WP Coupons Black Friday Deals 2023 : Get The Best Deal Now (60% OFF)

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When it comes to your blog’s Coupons, there is no substitute for WP Coupons. This plugin will provide you with everything you need to increase your client base and promote your offers and discounts.

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FAQ's | WP Coupons Black Friday Deals and Coupon Code

☝️Who should take advantage of WP Coupons & Deals?

If you're a blogger or affiliate marketer who wants to promote discount codes and offers on your WordPress website, WP Coupons and Deals is for you. This is not the option for you if you want to create discount codes for your customers to utilize during checkout.

👉Is it necessary for me to have coding abilities to utilize WP Coupons & Deals?

Certainly not. Without any technical expertise, you can generate and manage coupons. WP Coupons and Deals is an extremely user-friendly plugin.

✏️Will I have to pay every year for the WP Coupons subscription?

Yes, if you choose the yearly subscription, you will have to. That is why we recommend you to purchase a WP Coupons subscription of your choice during this WP Coupons Black Friday Sale. This way, the next year when your 2021 package will end, you can again get the WP Coupons subscription during the 2022 WP Coupons Black Friday Sale and so on.

✉️Do WP Coupons offer lifetime plans?

Yes, WP coupons do offer lifetime plans and they are the best. Even though they are a little costly but of course they must be they are for a lifetime. Most users who use WP Coupons have claimed the lifetime plan is the best and it is highly recommended to use the WP Coupons Black Friday Coupon Codes to purchase this as it will help you get massive discounts on your orders.

👍Can I use the WP Coupons for an unlimited number of websites?

Yes, you can, but in that case, you will have to purchase the best of their unlimited plan. This will make sure you can use any number of websites. However, it will be a little costly and hence we recommend you to purchase it somewhere during the WP Coupons Black Friday Sale only.

☝️I don’t want to miss the WP Coupons Black Friday Sale. What can I do?

You don’t have to do much. We will do it for you. We will make sure you don’t miss the grand WP Coupons Black Friday Sale. All you have to do is stay updated with us on this website and we will make sure you do not miss the sale.

📨What will happen if I miss the WP Coupons Black Friday Sale?

Even in case, you miss the WP Coupons Black Friday Sale, you do not have to worry about anything. There will be another WP Coupons Cyber Monday Sale coming.

🙌Which one is better, the WP Coupons Black Friday Sale or the WP Coupons Cyber Monday Sale?

The WP Coupons Black Friday Sale is considered better than the WP Coupons Cyber Monday Sale as it offers more discounts.

How To Claim WP Coupons Black Friday Deals & Coupons?

Here we will tell you how you can make use of the WP Coupons Black Friday Deals–

Step – 1: Go to the official website of WP coupons.

Step – 2: Click on ‘Pricing’.

WP Coupon Pricing


Step – 3: Choose the plan you think is ideal for you and then click on ‘Buy it Now’ below it.

Step – 4: On scrolling down a little you will see ‘Have a discount code? Click to enter it’. Click on ‘Click to enter it’.

Step – 5: In the ‘Enter discount’ section, enter the WP Coupons Black Friday Discount and Coupon Codes (which we will update as soon as it is live on this page itself) and then click on ‘Apply’.

WP Coupon 1

Step – 6: On filling up the coupon code you will see getting massive discounts on your order.

Step – 7: Scroll down, fill up all the information asked for, check the terms and conditions box, and click on ‘Purchase’.

Step – 8: On completion of the purchase you are good to go. Now, you have used the WP Coupons Black Friday Sale to get massive discounts on your orders.


Prepare to grab the November 2023 WP Coupons Black Friday Sale. This Black Friday, we’ve got huge savings, and we’ve got all the latest Deals on WP Coupons Black Friday, so bookmark WP Coupons Black Friday 2023.

WP Coupons Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are not yet available. The data below represents the Black Friday 2020 transaction; this year, Black Friday will take place on November 26th, 2023.

In this article, we have mentioned everything you should know regarding WP Coupons that will help you make an informed decision of whether to purchase them or not.

We have also mentioned how you can make use of the WP Coupons Black Friday Discount and Coupon Codes. Stay updated with us and do not miss this exciting sale.

WPCoupon Intro - WPCoupon

WP Coupons Features and Benefits

Let’s take a look at some of WP Coupons’ most interesting features and how this premium coupon plugin may help you boost your affiliate sales.

  • Priority Assistance:

While the plugin is lightweight, simple to install, and does not need any support, if you want assistance with the installation or modification of WP Coupons, their support team provides direct access to the plugin’s creators.

Additionally, they have produced extensive documentation that includes answers to nearly all of the plugin’s frequently asked questions. You may access the WP Coupons Docs from your member’s area.

  • Responsive Design:

Nowadays, everyone accesses the internet through a smartphone or tablet, which is why WP coupons are completely responsive. It works on any screen size and looks better on smartphones.

  • Widgets and Posts for Displaying Coupons:

Apart from establishing a deal page, WP Coupons allows you to embed a coupon with comprehensive information such as the discount code, title, picture, description, and affiliate link button into your articles or pages through a shortcode.

Additionally, the plugin includes a widget that displays random coupons in the sidebar widget. Additionally, you may display your chosen discount on the homepage sidebar.

  • Custom Templates and Styles: 

You may customize the fonts, colors, and discounts to match the design of your site. WP Coupons is pre-configured with an appealing color scheme and typeface.

However, if you want to modify the appearance of coupons, you can change the color, font, and even apply custom CSS or design templates.

  • Built to be Lightweight and Simple to Install:

WP coupons are not one of those memory-intensive plugins that use a lot of CPU resources. Indeed, WP Coupons is an extremely lightweight plugin, weighing in at only 36 KB.

Additionally, you do not need to read lengthy instructions since it installs with a single click and allows you to quickly modify its global parameters through its settings page.

WP Coupons Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes

WP Coupons Pricing

They provide three distinct prices and plan options based on the number of sites you want to use the plugin on.

While the personal account for a single site costs about $ 30 per year, the unlimited subscription with customer assistance costs around $ 150 per year.

These subscriptions include one year of free support and automatic plugin upgrades. This incredible plugin is not free and will charge you for its outstanding services.

As such, I’m going to walk you through the process of purchasing the plugin in this part. To begin, go to the official WordPress Coupons website and click the “Buy Now” option.

Following that, you’ll be sent to the “Pricing Plans” page. From there, you may choose the plan that is most compatible with your website. Now, just pay and you’re ready to go.

Some people believe the pricing of WP Coupons is a little high. That is why WP Coupons from time to time has offered various discounts and coupon codes that can help you get it for a little fewer charges.

Also, every year they offer the biggest of their sale which is the WP Coupons Black Friday Sale that can help you get massive discounts on your orders.

WP Coupon Pricing

WP Coupons Pros and Cons


  • Incredible customer support
  • Design is responsive 
  • Custom templates and styles are available
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight


  • None

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Conclusion | WP Coupons Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes 2023

When it comes to your blog’s Coupons, there is no substitute for WP Coupons. This plugin will provide you with everything you need to increase your client base and promote your offers and discounts.

As a result, I strongly advise you to utilize this plugin.

As you now know how incredible WP Coupon is you may want to purchase it. We highly recommend you purchase the product using the WP Coupons Black Friday Coupon Codes that can help you get massive discounts on your order.

Make use of it, do bulk shopping, and save a hefty amount of money.

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Verdict: When it comes to your blog's Coupons, there is no substitute for WP Coupons. This plugin will provide you with everything you need to increase your client base and promote your offers and discounts.

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  1. Ever since I discovered WP Coupons, I’ve been telling everyone who will listen about it. It is the easiest tool ever made for landing pages. It has saved me hours of time and you can even set up multiple coupon codes with variable discounts on your offer that are controlled by the visitor rather than you like some other plugins do. You can personalize your coupons by giving them a little mixology now and then to make them seem more real which people actually respond better to; an example would be changing out “discounts” for “savings.”

    It also looks great with this plugin! The colors are customizable with no limits on how many sections or sections per color palette. Plus there is so much eye candy just built.

  2. WP Coupons is my new favorite plugin. It was created by the developers at WPX, who I’ve been following closely ever since their inception. They really knows how to provide value for bloggers with products that users love. Like Warrior Plus! I don’t know where they come up with these amazing ideas but WP Coupons just blew me away with its deep functionality and polished design. It doesn’t feel like any other plugins out there either, which will attract an audience looking for something new in this field of blogging tools.”

  3. Yes, I’ve been waiting for this plugin too. It pops up with coupons and deals whenever you stop scrolling so it’s important to continue creating valuable content the entire time before the customer clicks away from your page. This plugin has given me such a sense of security knowing that even if my prospect is on her last scroll we can still provide them with an incentive to purchase!

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  5. WP Coupons has some features that just seem to be made for the modern blogger. One of my favorite features is the ability to create tags that can work in conjunction with campaigns. For instance, maybe I want all of my posts on cooking tips and tricks written over X amount of days about Lentils, to get tagged “lentil” so if someone searches for Lentils it will pull up all posts at once instead of having them scattered throughout different posts or pages.

    Another great feature is TOS integration which means I don’t have to worry about telling visitors on every page what they’re agreeing too. A small detail but it’s one less thing that I need think about when building sites or content marketing strategies with WP Coupon

  6. I highly recommend this plugin for anyone who is looking to add a hook to their site. It’s nice and easy to use, reasonably priced, affordable for any business. There are four price points you can pick from so if you are just beginning or have more of a budget there are options available for you! The features with this tool are endless, it has some amazing bonuses included as well.

  7. It’s perfectly clear why WP Coupons is considered by many to be the industry standard when it comes to discounts. It offers an easy one-click installation process, doesn’t bombard you with notifications or advertisements, and always sends me an email reminding me of all the great deals I’ve seen on their site. My favorite feature is the way they display each coupon in a visually appealing manner so that everyone can see what they have for us. And it does this without cluttering up my dashboard! I highly recommend checking out this plugin right now if you want to attract more customers with coupons or just save some cash in general!

  8. WP Coupons is a plugin for WordPress that will offer coupons for readers of your blog. This makes it easy to give back and say thank you for visiting my site. The best part is the plugin creates accountless coupons, meaning those who visit from Gmail or Yahoo can also see them!

    Do you have an affiliate program? Absolutely – each time someone uses the coupon, I make money!

  9. This plugin is amazing. I’ve had WordPress for two years and this is the only time I’ve seen a plugin that has so many great features to help me save some serious cash while running my business at the same time. The developers are making it easier for me to reach more customers with each post because of how user-friendly this plugin is; there really was no learning curve whatsoever! These kinds of plugins don’t come along too often, but WP Coupons has spoiled me enough that I can say without hesitation that all future plugins will be compared against it in terms of quality and usability.

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  11. WP Coupons is the most comprehensive coupon plugin for WordPress websites. It has everything you need to take your site above and beyond typical marketing promotions, enabling you to host a full-fledged coupons website with elegant featured products, an easy interface for publishing coupons and sorting through them for potential buyers.

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    WP Coupons is awesome! It does everything I need it to do. Whether you want a coupons section on your site or want to run an entire website online, WP Coupons will help you save heaps of money in the process.

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    I’ve been wanting to add a fully functional coupons section on my WordPress site for a while, but it never seemed worth the effort. This plugin made that insanely easy and, bonus points from me because I don’t have to write any of the content for this.

  14. WP Coupons is a plugin that will wow your visitors with amazing graphic and text design. I highly recommend it for WordPress users who need a place to save all of their coupons on or create an entire website out of them! You won’t regret getting the WP Coupons plugin, trust me.

    I am reaching out to fellow bloggers on behalf of WP Coupons because this platform makes running an online store SUPER easy. Having no prior experience in coding, I was able to customize my very own coupon site with ease within hours after downloading this awesome toolkit, and had limitless professional options at my fingertips. The tool lets you develop

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    I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is the perfect way to start building a high quality website without any initial investments – just use the free version and see what could possibly happen

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  20. WP Coupons is a great option for any WordPress-powered website that wants to add value or offer discounted items. The plugin comes with three theme designs, which can be customized to match your site’s color scheme. It includes full integration with Google Chrome auto save, coupon creation tools, social media promotion capabilities, and two design styles called West Coast and East Coast . If you are looking for an easy way to create cost-savings on goods or services through coupons marketed directly on your site’s content, WP Coupons is the perfect platform.

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  25. It’s free, easy to install, and it works. What more could you ask for?

  26. WP Coupons has 24 coupon templates, so you can give your customers exactly what they want. All of the templates are designed to work with WooCommerce too!

  27. For coupon shoppers it’s like heaven! The best thing about the plugin is that it works right out of the box. Most of the default settings are fine so you all you really need to do is add your coupons. My favorite part was how easy it was to create a couple one-time and recurring coupons for our business (i.e., “buy one get one free”) and then set them up as “dynamic” where we could actually input what type of discount we wanted each time they’re used, whether 15% off or 10% off — truly genius!

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  31. Asuncion T. Billings

    WP Coupons is awesome! I blog about anything and apparently, people like to read what I have to say. But it can be hard to find time or motivation to maintain my site with all these questions about blogging popping up every day. With WP Coupons, you don’t have that problem because this plugin allows you ease of use–and style!–without any coding knowledge. I used the blue/green color palette combined with black font for my site if anyone was curious!

  32. I use WP Coupons on a daily basis to get the best deals and coupons for my blog. It makes it so much easier! The best part is that there are many different styling options, all of which look great. It’s completely customizable, and I can also add it anywhere in my post or sidebar using shortcodes.”

  33. WP Coupons is the best way to manage your blog! It does all of the work for you. I can’t live without this plugin.

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    At my website, my biggest source of income is coupons! WP Coupons is a must-have plugin for every blogger. With awesome styling options, you can easily match the color and feel of your blog and blend it nicely anywhere using shortcodes. If your site suddenly looks unprofessional or disorganized after adding coupon codes, worry not! Choose from 100 font sizes & 500 different colors.

  35. I never thought I’d be saying this but WP Coupons is one of the best plugins out there. Installation was quick and easy so now I can spend time on content rather than design! Definitely.

  36. Imagine adding a coupon with just the right balance. WP Coupons plugin makes this possible. You can add your latest deals to your sidebar, posts or even in the middle of a post! There are plenty of options for how you want it looked and styled. It doesn’t matter if you’re into plugins that work like themes, because WP Coupons is there too! The layout will adjust to match what you use on your blog.

  37. WP Coupons makes it easy to highlight the best product deals on your blog or website. You can offer readers an up-to-date list of the latest offers available, with all sorts of coupons that you can customize to meet their needs!

  38. I’ve been using this plugin for a few months now and it’s great. I can’t use any other plugins because they make my site load too slow. There are lots of coupon options, from those free 20% off every purchase to those buy one get one free coupons! My favorite is the Target coupon. It always saves me money when I’m shopping there!

    include how WP Coupons will solve a problem faced by bloggers, website owners, etc. Let’s say you’re an Active Directory Consultant coder that really needs a break from your programming once in awhile or you want to know the best way to slice chicken breasts butchers style for serving without touching raw.

  39. WP Coupons is the only coupon saving companion you’ll ever need. I used to use four or five different plugins and still had difficulties in creating a visually appealing, cohesive design that included coupons—until WP Coupons! With solid features like easy coding and customizable color schemes, this plugin has done wonders for making my blog look professional and glossy.

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    WP coupons is absolutely brilliant. With WordPress updating their product so often it’s difficult to keep up with all the necessary plugins they release without having to shell out big bucks for individual plug-ins. That’s why this particular extension made by one of our most talented developers is perfect for any blog owner on a budget who needs something polished that

  42. I love this plugin!

    I know not all bloggers like to use or create affiliate links and coupon codes in order to promote their products, but that’s precisely what WP Coupons is for: assisting bloggers in any way possible – especially when it comes to marketing.

    There are several reasons this is the best option; you can add coupons on the fly (literally whenever), centralize your promotions, and display them beautifully. I’ve used several coupon plugins over time and WordPress Coupons by far is the easiest! Not only do they work flawlessly with WordPress sites, but also WooCommerce offers an excellent customer experience for potential customers looking specifically at items on sale. It doesn’t matter how aesthetically pleasing your blog or shop might be.

  43. Best WordPress Coupon Plugin, I’ve been blogging for four years, and every once in a while I really need to restock on delicious items. There’s just one problem: my poor family can’t afford all those expensive products. It was then that WP Coupons came into the scene. This ingenious plugin allows bloggers to offer their readers promotions just as those coupon booklets that supermarkets hand out! With this great plugin, blogs stay up-to-date and unique without serving as mere advertisements. The creativity behind WP coupons is something we all want to applaud–from its catchy name to the fact that it has three different types of functionality: apply discount codes to eliminate shipping costs, offer gifts or other rewards with purchase, or show discounted price list, Thanks for providing WP Coupons Black Friday Deals.

  44. I was able to add a coupon at the bottom of my blog and in less than 3 minutes it it already generating 28.9% more revenue for me!

    Product description: WP Coupons is awesome because not only does it work seamlessly with any theme, you can get up and running instantly. Plus, our support team guarantees your satisfaction–we’ll do whatever we can to ensure that your experience is nothing but five-star from top to tail.

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    I like the way this product creates targeted promotions for your customers. You know exactly who will be reading what you post-right down to their location. This makes online marketing easier than ever before and more effective too!

  46. I originally had a problem with adding regular coupons to my WordPress based site. When I installed WP Coupons, it was extremely easy. It took only minutes for me to learn most features of this awesome coupon plugin! Now, all I have to do is install the changes needed on my blog every time before publishing, schedule posts using Google Calendar or just automatically post discounts when new items are added at their store!
    First off, there’s no need for worrying about hogging your blog feed- just select how often you’d like WP Coupons to run their automatic discount export generator and they’ll take care of everything for you! Second, instead of coding (lots) on your own website you can use these existing codes provided by many online.

  47. Most bloggers know how hard it is to grow your website without pushing your content, but sometimes you need a little push to get the ball rolling. Imagine if you had an assistant that would help promote all of your products just by pressing publish? Well thanks to WP Coupons it’s not only possible but does so in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

  48. WP Coupons has changed the way I promote products on my blog. What was once tedious and time-consuming is now exciting and easy! With WP Coupons, you can design attractive coupons with special discounts to make your offers stand out in a crowded marketplace without shelling out money for Google adwords or designer templates!

    WP Coupons are absolutely FREE when it comes to using them on your site. You will never have any ongoing costs for this plugin because making money with blogs is hard enough already, let alone worrying about how much it’ll end up costing due to annoying monthly fees if they offered that service.. That’s an added bonus in my book every time since I don’t always have that extra cash laying around.

  49. A cool new coupon plugin for WordPress! It lets bloggers take a creative apophe to promoting products and at the same time increase their CTR and conversions.

  50. Yes, WP Coupons isn’t the only coupon plugin out there. But you know what? We’re not just an “another” affiliate marketing plugin! We’ve got fast support that’s right here in the U.S., and we’re made by two brothers with over 20 years of experience working with WordPress. Give us a try today-you won’t regret it!

  51. WP Coupons is the perfect plugin to build yourself up as an affiliate marketer. There are no longer any restrictions on what type of coupon you could offer for this software, so if you know what you’re doing people will be throwing money at your feet! This plugin allows us to seamlessly transition into a new demographic by targeting the newest marketing technique, referral marketing. If that wasn’t enough it also features easy installation and unbeatable customer service! All these things combined make WP Coupon the first choice when considering this specific product.

  52. After struggling to get leads off the ground, I finally graduated from affiliate marketing school and discovered WP Coupons. The coupon plugin converts fast with tons of great features for me in particular. It’s also made by two brothers who were in my shoes once. They created WP Coupons in order to help other affiliates like us learn how to be efficient at what they do so they can bring more wisdom back into their families’ lives.”

  53. WP Coupons was the first affiliate marketing coupon plugin for WordPress, created by two brothers with a love for generating conversions. Over 19 years of experience working in WordPress means their support will always be fast. Get WP Coupons today-you won’t regret it!

  54. WP Coupons is an easy way to increase your conversions on WordPress. It is the best coupon plugin that I have ever come across for WP, but they are constantly updating it with new ways to make this tool even better. You can also count on the developers behind the plugin having over 19 years of experience with WP given their knowledge base and expertise in creating this great software.

  55. WP Coupons is my favorite plugin of all time (and it’s free!). I can’t imagine there’s anything else like it on the market. Just use the search feature and then you’ll be happy to see that several pages pop up, each one with a different coupon for a large store. It’s so easy to find what you need with this plugin – which means it only takes me 10 seconds from the home page of WordPress instead of hours!

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