ClickMeeting Black Friday Deals 2024– Grab 30% Off Yearly Plans

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Get ready to claim the Latest Black Friday Deals on ClickMeeting Black Friday June 2024. We’ve got massive discounts on this Black Friday, And we have all the updated Deals on ClickMeeting Black Friday, so make sure to bookmark this page to get the latest discount & Deals on this ClickMeeting Black Friday 2024.

Do you want to subscribe to ClickMeeting but are hesitant because of the price? I am sure you are going to be crazy in the minute to follow. Yes, I am going to discuss the ClickMeeting Black Friday Deals.

Be ready to get 15% Off on Monthly Plans and 30% Off on yearly plans. But before that, go through the article to get an overview of what all ClickMeeting has to offer.

Ongoing Offers On ClickMeeting Black Friday 2024

ClickMeeting has brought for you whooping discounts as Black Friday Offers. You can get discounts of 15% and 30% on monthly and yearly subscription plans respectively.

And this is not usual. I know your eyes have widened. So let me quickly tell you, at what prices you can avail of the subscription plans after you seal the Black Friday deals.

Let’s do a quick recap of the ClickMeeting Black Friday Deals so that your mind captures a clear image of it. Such a massive discount was never provided before. Buckle up to seal the deal.

Live Starts at $30/month $25.5/month
Automated Starts at $45/month $31.5/month


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How to Fetch your Black Friday Deals?

ClickMeeting does not provide any coupons or promo codes. The discount directly shows up in the price of the plan you decide to purchase. So now I will walk you through the steps you need to follow to avail of the discount.


  • Through a special link, you can navigate to the ClickMeeting sale webpage
  • Visit the pricing page
  • Decide the plan you desire to purchase. (Discounted prices will be automatically shown to you)
  • Complete the signup procedure.
  • Make the payment, and you have grabbed the deal.

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Overview of ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is an audio-video conferencing software. It is used by organizations to conduct webinars, host events, or meetings, irrespective of their sizes.

A host of thoughtfully designed features make it an extremely suitable and widely used webinar solution.

Some of the most important features include webinar monetization, webinar statistics, whiteboard, automated presentation, and pre-engagement.

ClickMeeting attempts to make online events realistic. It allows videos and presentations to be displayed to the audience by screen sharing. Participants can answer polls and get indulged in surveys conducted by the organizers.

Pre-recording of sessions and playing them at scheduled times is one of the latest and most popular additions. The live sessions can be easily shared on social media platforms, and before the sessions, the schedule can be updated on those platforms.

clickmeeting black friday deals

ClickMeeting does not impose boundaries on who can use them. The platform is openly used for educational, business, or other commercial purposes.

The pricing plan seems quite feasible. There are fixed prices for the Live and Automated plans. But for the Enterprise plan, you need to contact the vendor and request details.

If you badly want to subscribe to it, but your budget doesn’t comply with you, then don’t worry. The Black Friday Deals are all ready for you. Read the article further, and you will probably heave a sigh of relief.

Features of ClickMeeting

Features are the ones that make or break a tool. ClickMeeting has some features of high relevance that have gone wonderfully well with users. Let’s see what they are.


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  • Monetization of Webinar: ClickMeeting is integrated with PayPal. Therefore payment transactions happen with full security and transparency.


  • Custom-Branded Webinars: Organizers can introduce their logo and brand their webinars. This enhances professionalism and brand value.


  • Polls and survey: To improve engagement with the audience, you can introduce polls and surveys during the sessions.


  • Webinar statistics: You can get detailed statistics about your webinars. The details include the demographic distribution of your attendees, devices used by the ratings, etc.


  • Whiteboard: The whiteboard feature offers tools like text boxes, drawing tools, etc. with which you can present your ideas better.


  • Automated Webinars: This is the latest feature. Using this you can pre-record and play the webinars at the scheduled time. Polls and surveys can be displayed during the sessions to improve engagement.

Why Use ClickMeeting?

The global pandemic has escalated the importance of these webinar solutions. Without these, the world would have practically stopped functioning today. Thanks to this software which makes events and meetings conceivable with its attendees scattered all over the world. 

ClickMeeting is one such widely used platform to conduct webinars.

With an amazing set of features, it makes video conferences authentic, favourable, and professional. Mentioned below are certain points that might motivate you towards using ClickMeeting as your webinar solution.

  • ClickMeeting is lightweight and very user friendly. Meetings or events or webinars can be created by following straightforward steps. In addition to this, participants need not install any application to join the webinar. 
  • ClickMeeting makes these sessions real. Attendees can take part in surveys and polls. Presentations and videos can be displayed for the audience. A screen sharing option is also available. So you can do pretty much everything you could do offline. Besides, these live sessions can be easily shared on social media platforms.
  • All your sessions will be recorded in HD quality by the software and will be stored in the cloud. It depends on the plan you have subscribed to. The software can also be used to store presentations and other files that can be easily accessed during the webinar.
  • Your webinar can be branded by introducing your brand logo. You can stay in touch with your audience after the session too.
  • Three presenters can work simultaneously on ClickMeeting. Moreover, if you pay for add-ons, then parallel events can be conducted.
  • You will find a whiteboard provided by ClickMeeting to express yourself better. Text boxes, shapes, tools for drawing, erasers are some of the tools available to be used. This allows for better collaboration with the attendees.

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Why Trust ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting is one of the hundred leading communication software. It has served to be a very fruitful platform for the conduction of webinars. Be it large or small organizations, ClickMeeting remains equally dedicated to all.

With a set of effective features, it has succeeded in bringing people closer and accomplishing events with equal efficiency.

Besides being appreciated by reputed review websites, people have bestowed credits on ClickMeeting for its ease of use and expanded possibilities. Users have not only expressed their satisfaction but have also recommended the software. 

What more than customer testimonials can motivate someone towards availing a service? I think you have started scratching your head to think seriously about it. Still, if you feel stuck, then let me tell you, ClickMeeting offers a 30-day free trial.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, check out. The choice is yours. Yet, I believe that you can’t help subscribing to it after trying out the exciting features it offers.

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FAQs | ClickMeeting Black Friday Deals

🤷‍♀️ What are multi-user accounts and subaccounts?

If you have a multi-user account, then other people of your organization can log in to your account using their login credentials and host events from there. But in the case of a sub-account, the details are not revealed. Users are granted privacy and are given separate storage spaces and time for recording. You can manage your user’s sub-accounts from your main account.

🤓 Can I get a refund?

ClickMeeting provides for a 30-day free trial where users get to explore the platform without having to pay a single penny. Therefore, it does not have a refund policy. Once you have subscribed to its plan, there’s no way you can get your money back even if you cancel the account in a short span.

🧐 What does the 30-day free trial offer?

With the 30-day free trial, you get to host events with a total of 25 participants. If you want to conduct a meeting or discussion, the allowed number of attendees gets reduced to 5. Storage of 500MB with a recording time of 30 minutes is offered. Moreover, you can try out the promotion, follow-up, and automation features.

😎 What about ClickMeeting’s Black Friday ads page?

They currently do not have an ads page that specifically promotes Black Friday deals. However, they come up with coupons and amazing offers. Out of 11 active coupons at present, the one offering a 15% discount is deemed the best.

🤷‍♀️ How can my Black Friday deals be activated?

You won’t find any promo codes or coupons for the black Friday deal since the discount is applicable for monthly or yearly subscription. So just choose the plan you want to avail, and you will witness the deduction in price while buying.

🤓 How to join an event in ClickMeeting?

There are two ways of doing it. If you have the URL for the webinar room, then a simple click would take you there. Otherwise, in you can press the Join webinar button and enter the ID of the desired event.

🧐 Is ClickMeeting affordable?

Yes, ClickMeeting is standardly affordably. It provides for two plans. The live and automated plans, costing $30 and 45$ per month, respectively. Both of them are annually billed until the cancellation of the account.

Conclusion | ClickMeeting Black Friday Deals 2024

I think you are all set to grab your deal. If something is pulling you back, then please note that the deal is for a limited time. It’s not going to last till eternity.

From the features and benefits mentioned above, I don’t think there is anything you don’t like, especially the 30% discount is not common. Don’t pinch your pocket. Take that golden, prompt decision of gripping the offer before it’s too late.

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