engine. It is important to use correct keywords to promote your brand or business and ensure it gets found.

To do that, it is important to have a tool for Keyword Research that lets you have an accurate data result for the particular term you search.

If you are looking to rank on the SERP page, then Google Keyword Planner is your tool, but when you want to rank on Amazon, tools like SellerApp are the perfect tool for searching those keywords that the competitors are using and ranking with. 

Keep reading the article to know more about the platform and the discounts and offers you can get this Black Friday.

Stepwise Guide For Claiming SellerApp’s Black Friday Coupons And Deals

Read this step-by-step guide to claim the SellerApp ’s Black Friday Discount and Offer.

Step 1: Go To The Official Website Of SellerApp.

Official Website Of SellerApp

Step 2: You can see the ‘Pricing’ Option at the top of the main page.

You can see the ‘Pricing’ Option

Step 3: After clicking on the ‘Pricing’ Option, you will be redirected to the page that shows the pricing plans.

Step 4: Once you choose the plan of your choice, you will then be asked to fill in all the details.

Step 5: Right before you pay using your preferred method, you will be asked to enter a coupon code that will fetch you a massive discount. Now, you can go ahead with your payment.

Features Of SellerApp

SellerApp - SellerApp Black Friday Sale And Discount

Talking about the top features of SellerApp: 

1. Product Research

SellerApp - Product Research

An Amazon Seller wants their product to be at the best of their performance, and the key to achieving this is by boosting the visibility of your product on Amazon’s Search Results.

The closer your product is to the top, the better the product will perform. You need to pick up the niches that sell the most and the keywords that have high search results and, at the same time, have low competition rates.

The Reverse ASIN tool can shift through numerous products on Amazon to give the user a dashboard with analysis sorted into various categories and compared in various vital metrics.

2. Product Ideas

SellerApp - Product Ideas

With SellerApp, you don’t only get the data for making the product you are selling right now thrive and complete the current business goals. Still, it will also help you find novel ideas for products that can be sold based on current profits and the massive sales of those products.

This unique feature works best to expand the product stock and inventory.

3. Seller Watch

The feature lets you keep an eye on all your competitors, as it plays a vital role in being successful on Amazon.

4. Product Keyword

SellerApp -Product Keyword - SellerApp Black Friday Sale And Discount

Product Keyword helps you find the correct keywords for your product listing. These keywords will help you in improving the performance of your product, thus boosting the search volume and profits.

5. Profit Dashboard

SellerApp offers an easy-to-understand dashboard that shows your detailed results and information regarding your daily revenue, performances, and sales on Amazon.

6. Listing Quality

Based on the desirability and discoverability of a listing, SellerApp’s free tool lets you compare the listing products simultaneously.

This listing lets you know how attractive your product images, bullet points, and reviews are. All these factors have a significant impact on the decision of a buyer.

7. Product Source

It helps you to reach out for the data to source the quick sourcing products from both manufacturers as well as sellers. This way, you will know the products that can fetch you the best profits on Amazon.

8. Product Alerts

The product Alert feature helps you stay ahead and alert about the next big product on Amazon.

It lets you spy over the competitor strategies and thus offers you constant tracking on improving the Amazon Plan by performing better with SEO tips and tricks or getting more reviews from satisfied customers.

9. Keyword Research

This free tool offers information regarding the high search volume of a keyword and the buying intent of the users on Amazon. This will help you stay on top of the organic ranks and get the top position for ads using accurate keywords.

10. PPC Analyzer

This feature lets you control the Ad Campaigns and track their performance and how they can be optimized. You can manage the ad campaigns on just a single tab, which cuts down the need to go through various tabs for various information.

SellerApp Black Friday Sale And Discount -PPC Analyzer

It is precise, clear, and easy to understand, thanks to various tables and illustrations, along with accurate metrics that can be accessed on the SellerApp’s dashboard.

Pros and Cons Of SellerApp


  • It is super easy to navigate through and use the platform.
  • This all-in-one platform has all that a seller needs.
  • It is a remarkable tool for the product listings on Amazon.
  • Their frequent updates ensure the resolution of problems users face.
  • The analytics tools are excellent and have high accuracy.


  • Its main downside can be considered the learning curve involved here. It takes time to get oriented with the numerous tools and features available.
  • SellerApp is somewhat expensive, but thanks to the Black Friday Discounts, it will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Pricing at SellerApp Black Friday Sale And Discount

The Pricing on SellerApp is divided into two sections: Amazon Sellers (Self-Service) And Managed Services (Seller Accounts That Are Professionally Managed).

Amazon Sellers

Amazon Sellers Pricing

In this category, SellerApp offers its users three pricing plans and two billing options to choose from, viz: Pro Lite, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • Pro Lite

The Pro Lite plan offers Product Trends and Research, Keyword Research, a Profit Dashboard, Listing Optimization, a PPC Analyzer, a Chrome Plugin, Index Checker, and Keyword Tracking. Here, you can track 50 products.

When billed monthly, it costs $99 per month, and $89 per month when billed annually.

  • Professional 

Along with the features of the Pro Lite plan, the Professional plan offers Priority Support, Team Members, and a Dedicated Success Coach. Here, you can track 100 products.

When billed monthly, it costs $199 per month, and $149 per month when billed annually.

  • Enterprise Plan

In this custom plan, users get an API for deep integration, which includes Listing Optimization API, Keyword Research API, FBA Fees API, Keyword Tracking API, and Historical Trends API.

You also get Custom Reports, which include BuyBox Report, Listing Keyword Comparison, Search Term Ranking Matrix, Competitor Analysis, and Share Of Voice Analysis.

This plan also lets you have integration support and track a custom number of products. It would be best if you contacted the sales to have the Enterprise Plan tailored according to your needs.

Managed Services

Managed Services pricing SellerApp Black Friday Sale And Discount

In this category, SellerApp offers its users two plans to choose from, viz:

  1. Keyword Optimization + Listing Creation
  2. Professionally Managed Service – Amazon PPC
  • Keyword Optimization + Listing Creation

It is available for India, Australia, UK, Canada, and US marketplaces, with detailed market and competitor analysis.

You get professional sales copy for driving conversions, bullet points that focus on the advantages of your product, an optimized title for enhancing CTR and visibility, advanced-level keyword identification to attain maximum reach, a product description that is brand-driven, enhanced content for increasing awareness about the brand and the backend keywords for the broader coverage of keywords.

It costs $350 per Parent ASIN.

  • Professionally Managed Service – Amazon PPC

It is available for India, Australia, UK, Canada, and US marketplaces where you get a boost in the profit margins, reduced ACoS, expert analysis of the ad spends currently to achieve better ROI, better bidding strategies, so you get great ad spots, ideal creation of campaigns with structures based on goals of a business, keyword research, and its tweaking based on business goals, reports on ad performance, a dedicated account manager for Amazon PPC and weekly check calls for strategizing and maintaining transparency.

The plan starts from $699 a month.

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Wrapping It Up | SellerApp Black Friday Sale And Discount 2023

Suppose you are an Amazon Seller who is in search of a single tool that has the potential to cover various aspects.

In that case, SellerApp is the one for you as it manages a combination of various must-haves of any eCommerce platform in a single platform.

Despite being a feature-packed solution, SellerApp maintains user-friendliness as it is easy to use, understand, and navigate. All of this makes SellerApp an incredible choice for Amazon Business owners.

Though it might be a solution that is a bit costly, its perks are worth the cost.

You do not have to pay the entire sum as you can use the SellerApp’s Black Friday sale to avail yourself of a massive discount. Stay Tuned for further updates on SellerApp’s Black Friday Deals and Discounts.

20% OFF

20% Off On SellerApp Annual Plans

20% Off On SellerApp Annual Plans

Verdict: If you are looking to rank on the SERP page, then Google Keyword Planner is your tool, but when you want to rank on Amazon, tools like SellerApp are the perfect tool for searching those keywords that the competitors are using and ranking with. 

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