Webinarjam Black Friday Sale 2024 – Get 25% Off All Plans

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Do you know that the Webinarjam Black Friday Sale is getting life recently?

Are you a growing marketer searching for a tool to connect with your audience to market your product?  Are you looking for tools to organize webinar sessions?

Or Are you a teacher and want to conduct classes online?

Well, the only tool you need to solve all of the above problems can be WebinarJam. It comes with so many in-built features that it can help you in all of the above scenarios.

Ongoing Offers On Webinarjam Black Friday Sale 2024

Plans Regular Price/yearly Black Friday Price
Basic $499 25% Off
Professional $699 25% Off
Enterprise $999 25% Off

Webinar jam is offering a black Friday discount on all of their products. The above-mentioned pricing is its standard plans, and the sale will begin shortly.

To get the coupons and  WebinarJam Black Friday Deals, do visit us regularly. WebinarJam appreciates its clients and is never short of giving them good offers on its goods.


How to Avail WebinarJam Black Friday Deals?

Finding working discount codes for the WebinarJam tool is easy. To buy a WebinarJam tool at a discounted price, follow the steps below.

  1. Query in the search box for a WebinarJam coupon code. 
  2. We will provide you with all the working codes, pick the one you need, and copy it. 
  3. Head over to the official WebinarJam site and apply the discount code you copied, before signing up. Coupons will be applied, and you will get WebinarJam at a discounted price.

It is easy to apply a coupon code while purchasing yourself a WebinarJam plan.

Switch to the sign-up page once you have selected the pack that matches your needs. There you can find an empty box ready for your coupon code to be taken up.

Enter the coupon code and get a discounted price for your WebinarJam Black Friday Sale subscription.

Pricing Plans On WebinarJam

WebinarJam Black Friday


WebinarJam provides its offerings in 3 plans so that you can pick the packages that best suit your needs and budget. To get the best deal and save your money, buy it at WebinarJam black Friday deals.


Their basic plans start at 499 USD Per year and can go as high as 999 USD per year if you want some more useful features.


All of the plans can be canceled at any moment. All of their plans hold value and significant differences in them.


  • Basic Plan

This plan comes with an unlimited number of webinars that can be organized throughout the plan’s validity. It is their basic plan that comes at the cost of 499 USD per Year.


The session can be organized with 2 presenters, and they have a limitation of 2 hours. You are also limited to 500 attendees only in this plan.


All of the standard features are available throughout, and it also has bulk mail and SMS support. If you find this plan heavy on the pocket, buy it at webinarJam black Friday deals to get this plan at a discount.


  • Professional Plan

This Plan also brings you the ability to take up unlimited webinars but with up to 4 presenters. Also, you get an increased number of attendees raised to 2000. The duration of the session also increases to a maximum of 3 hours.


Exclusively, you will have access to the always on-room and panic button functions. This is plan exclusive and is helpful in case of technical glitches during ongoing sessions.

This plan is priced at 699 USD for a year. Avail of this at a discounted price during WebinarJam black Friday deals sale.


  • Enterprise Plan

This is the Enterprise plan of WebinarJam and is feature-packed. Up to 5,000, participants will attend the unlimited sessions in this package.  Provides support for 6 presenters as well as access to the panic button and always in the room.


In this Enterprise package, you exclusively gain access to a control center that is a dashboard from which your team can control the session during your live session. This elite plan is priced at 999 USD per year. 


This will be available at a discounted price during WebinarJam Black Friday deals sale, so make sure you buy it there.


All of the above-mentioned prices are charged annually and can be canceled at any time. Also, WebinarJam offers its valuable consumers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case they are not happy with the product.


Which Pricing Plan Should You Select?

Purchase it following your requirements. You should pick a plan according to the purpose you will be using it for. Like if you wish to take online classes, then the basic pack fits perfectly for you.


But if you will be using it for marketing then accordingly you should choose a plan as you will be dealing with a greater number of attendees.


If you do not just yet understand the advanced features, we recommend that you go with the basic plan. Their elite plan is recommended for professionals who are in this field and want exclusive features of the enterprise plan.


To save money, buy this WebinarJam tool at the WebinarJam Black Friday Sale.

WebinarJam - increase your sales

What is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam, as below-end out would have made out, is a tool for hosting webinars and online sessions with as many as 5000+ participants, and that too in HD quality.

It’s compatible with mobiles, desktop, low-end computers even. It does require any download by attendees to be able to join your session.

It is because it is a browser-based solution that can run on any of the devices mentioned. You want a stable connection to get the best experience. With this tool, you can engage with your attendees and can generate calls to action.

It comes with pop-up buttons, sticky notes and alerts, and most importantly, live Question and answer sessions. Countdowns are also embedded in the tools to bring attendees to action.

You have the option for building your custom landing page, with themes built-in, it becomes a matter of a few clicks. You also can link a landing page from your website.

One more important feature is its ability to broadcast the webinar to YouTube live with a click.

The basic feature of the recording of the webinar is also there. You can play its video with any other player too, which is a serious advantage over other competitions as they make it fix to be run by their only app.

You also get the ability to clone sessions and later run it as an automated session.

This tool can be costly for some and for this reason here we are to get you the best deal on this useful tool, to get you going without spending too much.

It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use over its few competitors. The pricing is also lower than similar webinar tools. It has premade videos to make you learn about using it. The best part is it comes with twenty-four by seven support, so you can get help anytime you are stuck at.

online live videos

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FAQs | WebinarJam Black Friday Sale

🤨 Is there any return policy?

WebinarJam offers a 30-day return policy for its customers, where they can seek a refund if the customer is not satisfied with services. To request your refund, mail them at their customer support with a registered email. Refund requests will be processed within 10 days of application.

🧐 Can I cancel during my trial?

WebinarJam is available with no trial options. The prices of the WebinarJam are listed above. Webinarjam arrives with the security of a thirty-day risk-free money return guarantee. You must request by emailing them within these thirty days to get a refund. If you'd like to cancel your subscription, you can do so by accessing the dashboard of your account.

👍 Are these some of the best deals for WebinarJam?

We always update our page when a new higher saving black Friday deal is available, or the old one has expired. We make sure the deals we provide are genuine and fully working. To get the latest deals and coupons visit us regularly.

🤙 Can I change plans?

Yes, webinarjam cares about its customers and will let them upgrade at any moment. If you feel you need their exclusive and trending features, you may take up the upgrade. To avail of the discount, buy this at the WebinarJam Black Friday Sale.

👉 Why should I shop on Black Friday?

Everyone wants to save their hard-earned money. During this time, you're going to get heavy discounts to save your money. This is a chance once a year, and you should not miss it. If you want to save money by spending less on webinarjam, then certainly this is the opportunity you wanted.

Conclusion | WebinarJam Black Friday Sale 2024

If you’re searching for a webinar platform that is simple and comparatively cheaper but does not lack any essential features, then we’ll have to conclude that WebinarJam is the one you’re searching for.

It’s also the application that comes with so many built-in tools to help you offer the smoothest of online sessions.

The panic button advanced feature can help you save a presentation in case of any technical glitches so that you won’t have to suffer from some machine faults.

The control center can help you in giving uninterrupted sessions, as all the side work can be done by other staff members side by side. These added functionalities help you in giving your audience a fluid experience.

With 24/7 customer support, their team is there to help you in case you need any help. The pricing thus gets justified. So go on buying the WebinarJam Black Friday Sale.


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